Top 25 Coolest Hairstyles For Women Over 40


16. Short kinky hair

Hair Styles For Women Over 40

If your hair is kinky shaving s little bit of the sides and brushing your hair will make it have a cool attractive look.

17. Square layered pixie

This is a blend of messy and asymmetrical hairstyles. It give you a serious but sassy look.

18. Graduated bob

The front part is shorter than the back part. This hairstyle has been adopted mainly by powerful women in the society. Maybe it bring a sense of power. You can consider trying it out.

19. Wispy look

This is a beautiful casual look with effortless beauty. This is an amazing look to capture you level of maturity and beauty especially if you are 40 years or older.

20. Pixie cut

It has short hair in the sides with long bangs at the front, there is a mixture of dark and golden tones. This for those who want attempt some new classy look to go with their fashionable style.