Design Tips That Will Help You Have More Storage Space In Your Garage

Garages are no longer just a place to house your car or vehicle, nor is it a place for tools, bikes, and everything you don’t want to have in your home. With the right designs and the storage options to match your budget, you could end up with a stylish garage that not only looks great but is now capable of storing much more than before. 

There are a lot of solutions out there, and many ideas that can inspire you when you look at your garage. Many of us only take into consideration the room at eye level and below. By doing this, we discount all the space about us, which we don’t need to. Taking this all into consideration, here are some design tips that will give you that much-needed garage space.

Tote Slide Storage Systems

This storage system is great for storing stuff above your garage door and ceiling. With the correct sized totes that are built for this purpose, you’ll be able to utilize a space that was previously ignored, or considered redundant. This overhead garage door storage is a complete game-changer because if you’re seriously short of space, this is one place that is always guaranteed to have been left clear, along with your ceiling. Now, it won’t be. 

What’s more, this system will accommodate most tote sizes, meaning there’s bound to be one that fits your needs. As they require totes, you know that your belongings will be safely stored as totes tend to be durable and waterproof, as well. 

Wall Shelves

Of course, most of us have these in our garages, and these are a Godsend because they keep our belongings primarily off of the floor and tables or workbenches that we have in there. Let’s not forget that the garage is primarily for our vehicle, so there’s a lot of space taken up, already. 

Some of you will already have some shelving dotted around your garage but have you considered organizing your shelving, so you can have more than one level of shelves in there? Depending on the height of your garage, you might be able to get two or three shelves on your walls. Don’t forget, these shelves can go as high as you dare because a ladder can help you access them. If you use storage boxes on them, you might even get more on each shelf than you first had.

Overhead Storage Racks

Alternatively, if you have no room for shelves, perhaps because of the size of your garage or how it’s laid out, consider having overhead storage racks. These are great because they don’t require walls to rest on, but instead, rely on your garage ceiling. So as long as that’s stable, this space-saving design will be a great option for you. 

You’ll be able to get the size tailor-made for your garage, which will mean that this storage will not look out of place, but instead is made to meet your needs. 

Retractable Ceiling Storage

This fantastic piece of equipment can house plenty of your belongings, it’s unreal, which you’ll only realize when you actually use it. The fact you can retract it, means you’re able to get your belongings down to a manageable height. Gone are the days when you had to use a broom to swat things down and catch them, use a ladder and stand on your tip-toes because you still can’t reach your belongings, or have to rely on someone taller to help you. 

Now you can just pull down the storage, and it will conveniently lower, and allow you to access your belongings, with ease, and without strategic planning. Life has suddenly become a lot easier!

Holds Everything Garage Storage Wall

OK, you may not have a table or shelf, but you can get a bit inventive with a garage wall that has been made to house everything you need. So, if you regularly have equipment that you use, perhaps because of your job, then you can get storage to hold specialist equipment, like tool racks, or draws to put things away, hooks for your work clothes, or even ladder hooks. If you’re into upcycling and/or recycling, this could be the project for you1 The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, so have a look online and be prepared to be inspired. 

Fitted Garage Furniture

If you’re fortunate to have a garage that’s just being used as your vehicle’s home, as well as for any tools, then you might want to consider garage furniture that’s been designed specifically for your garage. Just like how fitted bedroom wardrobes and kitchen cupboards can free up so much unused space, fitted garage furniture can do the same, but also in a stylish way. Look at this as an investment because once you have it, it won’t require replacing for years to come.

Bike Hoist

With cycling becoming more popular as an activity, whether it’s for fun or to keep fit, many of us have a bike, and some even use it as a means to get to work. If there are at least two people in your household with a bike, plus the family car and/or work vehicle, that’s already a lot of room taken up. With this in mind, why not use a bike pulley and hooks to hoist your bikes onto your garage walls to create more space on the floor and surrounding walls? Most cycles aren’t used every day and neither are they used for long periods of time, so this idea could make a serious difference to any space issues you may have in your garage.

With plenty of accidents occurring in American garages, it makes sense to get yours sorted. With everything put away, everything has a place, which means nothing will potentially face getting ruined, but will instead be kept safe until you need to use it. There’s nothing like peace of mind, which you’ll find decent garage storage will provide once you’ve got it. With the tips given in this article, you’ve got a good starting point, the sky’s the limit, so get creative, and look at what space you can utilize for your belongings.

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