Tips on Fireproofing Your Cottage or Home

CottageTip for fireproofing

There’s nothing more comfortable and welcoming than your own home. It is the place where you and your family members should always feel safe and protected. Now, does it mean that there’s no danger lurking around every corner?

Unfortunately, no. There are numerous threats that can jeopardize your safety which is why you should do anything that’s in your power to make sure you are not exposed to any risk. One of them is from fire. In order to ensure everything is going to be okay, you must fireproof your household. Want to know how? Find out below!

Useful Ways To Protect Your Home From Fire

  • Proof Your Roof 

Embers from wildfires that are nearby frequently land on the roof where they are able to ignite a blaze that is going to quickly cover the entire home. So what can you do when it comes to your roof?

The best possible solution is to have a roof that was built from nonflammable materials such as metal, tile, asphalt shingles, or slate. Now, if this seems to you like a challenging task and you do not want to do any reroofing, you can always treat your roof with fire retardant paints, or you can place a rooftop sprinkler system. Of course, the best possible solution is to change materials, however, this is a solid alternative in case you do not want to.

  • Screen Entry Points 

To keep any flaming materials from entering your house, you should focus on covering critical spaces of your household. Do it with a 1/8-inch wire mesh. These normally involve gable and vents, soffit vents, and occasionally dryer vents.

Bear in mind that nylon window screens are prone to melting. Furthermore, you should focus on the basement windows because that’s the place where a fire could potentially be the hottest and may lead to glass breaking.

Another thing worth mentioning is to shroud your chimneys with a ¼ inch wire mesh. Now, before you do something like this, make sure to contact the manufacturer first just to learn more about the tolerances because you do not want to make a lot of exhaust gasses.

What Else Can Be Done?

  • Opt For Smoke Detectors 

Everyone knows that fire spreads extremely fast and it’s all because people are not sure what to do. In these types of situations, you have to act fast if you want to prevent the biggest possible damage.

Now, you may even smell smoke inside of your household, however, you may think that it arrives from the farthest room. So in order to avoid these catastrophic scenarios, it would be recommendable to purchase a smoke detector. 

Now, you shouldn’t purchase only one, instead, you should have a detector for various parts of your property because you can never predict where the fire will begin. If you do so, you will be able to figure out whether a fire is spreading or not. If you’re not too tight on a budget, you should also invest some cash in sprinkles as well.

When it comes to the place you live in, there’s no such a thing as being too safe and cautious. You want to be able to feel relaxed and not stress out over every single thing. That’s why we put together these tips because they will give you peace of mind.

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