20 Best Hair Colors to Make You Look 10 Years Younger


Your hair doesn’t need to age you. You may look older than you are if you have certain tones in your hair, regardless of color. Awkward! No matter what your hair color is, follow this advice, and you will always have time on your side.

Are you aware that choosing the right hair color could instantly transform your appearance by ten years? It’s true: Some shades and colors of hair make us seem younger. Our experts offer insightful advice on how to choose your best hair color so you look younger! In addition to asking our hair expert to tell us which colors work and which don’t, we’ve rounded up 20 most youthful hair colors for you to consider!

These youthful hair colors will make you look 10 years younger

•        ♣ Black This is a tricky one. The mystery of black hair is undeniable, but you should stay away from blue hair if in doubt. Having a natural-looking shade of black is preferable to Elvira’s blue-black, and a box job that doesn’t match your skin tone is rather unattractive. If you’re looking for the darkest shade, see your stylist.

•        ♣ Red It is the same effect to add warmth to red and strawberry blonde hair as it is to add warmth to blonde hair. You look healthier when you wear it. Make your skin glow with a warm tone instead of a blue red.

•        ♣ Blonde Premature graying is a common occurrence as people age. A blonde’s complexion may appear ashy and aged if this occurs. You can soften your skin tone by adding gold to your highlights instead of allowing it to remain platinum or white.

•        ♣ Brunette Put on caramel highlights to lighten dark roots and you’ll ditch the drab. With just a few highlights, your look can soften and the youth of summer days can be recaptured.  

In order to flatter the complexion, tonality is more important than color. Don’t let your hue age you.

By choosing a hair color that makes you appear younger, you can instantly reduce the years on your face. We’ve collected the 20 awesome hair colors to look younger.

Warm Red Balayage

Adding warmer highlights to the brown hair you have will add a bit of playfulness to the look. Although the base will be darker, the highlights will help make your hair color more youthful (and less serious).

Ash Blond Balayage

Ash Blond Balayage
Instagram @rachelc86

Hair colors that are lighter make you look younger, but it’s important to choose the right tone. You can shine some blond highlights on your warm tone look to add some cool! – and you’ll look numerous years younger!

Pretty Pink Blonde

Are you looking for something different? Try “pink blonde“. You can find the right shade for every complexion (ask your stylist!) but it’s ideal for pale or older skin because it instantly brightens your complexion and gives you a more youthful appearance!

Light Brown Blonde Balayage

Light Brown Blonde Balayage hair color

If you have a light brown base and want to add some warmth to your look, this is the color for you. The more shades of colors you add the more vibrant the color becomes today, while dark roots were frowned upon back in the day. Take advantage of it!

Cinnamon Swirl Brunette Balayage

Cinnamon Swirl Brunette Balayage
Source : Ourhairstyles

Make-up and beauty experts have long used contouring techniques to make their skin appear flawless, but did you know you could do this on your hair as well? Face-framing highlights are one of the most enjoyable trends right now, and you can achieve a more aesthetically-pleasing look by using them!

Natural Blonde

The #1 anti-aging hair color is blonde, according to our research. To make your gray hair blend more naturally, speak to your stylist about blending grays with warmer, blonder tones.

Copper Shade

Copper Shade haircolor
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A girl who tends to wear neutral hair colors might find copper a brave color to use. Even as you get older, who says you can’t explore it? Life is short, right? The copper shade of hair flatters fair and neutral complexions.

Subtle Brown Balayage

It’s common for women to have monotone hair color their entire lives, but who’s to say balayage isn’t a wise choice for a woman 40 or older? Embrace the hottest hairstyle of the century with a subtle, warm balayage! This style will instantly make you look and feel younger!

Dark Chocolate Hair Color

Dark Chocolate Hair
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We understand that not everyone likes light hair. In terms of hair colors, warm, chocolatey hues are better than cool brown tones for women with dark hair. Chocolatey pixie cut are perfect examples like this. Stylish, warm, and youthful!

Pink Highlights On Blond Hair

We look much younger when we wear warm tones. A Pink highlight can add warmth to your look if you’re a blond. You will look younger, not older, and be ready for summer with your hair looking great!

Brown and Honey Tones

Older women should avoid monotone colors. Choose as many color variations as possible – provided they are complementary. Imagine this gorgeous ornate blend of gold and honey over darker hair – doesn’t it look stunning?

Warm Balayage

 It’s true – having dark hair can age a woman. And that’s definitely not something you want when you grow older. Choosing a warm, honey balayage will rejuvenate your dark hair. This hair color trend is one of the most popular at the moment and avoid using cool, ashy tones. Honey tones will give you a healthy glow!

Natural Sunkissed Brown

Natural Sunkissed Brown

In planning your hair makeover, it is important to make sure that your style looks natural: that it complements your skin tone, the color of your eyes, and generally flatters your facial features. The perfect example of this is this natural-looking sun-kissed hair color.

Caramel Cream Tone

Caramel Cream Tone

Colors with a cream tone work well for those with a light olive complexion, but can also work well for those with a pale or fair complexion when giving them a natural-looking flush. Caramel Cream looks great on women with dark roots.

Chocolate Caramel Balayage


Dark-haired women will love this balayage. When you’re after a youthful-looking hairstyle, adding warm color tones to your hi light will make your style appear trendy and interesting!

Mocha Hair Color


Adding some more warming chocolatey tones makes dark brown look more youthful. For older ladies, this is an ideal way to warm up the complexion.

Warm Blonde Shade

Warm Blonde Shade Hair Color

Besides the fact that light hair colors look younger, If you want a naturally sun-kissed look with an effortless feel, choose this warm blonde shade.

Youthful Blonde


Is it hard for you to decide between warm blonde and warm brown? There’s nothing more beautiful than blonde hair! Older women will benefit from this shade, since it adds freshness to the complexion and lightens the skin tone.

Dark Hair with Red Hilight


It’s perfectly fine if your hair is really dark (you wouldn’t want to give it up!) – then balayaging will soften and make your hair look lighter. Choose a red tone highlight for your hair to create warm and youthful tones while appearing less mundane.

Auburn and Honey Blend

Auburn balayage

Having trouble choosing a warm shade? Combined, they make a lovely blend of coppery honey blonde. Make the look even warmer by adding shades of red and brown. Remember that the warmer it gets, the younger it gets?

Do you want to try one of these vibrant colors without risk? To find out if this is the hair color that is right for you, check out Haircolor Changer App! Knowing which color tones make your hair appear younger and fresher is key to making your hair look younger and fresher. If you decide to go for a hair makeover in the future, we hope you will go for a warmer tone and a lighter shade.


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