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10 Furry Nails Art The Latest Nail Trend That Compliments Insanity

furry nails

Furry Nails Art | A fashion trend that compliments insanity

Trend of furry nails have taken the nails art to a whole new level. Not so many years have passed since women started experimenting with different shapes of the nails. It only required a trimmer that rubbed sides of nails, and produced perfect conical or square shape. Later, the trend moved towards paint of various colours, beads and even stickers. Ladies took to different prints, like cheetah print or checks or many other popular designs.

With the passage of time nails art evolved to become an ultimate fashion statement. Women wear different style of nails to make fashion statement. There is no doubt that a stylish look of nails along with manicured hands boosts the confidence. But when it comes to the this new hairy nails trend, then purpose doesn’t remain limited to style, design and confidence; it slightly moves ahead and adds up to what we call as swag.

While we trace back the how this latest nails trend emerged, one thing is quite clear; inspiration always comes from nature. The way cheetah print became popular for clothing, shoes, hand bags and other such accessories, is the best example how wild life inspires human beings for choosing the fashion trends. Even, nails art also has seen a magnificent trend of cheetah print in last few years. In the same way increased interest of people in pets like furred cats and dogs may be a reason to choose furry nails.

What is Furry Nails?

Furry nails are a type of nail art that involves adding furry accents to the nails. The look can be achieved by using furry yarns, furry fabric, or even real fur. The furry nails trend first gained popularity in Japan, but it has since spread to other countries.

While the look is often associated with the furry community, it is also popular among fashion-forward individuals who are looking for a unique and eye-catching manicure. Whether you’re a furry enthusiast or simply a fashionista, furry nails are an excellent way to show off your personality.

Furry Nails Ideas

Let’s have a look at popular furry nail designs, to check how inspiration from nature turns into a fashion and an ultimate style.

The kick starter nails design

brown furry nails
Photo Credit: Looks

Furry nails emerged on the fashion scene when models walked on the runway at Libertine fall/winter 2016 show, with this new look debuted by CND nail polish style director, Jan Arnold. After making to Instagram the design went viral giving rise to criticism. The trend is said to be just a way to glorify runway, otherwise, it is able to become practical Critics rose questions how come a person is going to eat with hair outgrowth on nails. Or what about if material leaves any irritation?

Although the above mentioned design is a bit simple and seems to be okay, if opted for a brief period of time on particular occasion.

What adds to the astonishment is that ladies have gone crazy; they are coming up with more hilarious ideas to take this style to a new idea.

Are these furry nails a seasonal fashion?

nails with white fur ball
Photo Credit: Looks

No one wears furry coats and dresses in winters, even the animals that have natural fur shed it in summers. So, one thing is obvious the option of giving nails a hairy look in summers is clearly ruled out. But is it really something for winters? Most probably no.

The reason lies in those woollen gloves that have naked tips, so that wearer can easily perform the daily tasks. If a woman chooses for furry nails art only for winters, then there is no way it can do any good to her for safeguarding against the cold; in case, she goes for hairy nails plus gloves, then such design would be at odds with fashion and style. Here, stylists have got a new challenge.

Choosing a well synchronized nail art can be a good idea

green furry nails
Photo Credit: Pinterest

If this new nails art seems appealing to you then it is ok to choose it as long as it makes sense. Like the one shown in above picture. Here it looks classy but also serves purpose to boost swag, in a unique style. Even if we look at the debut design then too seems much easy to apply and convenient to carry. Same is the case with this grey fur which is beautifully complimenting this piece of cloth.

Putting the discussion of feasibility and practicality aside for a while, we see that there are designs that may even fail to fulfil the purpose of style even.

An insane hairy nails design

blue furry nails
Photo Credit:

Check out this blue fur nail arts. After seeing this, first thought that strikes the mind is about those fur hats that fans use to support their team during soccer match. They always choose a colour that matches the jersey of respective team. If the purpose is to support some sports team and these

Furry nailsare easy to put on, then it’s alright to wear them. For many people, this particular design is something that even ridicules the fashion, putting testimony on insanity of wearer. Despite all the criticism, the option of choosing this art for the purpose of making a statement is not ruled out.

Still, there are many furry nails designs that one can choose to flaunt the style.

furry nails style
Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you are actually hell-bent on adopting furry nails, then go for this one. It doesn’t utilize hairs in reality but it amalgamates nail paint with precipitates in a way to give the same sort of look.

pink furry nails trend
Photo Credit: Vix

This one with a cotton candy nail fur looks classy. It is recommended to keep outgrowths a bit short to get more appealing look.

colorful furry nails
Photo Credit: makeupandfashion2000

These multiple color fur also makes the nails look elegant. One can also choose to apply fur on one nail and paint or beads on the rest, for the sake of ease.

Till now furry nails have garnered huge criticism due to their potential of interference in performing daily life tasks; that’s why the design is termed as an insane fashion option. Well, there is a room of customization. By using proper strategies, style icons can take out this design from the realm of insanity to more practical implementation.

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