How To Pick The Exterior Paint Colors Match Best With The Roof


Updated: April 29, 2022

Choose The Right Exterior Paint Colors

If the house roof color be like this, What exterior paint colors should be used? It is a common question for the  homeowner who are planning to paint the house. If you are still not sure which exterior paint color  should be use to match the color of the house roof. Let’s see  our guide and idea that we would like to present to you. There are about 5-7 Popular Roof Colors, each color gives a different mood depending on the preference and suitability of home style. If you choose the wrong exterior paint color and it does not match the house roof. It maybe reduce the beautiful of the house. But if the homeowner choose the right color. House will be more beautiful. This article is dedicated to fans who are planning to build a home or painting exterior of house.  We hope this  guide will make your decision easier.

First of all, For those who have not built a home yet. You should choose the right home paint color during the design process to get an overall of the roof and the house color style from the beginning. If you don’t  like it, you can change it before painting. It will not make any hassle later. The designer simulates color through a 3D program, allowing the homeowners to visualize virtual 3D. But if there is no 3D image in the design process. The simple principle should be consistent with the rules that first, Do not choose the color same as the roof color. Second, Choose a contrasting color scheme or mixed color combinations.

# Red Color Roof

The red roof is hot tone color. But this color is the color that  people love. The red roof  will make the house look outstanding. This color roof is compatible with many house paint color. The most popular combination is painted house with white, cream, light gray, Yellow pastel Or light brown.But if you want a  house look more strong and unique, You can try to paint the house in red. Then cut some window and wall frames with a white like a country barn style. It also looks pretty interesting.

Exterior Paint Colors
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Exterior Paint Colors

# Dark Gray Color  Roof

The Dark Gray roof  present the taste of modern, simple. Dark Gray roofs can match with many house exterior colors. Like a Loft  style with Gray concrete walls or even Pastel cottage houses. If you cut the house frame with white. It will make the house look soft and gentle, or if you choose a Cream -Light brown -Gray schemes. It will make the house warm. If you want a country mood use light blue-gray walls. But if you love Modern House, try to paint gray and add some with brown sugar and yellow mustard.

Exterior Paint Colors

# Light Gray Color Roof

Light Gray or Soft Gray is the color of simplicity, Clean and Comfortable Feeling. This color roof is most commonly used in colonial and Victorian style houses which matches well with the white, cream, smoked yellow, off white or beige, Light green, classic peach blue or  pink house color. It will make the house look beautful. You can additional decorate with natural or brown wood, it will add warmth to the house. For anyone who needs a different, try painting the walls in black or dark gray. The house will look quite outstanding.

# Brown Color Roof

If you ask which color roofs look strong and elegance. The answer must be brown roof color. It gives a warm, natural feeling to the house. The brown color roof  can match well with dark tone house. If you want a different. You can try to paint burgundy red, Soft Yellow or Moroccan orange or choose soft white or white cream to give home a classic retro mood.

# Blue Color Roof

It is popular color. With a cool tone, it can match in many styles of house. This color representing the sky and sea that suitable for house paint, This color roof go long well with these exterior paint color; white, dark blue, gray, smoky gray, blue. If you want your house look warm, use Yellow- Orange color tone Or if choose a darker brown color. It will make the house look serene.

# Green Color Roof

Green is color scheme that feel natural. The green roof will suit with the dark brown house. It’s like a tree with brown branches and green leaves. But if you like the cottage style or vintage style that gives a warm or sweet feeling, just choose exterior paint color with a light green or Smoky Gray and Cutting with yellow or orange-brown pole. It  will make the house line more clear.

Exterior Paint Colors

# Orange Color Roof

Orange tone roof will make bright and vibrant to the house. Orange roof fit well with many styles of home. Colors that  suitable for orange roofs are color schemes that close to the roof color like  white, brick orange, cream, brown, light yellow or beige color.

To choose the color scheme of the exterior house. You should consider the roof color. To give an overall of the house looks good and beautiful. In this article. It’s only an Idea. If you want more clear, You may seek advice from a designer. It will help you get more confident to choose the right exterior paint color.

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