Just like any other woman, mornings can be a bit flaky and snoozing maybe because of the long days brought about by the weekend. Monday mornings can be really tiring and super snoozing that you just want to lay on the bed all day without any hairdo even combing or styling your hairdo ideas.

But, in reality you just can’t do that with all the busy work ahead of you. It’s really a drastic event when you are always in a rush doing your hairdo the entire morning. Since there are several occasions when you are just to lame and hard for you to decide which hairdo to sport during an event or even in regular days, here’s a little advice for you on which hairdo ideas is best when you are on a hurry.

Here are a list of which Hairdo Ideas to do when your are busy and hurry.

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11. Waterfall Braid

If you don’t want to have a new haircut even if you are tired and bored of your same old looking hairdo, why not try a waterfall braid to achieve a totally new chic look out of you.

2. Half Crown Braid

With this chic look, just braid two-inch strand of your hair to both sides and make an angle just at the back of your head. Keep it tight and secure using some bobby pins. Moreover, you can also decorate this kind of hairdo by incorporating some glittery clip or ribbons to make it extra appealing to the eyes.

3. Scarf-Wrapped Low Bun

To achieve this kind of hairdo, you need to have a colorful scarf. Create a messy looking bun and place the scarf into the low bun that you put up.

4. Bow Bun

This one type of hairdo is perfectly sassy and cool. When you don a Bow bun you actually can do this in as little as five minutes without any hassle.



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