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20 Easy And Cute Braid Hairstyles for Girls


Growing up most women would have loved to wear the braided hair. The cute braids hairstyles bring back the nostalgic memories of how you could get a chance to braid hair of your family and friends. At that time the French braid and the Dutch braids were known to many, but who knew that so many different braid styles for kids ever existed. If you thought that ponytails were too old fashioned and the world of internet is flooded with different and easy braid styles, then why not try using braids for our little girls.

Various social media accounts like instagram and facebook is full of cute braid styles for kids that one can learn by watching simple tutorials on easy braid styles for kids or by attending a workshop where you can learn how to approach and make these new-age braid styles for kids.

We all lead a busy lifestyle and kids too are busy with their daily activities that we don’t get enough time to spend with our families. The morning time is the best time to bond with our girls and to get together. For mothers who are busy in the mornings, there are some easy solutions.

Below are some of the latest, fresh and easy cute braided hairstyles for girls that can be done within a few seconds. Styles for any special occasions may require more time.

Let’s look at some of the Cute Braid Hairstyles for Girls that will make them look smart and beautiful.

Table of Contents

1.Spiral Fishtail Braid

Spiral Fishtail Braid for little girl

The spiral fishtail is one of the cute little girl braid styles and has found prominence in several red carpet events, but off late the fishtail braid is having a renaissance. This braid is also known as the fishbone or herringbone style. This braid looks deceptively complex, but the fact is it is extremely simple. The fishtail even though is easy to make is time-consuming compared to the various other braids.

The placement of this braid is the key and since it is not a French braid, it doesn’t start at the top of your head. The classic way to make a fishtail braid is to position it in the centre of the head and near the nape of the neck. The latest trend is to do it off to the side. The hair needs to be slightly dirty or hasn’t been washed for two days for it holds better.

2.Waterfall Twist

cute braided hairstyles Waterfall Twist
Source : beautyhealthtips
Waterfall Twist

Waterfall twist braid is one of the complicated hairstyles and can be done on both short and long hair. Even though this hairstyle is complex, you can do it on your own, but you need some practice and a few tries before you can grasp the method. This hairstyle looks perfect for anyone and can be worn for any type of dress. This trendy little girl braid styles can be worn on casual jeans and a t-shirt or even on a gown for an evening party.

These cute braided hairstyles for girl’s looks absolutely pretty and one can have different lengths of hair and still this braid just looks gorgeous. You can have a single braid, double braids from the sides, from top or at the front depending on your liking and face features. There are many variations to the waterfall braids and you can try out one be one for every occasion. The waterfall twist braids have a romantic touch to it.

3.Classic French Braid

The French Braid is the classic and the most popular little girl braid styles. Originally this braid was called the French Plait; the French braid is devised by an 18th century French inventor as a twist to the conventional English braid. The French Braid can be worn elaborately or simply, but the French Braid is extremely beautiful and is a part of the history.

A French braid differs from a three strand braid that begins with a small ponytail in hand at the crown that is then created into a braid that includes small strands of hair down the head to the end of the braid. The end is turned and secured. A lot celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Diane Kruger have been seen wearing the French braid hairstyles. This hairstyle is not suitable for shorthaired girls as the braid requires hair from different parts of the head. The best French Braid can be created only on long hair.

4. CrissCross Hair Do

If you are looking for an easy to make hairstyle for your girls, then the Crisscross hairdo is the best. This is a super cute way to keep your hair tied up and back and also look good. This cute braided hairstyles for girls is best suited for any type of hair length be it short or long. You start with a straight partition in the middle and then comb the front section into two ponytails by using all the hair in the front.

This hairstyle is good for toddlers or babies with fine hair. It is great at keeping the bangs out of the eyes. This is a nice braid styles for natural hair for sports, dance and gymnastics. You can make the Crisscross braids and bring the rest of the hair back in a ponytail or a bun if you want.

5.Waterfall Mermaid Braid for long hair

If your little girl has long hair, then it would be nice to consider this pretty looking waterfall mermaid braid that goes well for any occasions. Firstly, the waterfall braiding has been done and the length of the hair coming down from the waterfall braid has been used to create the beautiful central mermaid plait. The end of the plait continues as a normal three section plait with good volume of hair left open in the back.

