Top 25 Coolest Hairstyles For Women Over 40


21. Cropped up bob

Hair Styles For Women Over 40

This is a good hairstyle for thick hair. The cropped front hair and bangs are even at different lengths. It can be good if you have thick hair to which you can add some bits of curl.

22. Flapper pin curls

This were fashionable in the past and this modern times they still rock no matter what age you are. They are good for thick kinky hair types. All hair colors can adopt this style of hair.

23. Messy pixie

This are short and messy but with an alignment to one side. Can be used in any situation whether casual or official look.

24. Super short

This is a whole rounded short hair cut to the same length. It looks sassy and attractive at the same time.

25. Brunette bob

Beautiful clean cut hair style with straightened hair. This essentially beautiful hair especially if its thick and dark.

This are among the best short hairstyle for women you can find if you are 40 years or older. The best hairstyle fits you depending on your occasion or your needs. You can adopt this style and add some unique features to it to give your style a fashionable edge.