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Fashion and Function: Is It Possible To Have Both

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When we look at the catwalk collections, it can be easy to assume that fashion is all about form. 

Designers love to be dramatic, and some of their creations are extreme to the point of painful like the en-pointe ballerina heels by Christian Louboutin. Even when the pieces are wearable, they seem entirely unsuitable for day-to-day life such as the uber-sheer clothing that has been rocking the runways this year.

However, all clothing is made with a purpose – to be worn, and to benefit the wearer in some way. This purpose can be to enhance appearance, but more often than not fashion prioritises practicality and is useful to us in a variety of situations. 

You will find the perfect combination of fashion and function in these four wardrobe essentials.


Bags are a useful way to carry your possessions, whether you are packing for a weekend away or simply need a place to keep your keys. However, a bag is also an easy way to enhance your outfit. Think about the statement-making Birkin bag and glittering clutches for evening events.

Your collection should include a work appropriate piece and a leisurewear bag, whether this is a well-fitting backpack or small shoulder bag. Make sure that your bags are suitable for storing your things as well as attractive to look at.


As any fashionista will tell you, accessories have the power to transform an outfit. For example, statement jewellery can take an LBD from day to night or give your look a touch of luxury. 

Functional accessories like watches and sunglasses are equally as adept at elevating your look. Choose pieces with a focus on style such as the elegant Japanese Grand Seiko watches or glamorous cat-eye shades that are timelessly chic.


Once solely used for its intended purpose, sportswear entered mainstream fashion this century – and it seems it’s here to stay. Initially it was tracksuits from the likes of Adidas and Nike that took society by storm, but more recently this trend for athleisure considers the aesthetic appeal as well as comfort.

The best athleisure brands for 2023 are releasing collections which are perfect for day wear, enhanced by the technology behind sportswear materials such as sweat-wicking polyester.  


Perhaps with the exception of high heels which were invented to augment the appearance of our legs, all footwear is functional. Current fashion trends are really embracing this concept, matching comfortable and convenient trainers or boots with floral and knitted dresses.

When browsing footwear this season, focus on designs from Mode Footwear that will provide protection from the elements, such as water-resistant and warm shoes. Popular options include knee-high boots and retrocore trainers. 

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