7 Things You’ll Probably Need If You’re Getting A New Dog

Dogs are the best! They’re adorable, loyal, and just plain fun. It’s hard to imagine life without one. But if you’ve never had a dog before, there can be a lot of things you don’t know about them that might surprise you when you get your new pup home. The following list should help prepare for all the good (and not so great) surprises that come with welcoming a new furry friend into your family! 

hings You'll Probably Need If You're Getting A New Dog

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E-Collar & Leash

If you have a small dog, the collar they wear will most likely be a regular one but if your dog breed is bigger than that then he will need an e-collar or he may pull too hard on his leash and hurt himself. Find something with good edge control so it won’t leave marks on your pup and make sure to get him used to wearing it as soon as possible for their comfort and yours! At places like, you can find collars and leashes made specifically for dogs that can help in training too. Also, make sure they say “e-collar” so you don’t get a regular collar and have to go back into the store!

If you want to take your dog for walks, a leash is an absolute necessity because without it they won’t come with you! Leashes are super simple and can be found anywhere from pet stores to clothing shops. Your dog will need one so make sure to pick up the right size and length of the leash for your furry friend. If you have a new puppy then consider getting a ‘puppy collar’ before he grows into his regular-sized ones or if he’s large enough get him an adjustable collar that will fit your pup as he grows up.

Plastic Bags For Poop

When your dog goes outside, it can be hard to pick up its poop especially if you’re only getting one dog. It’s best just to keep plastic bags in your pocket or purse and use them when he needs to go. Most dogs will let you know when this happens but some may not so anything helps! Just remember that some bags are meant for garbage while others aren’t so make sure you bring the right ones home with you and dispose of them responsibly. 

Beds & Blankets

These are supposed to be your dog’s home away from home. You can’t just let your dog sleep on the floor all day even if it’s convenient for you. He will need a blanket or bed of his own that he can lay in and call his own space. Dogs love where they sleep and some like to be curled up while others prefer the room to stretch out so make sure to explore which is better for your pup before buying one for him.

Toys & Treats

A bored dog is an unhappy dog and dogs get very lonely when they are tired of playing with their toys. It’s always good to have chew toys on hand as well since dogs do enjoy gnawing on things. It’s also good to have fun treats around that will make your pup want to work for you even harder. The more they love what you do, the more they’ll try hard to please you.

Bowls & Water Dish

Dogs need a place to eat as much as people do and their bowls are no different. You should always have two bowls – one for food and one for water just like we have in our houses. Make sure never to leave these things empty or else your dog will get upset. He may even eat your houseplants if he’s hungry or tries drinking out of the toilet!

Grooming Tools & Treatments

Dogs need to be properly groomed just like we do. They can get their hair pulled out and matted easily so you have to give them a trim every once in a while. This is an easy way to show them that you care about their wellbeing and they’ll love you for it. You can also buy specific grooming products that will help repair its coat as well. There are also special moisturizers meant specifically for dogs to make sure their skin stays healthy too. 

Dog Foods & Treats

Dogs are not picky eaters. They’ll eat anything you put in front of them. It’s easier to go from can food right to dry food because this way you’ll know what nutrients your pet needs. You should also give them a treat when they do something good. If you give your dog a treat for doing something right then he’ll want to keep doing it.

getting a new dog tips

You already have the basic necessities to take care of yourself but having a pet requires some special considerations. Thankfully all of these things can be bought so that you can now focus on taking care of your new baby! 

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