Versatility of Epoxy Resin in Interior Design

Epoxy Resin

The success of an interior design depends largely on the material used. It must not only be of good quality, but also durable and beautiful. For this purpose, wood epoxy resin is an ideal material for interior designers. Because of the many possibilities and advantages of this material, it is recommended to use it for a perfect and sublime interior.

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It is a multi-purpose material

Epoxy resin is the result of a mixture of two components. One is the resin and the other is a hardener. 

Most people think about epoxy as that material used in industrial and commercial flooring alongside urethane. And indeed, epoxy is still used today in commercial flooring and for floor coating but in fact epoxy is a very versatile material that is no longer used only in industrial or commercial settings but more so in interior design projects, creating art projects and DIY woodworking projects.

One of the reasons why it is recommended to use wood epoxy resin for interior decoration is its multipurpose function. Indeed, this material offers you several possibilities in terms of creations. Whether it is for your tables, your paintings or your floor mat or just the protective layer, the wood epoxy resin adapts to any type of furniture. You can use it to dress them up or protect them from threats and pests.

Thus, the possibilities are multiple with the wood epoxy resin. You can even add the paint or color that suits you as epoxy mixes well with mica powder. 

It offers a sublime and durable design piece

Unlike other interior design materials, resin is stronger and more durable. After curing, some materials tend to shrink. This is not the case with epoxy as it holds the shape you give it and over time, it only becomes stronger and stronger.

Epoxy resin is also the solution to give life to your worn furniture. Coating old furniture with a thin layer of epoxy protects it from further degradation. The beauty and texture of epoxy also makes wood shine in a brighter light..

It makes an interior look and feel more zen

Wood epoxy resin is the easiest decorative material to use for a zen atmosphere. In addition to the multiple possibilities it offers, it gives free rein to your creativity and imagination. By mixing mica powder with epoxy resin you can give your wood project any color, thus you can bring more cheerful or even more dynamic touches to your interior furniture.

Epoxy resin is a reference material for interior decoration because after curing, it can be cut, sanded and even polished, something that no other material apart from wood is capable of. The deep pour epoxy can be used for creating river tables or beautiful custom countertops.

To sum up, some of the main advantages of epoxy are

  • Its extreme resistance. Whether we are talking about impacts, shocks, scratches, weathering, epoxy is one of the most resistant material
  • Its strong resistance gives it another quality which is “durability”. 
  • It adheres to any surface (floor, walls, ceilings, sanitary facilities, vehicles…) and to any support (concrete, cement, tiles, wood, metal, stone, PVC…), making it very versatile
  • Epoxy is totally waterproof. It is waterproof and does not let any liquid through, whether it is simply water or products of any kind.
  • Because of its impermeability, epoxy is easy to maintain and can be easily cleaned. This makes it ideal for outdoor use too.
  • A little-known aspect about epoxy is its anti-slip properties. This is why it is used on floors in high traffic areas but this aspect comes in handy in interior design projects such as epoxy river tables or simple epoxy tables.

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