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(UPDATED)50 Hair Colors Trend to Inspire Your Next Style

If you have particular hair colors trend that you like to sport in 2023, then no doubt you should go for it this year. Whatever may be the choice of color, there are many ways to make them suitable for you. Ideas for hair coloring keep changing and with the changing trends you can also easily change your hair color according to the trend.

The following list of hair colors are some of the best colors that have been accepted by people from all over the world making them the most followed hair colors trend of 2023.

Table of Contents

1. Blonde Highlight and Lowlight

This is a good combination of cool hair colors and highlights that require very little effort to maintain. The shadow root technique is one of the best hair color ideas as it will prevent frequent visits to the saloon. The dark root colors seem naturally transitioning to the highlighted strands making the overall hairstyle looking gorgeous.

2. Peach Blonde

Peach Blonde Hair ColorTrend

This is a warm blonde shade and this shade look great as it adds a lot of dimension.

3. Strawberry Brown Balayage

Hair color trend - Strawberry blond
Credit : IG/peachstockholm

It is important to have the color transition for any color combination to look good on you. Here, the roots are deep brown, but the hair color transition is so smooth that you wouldn’t realize the bright pink lengths. If you prefer warmer shades, go for strawberry blonde.

4. Cool Light Brown Hair Color

To achieve a beige effect, choose cool toned colors. The brown color looks just ready for the sunny summer holidays.

5. Black Wavy Hair with Caramel Light Brown Highlights

The romantic shade of light brown highlights is still very trendy. To add some shine to your hair, go for these cool and warm shades.

6. Beige Blonde Balayage

Beige Blonde Balayage are not the regular light brown hair color. With some light highlights you can completely transform your hair color within seconds. There are a few sophisticated hues that you can choose like strawberry, ash or champagne. Choose the one that suits you.

7. Chocolate with Caramel Highlight

Inspired from the most famous desserts these colors create a melting effect that blends seamlessly, making it very appealing.

8. Caramel Balayage

Arriving at a right hair color shade can be a daunting task for most women. If you are looking for a warm and cool shade to go well with your brunette hair, the caramel balayage is the one for you.

9. Chocolate Brown and Lowlights

This is a trending hair color that is a good mix of brunette locks and a lighter hue like chocolate brown base color and lowlight. If you want to keep your hair natural looking and fresh, then go for this beautiful option.

10. Copper Blonde Highlight

Copper and Blond are cute hair colors that will never go out of trend. The ombre balayage technique creates a nice cute vibe that adds an interesting texture and color.

11. Shiny Copper Shades

This dreamy hair color is sure to garner a lot of attention. This is a color that has been inspired from the sunset that is natural looking.

12. Sun-Kissed Hair Color

Ever dreamt of having a sun-kissed hair; if so, then go for a combination of light brown and some warm blonde highlights to get a perfect sun-kissed look. Perfect look for the summers.

13. Two-tone Milk Chocolate Color

Two-tone Chocolate Hair Color
Credit : IG/hairbyadam

Beautiful looking two-tone chocolate locks brings in so much depth and dimension to your hair. Your hair looks full of volume and shine.

14. Soft Pink Blonde Hair

Sodt Pink Blonde Hair color

To make your hair appear textured and shiny, go for partial soft pink highlights; one of the best hair color highlights of 2023. If you have blonde hair, then this color combination will suit you the best. This beautiful hue is flattering and natural.

15. Platinum Blonde Balayage

Platinum Blonde Balayage Hair
Credit: IG/tressesbytress

Blonde has attained the status of the universal color this year. Join the trend of the year and sport the unique glazed blonde balayage with a lot of style. 

16. Mulled Wine Hair Color

Mulled Wine Hair Color Hair color trend
Credit: IG/georgeeblancoo

This new red hair colors trend has the potential to become the trendiest hair color of 2023. This irresistible hair color is all set to attract the attention of more and more girls this year.

17. Milk Tea Hair Color

Milk Tea Hair Color

This is a hair color that will remind you of your favorite drink. The colors used here perfectly blend with the brown waves hair.

