Foundation Cracks: All That Homeowners Need To Know

Foundation Cracks

The foundation of your living space is perhaps the most significant part of the entire structure. For this reason, homeowners need to be extra vigilant about issues such as cracks and breaches in it. Such problems are quite common and you may see them even if you invest in leak detection and prevention measures on a regular basis. It is important to know the possible causes of foundation cracks and also understand the signs to watch out for. Additionally, you must be aware of the essential repair measures as timely and relevant action can prevent unnecessary wastage and worries later. Here is all that you need to know about foundation cracks.

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Understand the possible causes 

When it comes to foundation cracks, you cannot identify a single reason for their occurrence. Generally, the probability depends on the condition of the soil in the surrounding area. Soil that is high in clay content is likely to expand when wet and contract on drying. The change exerts constant pressure on the foundation, which can result in cracks in the bricks or concrete. Homes without proper drainage and those with leaky plumbing are also at high risk because excessive moisture can cause the soil underneath to expand.  Geotechnical issues, frost heaving and engineering flaws are some other possible causes of the appearance of cracks in your home’s foundation.

Be aware of the signs to watch out for

Awareness is the key to ensuring that your home’s structural condition remains strong. Visible cracks in the foundation of your living space indicate that the conditions in the area have changed to an extent that the structure has shifted. However, they could also mean that the structure has settled. Cracked paint around the doors and windows are also the signs of settling. Though this does not point towards a major issue, you still need to pay attention because water and termites may enter the small breaches and cause havoc. 

Know when the cracks are serious 

While you need to be aware of the common signs of subtle damage, being watchful about more serious ones is important. Cracks that are wider at one end, floors that appear to slant and doors that won’t stay closed are the warning signs which require immediate attention. Experts at Pinnacle Foundation Repair recommend keeping a close eye on even hairline breaches and measuring them periodically as the seasons change. If they seem to grow in size, you should call professional foundation contractors sooner rather than later. 

Maintenance and prevention are important 

While looking out for signs of danger is something that every homeowner should do, there is also a need to invest in regular maintenance even if things appear to be fine on the service. Regular maintenance can prevent major defects and problems in the long run as it lets you nip them in the bud. Even if you need to spend a little on maintenance services, you can end up saving a huge amount on major repairs. 

A smart homeowner is the one who understands the significance of regular maintenance and timely repair. Foundation cracks, in particular, require attention because they can have a far-reaching impact on the structural strength of your home. 

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