Top 25 Coolest Hairstyles For Women Over 40


6. Bob style with bangs

Hair Styles For Women Over 40

This Is a simple but common short bob hairstyles used by many older women. It looks easy to maintain.

7. Punk

There is no hairstyle that is over the edge for a 40 year old. The punk style of this short hairstyles for women over 40 is a perfect new style to try.

8. Bob with cut above ears

The hair on the sides are cut just above the ear while the rest of the sides’ hair are tugged behind the ears.

9. Asymmetrical

One side has more hair while the other side’s hair has been reduced. This look is cool and definitely should be among your choices for a new look.

10. Long layered bob

The backs side is short while the front side is long. It looks classy and new age stylish and should be in your list for new looks.