18. Chocolate Cake Hair

Chocolate Cake Hair Color Trend
Credit : IG/coloredbyliz

Your favorite Chocolate cake can be improved to high shine bronze highlights if you prefer to add depth and lot of volume to your hair color.

19. Honey Blonde Hair

This shade is neither brown nor blonde, but in-between. So, if you are looking for an in-between shade, then this one is perfect. This hair colors trend has brown shade that adds good amount of warmth and dimension.

20. Statement Blonde Money Piece

Statement Blonde Money Piece
Credit: IG/danielmbeauty

The blonde money pieces stand out along the ash brown strands making it look like a soft and natural hair colors trend. This balayage is full of glamour and attractive.

21. Black Balayage Hair

Black Balayage hair color

The blonde highlights are still in trend and with the cool and warm shades it provides some additional shine. You will have fans for sure for this hair color.

22. Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

Add some warmth to the dark hair by including some reddish-brown highlights. You can add thick streaks of color or even go for thinner lines depending on how you want to style it.

23. Deep Black Hair with Blue Highlight

Deep Black Hair with Blue Highlight
Credit: IG/diopjessica

The dimensional black is the seasons dark hair colors trend that is glossy, full of radiance and rich. It adds a lot of volume and dimension. If you look carefully, you will notice blue highlight that are light making your hair look healthy and strong.

24. Peachy Hair Color

Peachy Hair Color
Credit: IG/

To get this luxurious looking balayage, mix peachy shade. The color goes well with the smooth feminine waves.

25. Champagne Blonde Hair

Champagne Blonde hair color

If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds try champagne blonde hair color in balayage highlights combined through a light brown base.

26. Shiny Ombre Brown Shade

Shiny Brown Ombre
Credite : IG/bylanosa

A good amount of ombre painted over the dark chocolate base makes this trendy hair toasty.

27. Black to Grey Balayage

Grey Balayage
Credit: IG/hairbyashleyann_

Try out the metallic grey balayage color if you want to add some shine to your hair color.

28. Brown Hair with Auburn Ombre

Brown Hair with Auburn Ombre

Do you want to spice up your brown hair? Go for some auburn ombre. Go bold and experiment with colors like adding thin or thick streaks of color or even both.

29. Ash Brown Hair with Silver Blonde Balayage

Add some cool to your ash brown hair with cool toned pieces. Go for platinum, ash blonde or silver blonde. The icy shade here is not too white, making it appealing.

30. Contrasting Highlights (Light Brown and Purple)

The way you style your hair and how you color your hair all make a strong statement about your personality and how you want to look. The contrasting highlights here are creative and classy for sure.

31. Soft Golden Copper Tones

Golden Copper tone hair
Credit : IG/thesalonofanderson

A good blend of subdued and bright colored hues in the highlights along with natural roots are great to create dimension to your hair.

32. Dark Hair Blend with Brown Money Pieces

Light shade is diluted in dark color hair to make a great looking combination that is gorgeous. It has soft waves and straight strands.

33. Peek-A-Boo Highlight

Peek-A-Boo Highlight
Credit : IG/kellykreation

A bit of peak-a-boo highlights are a good solution for women who have short wavy hair. The soft purple highlights make the basic hair color look completely different.

34. Latte Hair Color

Latte Hair Color
Credit: IG/angelastrostyle

The latte hair color is a new and a refreshing way to style your hair and to attain that summer feel whatever be the season. Adding twist to the regular hair color is the main objective of the hair colors trends of 2023.

35. Burgandy Red with Brown Low Lights

Hair trends have changed drastically over the years and same has been with black hair color. If you think black hair colors trends have not changed, then you should look at the black hair with dark copper highlights that is interesting.

36. Red Money Pieces

Red Money Pieces hair Color Trend
Credit: IG/Wellahair

Bright face-framing streaks were not that popular few years back, but this hair colors trend has come back with a bang and how. The few face framing streaks like these are trendy and should be tried.

