23 Cool Ideas for First Tattoo for Girls

Ideas for First Tattoo

Is Your First Tattoo? Here are some Cool Ideas for First Tattoo For Girls.

Hey Girls !! I know you are looking for some nice tattoo ideas for your first ink. You might be now in the feel of afraid of hurt or don’t want the parent knows.If you feel like this, just start with the small and the simple one.

I have selected almost thirty of the beautiful tattoos that will help you get some idea for your first tattoo.

1. Meaningful Symbol Tattoo

Quadruple Heart, The four hearts ( a family, Partner or your love) together, which mean you will beloved from people surround you.

Meaningful Symbol Tattoo

Infinity love tattoo, it is Truly Love, love with out any condition that everyone want it – the forever love.

Infinity symbol first tattoo

2. Follow Your Zodiac

Use a small zodiac symbol to express more about yourself. Zodiac  show your real characteristic.

3. Keep The Faith

Believe in God, follow the faith, believe how everything has its own reason. It is a good start for first religious tattoo.

4. Galaxy-World of Mine

Put your first ink with the star, sun or moon or use a symbol of shining star as photo below. It is not a complicated symbol, so it take a short time to finish.

Ideas for small first tattoo
first tattoo on inner arm
star first tattoo
2 Star / Source
Moon first tattoo

5. More than words

Let the words speak for you, This is the good idea for first tattoo – simple, common but more fashion. Or you can use number that have its meaning , like a latitude, longitude or even serial number. It make you look so enchanting.

wording first tattoo
numeric first tattoo
Serial no | source

6. Play with shape of Geometry

Geometry is trend for this year, it looks minimal, modern and chic. If you are a hipster person. Just start the first tattoo with geometry style. You gonna looking more cool !!!

small geometry first tattoo
small tripple triangle first tattoo

7. Let it be Natural

Use simple style of something natural symbol – Pine Tree, Bird, Palm to show your love for Nature.

First Arrow Tattoo for women
Little Palm Tree tattoo for women
Little Palm Tree | Source
small bed ideas for first tattoo

8. SEA my world

Some Simple tattoo idea for the Seaholic who let the sea set you free. Try tattoo with a line of shell, wave or anchor. That’s easy, simple. Good for start your first Tattoo.

Anchor tattoo

9. Ideas for First Tattoo for a Pet Lover 

Some of Adorable tattoo for pet lovers or cat lovers, show your love of pet by tattoo on angle. It look cute.

Ideas for First Tattoo for a Pet Lover
cat paws first tattoo

Thank you for interested in this post, Hope this will give you more inspired and enjoy. You can see more Tattoo Idea here >>> Click

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