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Grab the New Bag-Discover Touristic Hotspot Bucharest

Touristic Hotspot Bucharest
Fountain in front of the Palace of Parlament

For getting to know the city and discovering all of its beauties, you will need a bit more than a free weekend. Bucharest is a city with great potential and many historical sites that you need to see. There is also an abundance of beautiful parks – the oases of nature that reflect perfect decor and purity. 

One gets the feeling of walking through the 19th century Paris, and only a few steps further the sense of urban Europian metropolis emerges. The contrasts that this city will show you will captivate your imagination for years and the moments of great Balkan party euphoria will live with you forever.
Prepare yourself to walk through the once-isolated city that recently transformed itself into a party sensation that attracts twenty million foreign visitors annually. 

The Most Famous Sites to Be Seen

Touristic Hotspot Bucharest : Palace of Parlament
Palace of Parlament

Among the various famous musical events and epic stag do opportunities in Bucharest, visitors from all around the world arrive to see with their own eyes the famous Palace of Parliament. 

Of course, it is a place that will grab a lot of your attention whether you like it or not. This imposing building is the second largest in the world, and it represents the embodiment of the power and insanity of one of the most notorious dictators of his time, Nikolai Ceaușescu. 

However, the less known fact is that the building, whose construction began in 1984, was completed six years after his death. This gigantic monument to communism and his relentless reign rarely leaves anyone indifferent. 

It’s 85 meters tall and features 16 floors, 1100 rooms and a 100 meters long lobby that has a grand double-sided staircase. (For Nikolai and Elen separately, to impress as they descend to welcome guests.) 

The interior is marble, among other things that arouse awe. To fit into the image of the grandeur that Causeway had in his head, a whole quarter of the city center was destroyed. More precisely about 26 churches and a multitude of residential buildings dating back to the 19th century. And all of that so that he could make a grand but somewhat simple 3km long avenue! 

Inside the building, there are also majestic mosaics and painted windows, luxurious crystal chandeliers, gold-plated walls, and hand-woven rugs. During the tour, you will discover many details related to the construction of this building, with a particular emphasis on the amount of money spent on its development. The numbers are mind-twisting and usually, seem unrealistic.

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Revolutionary Squares That Vibrate with History

Revolutionary Squares  romania

Another one in the series of commemorative features of Causeway’s rise and fall is undoubtedly the Square of Revolution, which gained its popularity as early as 21 December 1989. Romanian people gathered, creating a real revolution that had grown into the collapse of a corrupt regime, which was broadcasted by all the world’s TV stations. 

National Museum Romania
National Museum

Near the square, there is also the National Museum, a building that resembles ancient Roman temples in which Romanian Philharmonic Orchestra plays. Nearby you will find a beautiful small orthodox church of Kretzulescu, built-in 1722 by red brick.

You should also visit a unique ethnic village, which is, in fact, a museum and the largest of its kind in this part of Europe. This museum is located not far from the Triumphal Gate, between Sos Pavel D. Kiseleff Street and the beautiful Herastrau Park. 

Transylvanian houses
Transylvanian houses

You will see some 300 rural Romanian rustic houses and barns, stables, old churches, as well as typical Transylvanian houses that breath with centuries of history. 

In addition to guaranteed entertainment, I am convinced that you will leave with a lot of photos taken at this place. 

The working hours of the museum are from May to October from 9:00 to 20:00 and from November to April from 9:00 to 18:00. Here you can also buy the most authentic national souvenirs that can be an ideal gift for your family and friends back home.

George Enescu National Museum, the former Cantacuzino Palace with its breathtaking appearance, was built by the end of the 19th century on the orders of the then prime minister and one of the wealthiest Romanians, Grigor Cantacuzin. Architect Ioana Berindei constructed the building in the eclectic French style. With its recognizable high walls and gates, wrought iron terrace and doors this building adorned postcards sent from Bucharest for centuries.

Bucharest Botanical Garden

Bucharest Botanical Garden is a relaxing place that is worth seeing — located near the park and Lake Herastrau. It’s the largest in Romania, and it boasts a collection of over 10,000 varieties of plants. Within the same garden, there is an artificial lake Cismigiu that stands in the very center of the city. It is interesting to feel its rich history created by many writers and poets who loved to relax in the serenity of its lush surroundings. 

The garden was made according to the project of a German architect and opened back in 1847. In it there are over 30,000 trees and flowers, mostly brought from the Romanian mountains, while exotic plants are from Vienna’s botanical garden. 

The building of the Association of Romanian Architects

The building of the Association of Romanian Architects, located next to the Revolution Square, also deserves to be visited, seen and photographed.  

The Stavropol church is an unusual and unique religiously historic building. Built-in distant 1724 by the Greek monk Ioanikia Stratonikeas, and according to the order of Prince Valencian it was created in the combination of Byzantine and Romanian architecture. The mixture is sheet metal, iron, stone, and brick in frescoes and icons carved in wood.

The former city center, better known as the Lipscani area, is also one of the places where you will spend a lot of time. Known as the old shopping street and the central location of all major city events. 

The Lipscani Center is now booming with a slightly different face. It houses a large number of unique art galleries, charming antique shops, as well as attractive open cafes and pubs.


shopping center Bucharest city

Bucharest is a city that boasts more than 20 large shopping centers all over the city. In particular, we can highlight the Uniri shopping mall (on the Unique Square itself.) The megalomaniac Baneasa Shopping City on the very edge of Bucharest and right next to Ikea, Grand Arena, and Afi Mall is also one of the most interesting. 

And if that isn’t enough. Then maybe Mega Mall located at 3-5 Pierre de Coubertin Street will surely be a place where you can feel the real shopping spree. 

What makes shopping in Bucharest so exciting is the fact that in Romania prices on nearly all branded clothing is usually 15-30% lower than in the rest of the EU. Hence the high number of visitors that come especially for this purpose.

Drinks and Food

Romania restaurant

Romania is famous for its wines and cuisine that has the roots of many empires that roamed these lands. Everywhere you head to you will be presented with a wide range of different restaurants that serve traditional delicacies. However, most travelers are naturally heading directly to the city center in search of a perfect meal. 

The Bucharest Center that extends along the Calea Victoriei street has an abundance of shops of renowned companies, a multitude of cafes, bars, and restaurants. 

Bucharest Center

Of course, I did not have the chance to visit them all, but I highly recommend the two, which left a particular impression on me. One is La Mama, near the Romanian Athenaeum. Its interior looks like a large but very cozy pub. La Mama restaurant has a charming ambiance, professional staff, and delicious food at affordable prices. 

The other restaurant, in addition to everything else, is especially useful if you are arriving with your boyfriend. Trattoria Il Calcio is, and you can guess by the name, the homage to the most crucial side thing in the world, football. The ambiance is characteristic of the framed shirts of the world’s most famous footballers, as well as the enclosed photos of the owners of the restaurant with various footballers. 

It has a beautiful tree-sized garden where you can feel a unique atmosphere and delicious food at surprisingly affordable prices. The restaurant is also located near the Romanian Athenaeum and close to the Hilton Hotel.

In Conclusion

night life Bucharest

Bucharest is a city of great opportunities and potentials, with plenty of places and areas to visit and enjoy. At only an hour and ten minutes from Belgrade (which is very handy if you can’t find the direct flight to Bucharest.) You can discover this historical city full of unusual stories, sites, and food delicacies that will never leave your mind.

It will be astonishing to discover how Romania transformed itself from once isolated country to the place booming with potential and cosmopolitan energy. 

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