37. Rasberry and Latte Balayage

Rasberry and Latte Balayage Hair
Credit: IG/Wellahair

This is perfect balance of rasberry and latte. The previous year was the year for neon and super-bright shades. This year, go for the calmer shades like brown that has acted as a balm for those who love simple hair colors trends. These trends are easy to maintain as well.

38. Rich Brunette

Rich brunette shadeHair color
Credit: IG/Wellahair

Hair color ideas for short hair, brunette shade is a spicy mix of different shades making it attractive from all sides.

39. Platinum Highlights

Platinum Highlight
Credit; IG/takecarenaturallybeautifully

To add some spark to your summer hair, go for the platinum highlights. Combine the platinum highlights with cool blonde lowlights to add that extra depth.

40. Hazelnut Brunette Hair Colors

Hazelnut Brunette
Credit : IG/hairgodfrey

The brown hair with caramel and light brown highlights makes the hairstyle beautiful. It is not that edgy, but is elegant looking and outstanding. This hair colors trend is cute and full of grace. A hair color made for a stylish businesswoman.

41. Lighter Front Strands

This is one of the hottest and easiest trends to sport and maintain. The use of lighter front strands along with the slightly darker tone is a good combination that makes the overall hair style look beautiful.

42. Copper Ribbon Highlights

Include copper highlights on the medium brown or dark brown base for a nice and unique tone. This hair colors trend is perfect for women of all age groups giving your hair a deep and dimensional look.

43. Sun-Kissed Blonde Highlights

Sun-Kissed Highlights
Credit: IG/hairby.yoh

Go for the sun-kissed blonde color highlights to be extra feminine. It has a tendency to become brassy over time, but still, it will look cute.

44. Cool Brunette Tone with Blonde Highlight

This is popular hair color ideas. Brown hair with shadow roots look super stylish if you have coo tone highlights.

45. Dimensional Hair Color

Dimensional Hair Color
Credit: IG/hairbyevani

You can achieve the balayage effect with different hair colors, but the light blonde is surely the hottest hair colors trends for this year. Go for full or partial highlights and be the center of attraction.

46. Caramel Peek-A-Boo

Caramel Peek-A-Boo
Credit : IG/colorbyednaa

Try out the caramel brown or mocha fashion coloring hair if you need interesting hair color ideas for black or dark hair.

47. Sandy Blonde Haircolor Idea

Sandy Blonde Balayage
Credit : IG/mane_ivy

This hair color is a classic way to transition from dirty blonde to warm buttery hue. The transition is just flawless.

48. Dark Espresso Hair Color

Dark Espresso Hair Color
Credit : IG/christinechavezhair

Adding a few light highlights makes your hair look gorgeous without going extreme. The dark espresso brown balayage provides that extra shine making you look younger.

49. Warm Blonde Hair with Cool Tone Underlayer

Blonde hair with cool tone underlayer
Credit : IG/hairbysatukylatasku

This impressive hair color is a high contrast balayage with cool tone underlayer. The right choice of colors to dye your hair is extremely important to achieve the right shade.

50. Caramel with Blonde Face Framing Highlights

Medium Length Wavy hairstyles and colors, To keep your ginger ombre hair light go for the face framing highlights that will add brightness to your complexion.

51. Pink Ombre Hair

Ash Blonde To Pink
Image: IG/theperfectblenddubai

Pink ombre is the perfect way to add instant vibrancy to your color. While it’s a bold shade, it’s still relevant to your natural coloring and skin tone, meaning it will look great with any skin tone. If you’re looking to make a bold fashion statement, but still keep a low-key vibe, this is the shade for you.

The above range of hair colors trend of 2023 is enough for you to try them out this season. Choose one or more from the above trends which is the best hair colour that suit you most. And next time you decide to shade your hair and make a complete transition. You will surely not regret.


Is Balayage still in 2023?

The popularity of balayage has endured for years and it shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it is likely to remain a popular hair coloring option for years to come.

Balayage is likely to remain a popular hair coloring option in 2023 and beyond. It is an excellent choice for those who want to add subtle highlights to their hair without the harsh lines of traditional highlights and it is easy to maintain. Its versatility also makes it a great choice for those who want to experiment with their look without making a drastic change.


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