6.Heart Braids

Heart Braids
Source : babesinhairland

The key to a good looking heart braid is to pull the very outside part or edge of the each plait of the braid. There is some trick and luck involved in getting this braid styles for kids correct. There is a lot of practice involved in getting this cute braided hairstyles for girl’s right. If you pull out the entire plait it ends out flattening it out, which turns out to be like a flat or pancake style braid that is quite popular now.

They wouldn’t look like hearts. The whole process involves shaping of the braids that takes a few minutes to do. The uniqueness of this cute braided hairstyles for girls can definitely draw a lot of attention. You can even decorate the hair a little bit or leave it as it is. This style is easy to perfect in a day or two, but with regular practice you can achieve great results. They are an hair braiding ideas that keeps your little girls hair out of her face all day.

7.Double Twist Back

Double Twist Back

The twist back hairstyle for girls is suitable for medium or long hair. This is a very easy to make hairstyle and ideal for girls who are in a hurry and want to just get their hair neatly arranged before they venture out. It can be done in a matter of minutes. The twist back hairstyle gives you a tailored look while keeping things pretty casual.

These are perfect for weddings, special occasions or a graduation ceremony. This is a fancy hairstyle that looks absolutely fabulous. The double twist back braided hairstyle looks gorgeous on long wavy hair. This is an easy back to school hairstyle for the little girls that can be done in minutes.

8.Lace Braid Hairstyle

The Lace braid is created by following the same technique that is used in the waterfall braid, the only being, instead of letting the hair strand drop through, you can add it into the braid that too only from the top. This leads to the braid to hang from the strands, as if it is suspended, giving it a lace like look. The lace braids were introduced in 2011, but it gained popularity after it was sported in The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad.

The cute braid lace hairstyles are suitable for girls of all age groups. Moreover, the lace braid hairstyle can be used in various other unique hairstyle combinations like the updo’s, twists ponytails, messy buns, etc., which gives you a different look each time. This is also a nice way to keep your girls bangs away from their face.

9.Gym Braid Combo Hairstyle

Every girl would want to tie their hair in an easy way, especially if they are heavily into sports. These hairstyles make them easier to enjoy their athletic activities. The sports or athletic hairstyles combines the waterfall braid with a French braid to finally arrive at a great new hairstyle that is able to keep the hair away from your face for a longtime.

This nice looking braided hairstyle is best for athletic kids to keep the hair away from face. This is a very cute hairstyle that suits both for long and short hair.

10.Braids, Buns and Bows

A little girl in a pigtail looks absolutely cute and adorable. Most pigtail hairstyles involve braids with bows and ribbons. There are many unusual partings and cute twists that make these hairstyles intricate. Take your braiding skills to another level, by creating a basket wave effect. A traditional braid takes three strands, but this hairstyle uses four or more strands to create a beautiful and one of a kind braid.

The hair here is parted right down in the middle with a basket braided down on each side. These braids are secured and twisted up into cute little buns. The beautiful hairs bows are the best part of these cute braided hairstyles for girls. The bows are set on top of each bun.

11. 2 Ponytails with Braids

2 Ponytails with Braids

This is a symmetrical hairstyle that looks very beautiful and is a great inspiration. The ribbon colors can be changed according to the color of the outfit. This cute hairstyle for girls is suitable for all types of hair be it short, medium length or long.

There are very few items included in this hairstyle, which includes two long pieces of ribbons, elastic bands and four braids. Always ensure that the braids for girl are tight so that you can attain that crisp effect.

12.Chunky Lacy Double Braid

Chunky Lacy Double Braid
Instagram @bloomhairlounge

This is a two braid hairstyle with a lot of inventions. This cute girls hairstyle blends two different kinds of braids into one style. This is quite a sophisticated girls braided hairstyle that is composed of a lacy Dutch braid at the bottom and a tight fishtail braid on top of it. This may sound unusual, but the final braided hairstyle looks absolutely stunning and chic.

This braided hairstyle is suitable for longhaired hair. Here, the braid starts from the top of the head and continues till the end. The braid gives the feel of two attached braids, one on top of the other. The braid on the top is complex, while the one below is thicker. The complete hairstyle looks pretty neat and stylish.

13.Circular French Braid

Circular French Braid

This is a French braid that is circular in shape and stands out like a V-shaped part and the braid is covered in contrasting color ribbons. This is an exquisite updo hairstyle that will make your girl stand out in the crowd. The circular French braid is an awesome looking hairstyle that is artistic and exclusive with the knotted spiraling braids all set up on the top of the head.

