Evolution Of Taylor Swift’s Style


Taylor Swift has become a style icon. Many people follow her styles. She is very popular on Instagram because of her changing style over the years.

Evolution Of Taylor Swift’s Style

Taylor Swift’s style Inspired many people to follow different trends in the fashion. She has very good taste in her hairstyle and dressing sense. Every music video and the concerts are very different when it comes to her looks. From a simple country girl to a music icon, she transcended in the fashion world. Many people consider her as an under talked style queen. She has perfect physique and better dressing sense. Be it be her first music album or her birthday parties or her music concerts. She is just fabulous. This is the reason she has over 105 million users on Instagram.

In this article, we will look at how she transpired her looks. Her variety and craze towards fashion can be seen from these images.

1. Taylor Swift’s style as the princess look in 2006
This photo is from Hendersonville High school freshman. She looks very cute in it. Her look on the face with simple dress along with crown was a symbol of greater things to come. Later she released a music album. She became an instant success story. She said she is living a dream and she does not miss her high school much.

2. Taylor Swift’s style and the first album
In the year 2006, her style changed. From simple looks, she started to adapt to more traditional but fashion look. Her looks from country award 2006 show the change. This 41st music awards in country music showed perfect blend of country music and her style. She wore cowboy boots, corkscrew curls as hairstyle, perfect designer dress.

3. Looks stunning in long gown
Taylor Swift at the Grammy awards in the year 2008 chose the same kind of curls but a different kind of long gown. In this outfit, she looks like a princess minus a crown. The second album also became a success. The album was named as fearless.

4. Taylor Swift with voluminous waves
Then in the year 2009, Taylor Swift’s style evolved to a different level with simpler makeup. She again chose a dark lipstick with traditional dress. Here she stole the show from her voluminous wave’s hairstyle and golden dress.

5. The more mature look
This look is very different from her other looks. She used to wear more of a princess kind of outfit with the curls. However, in here she chose green floral sundress. This is more of retro style and it is strapless. Now, she is more interested in the mature looks compared to the earlier styles. This is from her third album Speak Now released in the year 2010. Red lipstick with a bright smile definitely increased her style quotient.

6. The complete red era look
There was a red era going on in the fashion industry. It was during 2012. More often than not celebs chose red dresses over black. This time is also called as a breakup time as we saw Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Lautner breaking up with their partners. Therefore, she also chose all red dress with the simple straighter hairstyle. Here we witnessed, she left her curly hair looks behind her fashion style. This was the time when she released Knew You Were Trouble and We Are Never Getting Back Together.

7. When she was honored with Billboard Woman of the Year
Here she chose a strong and little edgy outlook. The shadow of warm cranberry around her eyes looks stunning. The red dress is simple. The hairstyle is again straight and simple.

8. Taylor Swift at the Radio 1’s awards for Teen in 2013
With cardigans, she chose more of a cute style. The skirts looked like a dress from 1950’s. She wore it with grace. The hairstyle is slightly similar to her old looks. The makeup was not too dark. It was more of a simple look. Sometimes simplicity increases beauty. Here Taylor Swift’s style proved that point.

9. Stunning look of Gala 2016
In the gala event 2016, she definitely stunned everyone. The perfect combination of mini skirt, Cute looking co-ords and the perfect cut dress made her look like a style boss and fashion icon. This kind of look was new to Taylor Swift. She always chose simple kind of dressing style. She chose to wear bob cut with the vampy lips. The leather ensembles increased her beauty and style quotient bar. This was the time when she ended her relationship with Calvin Harris.

10. The all new Houston show and wild look
Talyor swift’s style took a whole new turn after the release of her new album reputation. Reputation was released in 2017. In 2017, she was away from all the public limelight. Her fight with the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West was in the same year. Then out of nowhere, she came with a bang. This is from her performance in Houston. She chose black and shiny lacy dress. Again, she chose simple facial makeup with dark red lipstick and straight hairstyle. Here her look is little wild.

Taylor Swift’s style is definitely transpired into something refreshing. She definitely inspired many young girls and musicians. She looks good in pretty much everything. The style transformation is just amazing. She showed how a country girl could transform herself into a style and music icon in the world.

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