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10 Decor Ideas For Small Bathrooms On A Budget

ideas for small bathrooms on a budget:

A small leak, they say, can sink a great ship. It’s funny how the smallest things that we think we can handle without breaking a sweat can turn out to be overwhelming when you engage them. Because the restroom is only a place where we do our ‘business,’ not too many people bother with its design or outlook. But then again, everyone is not the same as some people want every part of their home to have that touch of class. Yes, the bathroom inclusive.

If you are determined to have your bathroom receive that touch of class like the rest of the rooms in your apartment, then you need to be ready to put in work to make your dreams a reality. But first, you must know that you may need to furnish your bath top area with compact and multi-functional furniture

Lucky for you, we have listed some small bathroom ideas on a budget in this article that will give you a good head start when next you’re set to jot down ideas that will make your bathroom pleasant. 


Depending on your bathroom size and how simple you want it to be, you may or may not have to spend a lot to get it to your taste. In other words, we can say having a small bathroom can be beneficial because it is cost-effective. Again, the size of your bathroom may require that you choose between having a bathtub or a walk-in shower. In some cases, you can have the two installed at once. 

Below are some classy ideas for your bathroom. 

1. Simple  Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small Showers

Simple  Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small Showers
simple small bathroom idea

Simplicity, they say, is the ultimate sophistication. When jotting down those small bathroom ideas to spice up your restroom, remember to keep it simple. minimalist bathroom ideas! So, rather than furnish your toilet with enormous things that cost you money, time and space. A simple wooden rack to preserve your toiletries will save you some money and space. 

Do you know that the color of your bathroom and furniture doesn’t just say a lot about it but can affect your mood when you’re in that space? If you didn’t know, well, know you do. 

2. Design a Monochrome Bathroom

Monochrome Bathroom design
Photo from : Techne
Monochrome Bathroom decor
Photo from :

A monochrome style for your small bathroom is a good option that needs to be included in your small bathroom ideas. You can choose to decorate the walls of your bathroom with white brick tiles. And for your bathroom floor, you can decorate them with black and white hex tile to make it stand out from the rest. You can enhance this idea to the next level by adding an elegant brown floating vanity with a white vessel sink touch. 

3. Give your bathroom a new look

Vanity for small bathroom
Pastel Small Bathroom sink

White is one color you can rely on when trying to bring out the best in your bathroom area. First, it is an attractive and appealing color to the eye, but it can make your bathroom appear more expansive. To enhance the beauty of your bathroom, you can furnish it with a range of black bathroom items or colorful items. 

4. Over the Toilet Storage

Over the Toilet Storage
Over the Toilet Storage shelves
small shower ideas
Over the Toilet Storage wood

Rather than buy a large bathroom vanity simply because you have enough cash to throw around, it would be best if you considered including the toilet storage in your small bathroom ideas as it will help you save space. 

5. Go for a more oversized tile

Small bathroom tiles idea
Small bathroom tiles design
Photo from :
small bathroom tiles
Photo from :

Not long ago, people ran away from large tiles because they were costly, not because they are not befitting. Large tiles are another option for small shower ideas to choose when trying to keep things simple in your bathroom area. It should also be enlisted among your small bathroom ideas because the large tiles are not as heavy as they used to be. All thanks to the invention and modernization of technology. Now you can design your bathroom walls and floor with large tiles without fear of it stretching your budget. Going for large tiles means you’ll save the few bucks you would have spent buying extra tiles in small sizes. 

6. Your toilet /bathtub area needs some decorations

small bathroom ideas with tub
cute bathroom decorations

In case you’re battling with space to lay down a couple of decorations in your bathroom, you can turn to your toilet area and make fair use of the allocated space for your decorations. This concept works fine for people who live comfortably by themselves in a minimalist apartment and have no need for the extra space to store their toiletries.

7. live it up with plants

Plants for small bathroom
Photo From : Housebeautiful
Small Bathroom Plants

Unlock a new level of style by decorating your bathroom with a touch of mother-nature (green plants). It will create a warm and homely atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression in the mind of whoever steps in. You can add to your list of small bathroom ideas by putting a storage rack made with top-notch wood in the corner of your bathroom for your towel and toiletries. 

8. Switch things up

small bathroom storage ideas
small bathroom organized ideas
small bathroom entry door ideas

For tiny bathroom, To create a well-organized and co-ordinated general outlook for your small bathroom decor without having them contradict each other, try using ladder for keeping cloth organized or try collecting a set of bathroom accessories that match in a contrasting hue to your current decoration. The next time you’re shopping for your toiletries, try going for soap dispensers, storage jars and toothbrush holders and have them match up with the shade of your towels or other toiletries. 

9. Introduce Industrial Farmhouse style 

Farmhouse bathroom
Photo from :
Modern farmhouse bathroom

Have you ever thought of incorporating a blend of industrial and farmhouse style into your bathroom? We assure you that it will be a mind-blowing experience, try it and see for yourself. You can diy your bathroom with an open wooden vanity together with a long vessel sink and a long mirror with a wooden frame attached to it for your small bathroom designs with shower. To further perfect this outlook, you can add industrial lamps to seal the deal.

10. Have you considered adding a Yellow Accent?

small bathroom wall idea
Photo from :
small bathroom accent wall
Photo From : macarenagea
small bathroom make over idea - Colorful tone
Photo from :
small bathroom idea - Wooden floor and yellow cabinet
small bathroom  with yellow, white color and pattern floor

Cut down the indecisiveness and confusion that usually comes when you’re writing those small business ideas by adding a yellow accent to your bathroom decoration, as it will massively improve your bathroom style. A yellow bathtub,A yellow mirror frame, a yellow curtain, a yellow pattern for your floor, a yellow picture, to mention a few, are some of the cute bathroom decorations things that will help your bathroom stand out.


Like we said earlier on, small bathroom ideas don’t come on a platter of gold. Sometimes, they can be tasking and brain-teasing to figure out, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you follow the tips in this guide. 

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