This hairstyle is most suitable for long haired girls. The matching or contrasting ribbons used in this braided style is just perfect for a little girl. She can match the ribbon color with the dress for the cute birthday hairstyle.

14.Double Heart Braid

Heart braids are not restricted for valentine day, but you can flaunt this pretty looking braid hairstyle on other days too. These look pretty impressive if they are tried on little girls. The double heart shaped braid actually looks very complex and difficult to create, but the fact is it is pretty simple if you know how to go about it.

The inside braid is sectioned out and braided after the outside hair is braided and is out of the way. After both the braids are created and secured in the form of pigtails, pretty ribbon is weaved into the braid for a more complex and formal look. You can add one or two flowers that match the color of the dress or ribbon on the ponytail. The double heart hair braiding ideas is pretty and gorgeous looking and suitable for most occasions.

Pigtails with Chain Link Braids @littleredbraids

If your kid is blessed with long and thick locks, then there are many braided hairstyle options to choose. Style your braids by doing a twist. A chain link braid is twisted from a pony split into two sections. Each of these two sections is split to make a twisty twist.

This is formed when you twist your right strand over your finger and connect it with your left strand to form a rope braid. Two rope braids are twisted into one chain link braid here. You can even link three chain link braids and connect them into these lovely looking twintails unique braid.

16.Loopy Bun

Loopy Bun
Source : Babesinhairland

The loopy bun looks almost like a normal bun. It is quite easy and quick to make. The final hairstyle looks very pretty. For this cute braided hairstyles you will need long hair. You can pull the hair straight back with no partitions and make a ponytail wherever you want on your head. You can even take it slightly away from the centre or take it according to your liking.

Make a loose twist braid with a few twists too far down the ponytail and secure the end of the braid with a rubber band. The next step is to begin wrapping it like you would a normal bun. Make sure you don’t pull the twist too tight at the base of the ponytail. By not pulling in tight, you can make the bun look bigger and fuller. Once you wrap the twist at the base of the pony, take the end of the twist, which you had secured with a rubber band and reach through the chunk of the twist and try to hold the end of the twist.

The tail can be curled or left as it is. Secure the bun with bobby pins. Secure with more bobby pins if necessary around the remaining part of the bun. The looping can be anywhere on the bun and there is no hard and fast rule.

17.Classy Ribbon Intertwined Ponies

Classy Ribbon Intertwined Ponies
Instagram @cutehairbraid

The Classy Ribbon Intertwined pony braids style is a quite an inspirational hairstyle to achieve. The classic and traditional pony tails are positioned high up on both sides of the head, but here the ponies are intertwined down with ribbons of matching color. This is a pretty simple looking hairstyle, but may look complex and difficult. Once done, this cute braided hairstyles for girls looks stylish and elegant.

18. Hairstyles with Braids

hairstyles with braids

This hairstyle has got its inspiration from the French braid. These French braided pigtails look very futuristic and chic. Girls will surely love this cute braided hairstyles. The loose strands are left out and then they are braided back further to create a spider web like effect.

You can try this out for Halloween hairstyles, but this hairstyle is pretty complicated and difficult to achieve. It is easy for anyone who is an expert in making French braided pigtails.

19.Braid Split into Pigtails

If you are a skillful stylist who can easily braid the hair, then go ahead and create these different kinds of pigtails. You have to carefully partition the hair and braid them. A single French braid is split into two when it reaches centre.

With some pretty ribbons and flowers you can make this hairstyle a perfect summer style. The use of hair-accessories like pins and ribbons can take a very simple looking hairstyle into another level. Even a simple braid can look intricate and gorgeous, if you know how to utilize these accessories.

20.Double Twists with Double Buns

Double Twists with Double Buns

Look out for these pretty twists and buns braids for girls, don’t they look gorgeous? Yes, you will require long hair to achieve this hairstyle. You can start with one twist on the top and the other one at the bottom. Attach them to the two pigtail buns on each side. Finally, decorate your hair with matching color ribbons and accessories.

Young girls love to try out different and attractive hairstyles. These little ones look absolutely gorgeous in these braid styles for kids. Hair plaits for girls may be difficult for some, but with proper experience you will find the task pretty easy. Girls will make these hairstyles all the more pretty when they match them with different colored hair accessories. Try out the braid styles for kids first before you go for complex styles. Good Luck!

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