40 Haircuts and Hairstyles for Thick Hair Men

haircuts for thick hair men

Men with thick hair are lucky, as you can sport some very good hairstyles. Depending on your lifestyle you can choose the right kind of hairstyle that is not only stylish but also practical to maintain. Most thick hair men prefer to have a haircut that is not too voluminous, but should also retain the natural thickness and health. You can choose from the various haircuts like the sporty or classic and work around with the lengths and finish. Below is a list of 40 haircuts and hairstyles for thick hair men that are short, medium and long.

# Short Shaggy Haircuts for Thick Hair

Short Shaggy Haircuts for Thick Hair

This men’s short haircut looks that is not the regular you need to go for the texture of the hair. Separating the pieces and the layers of the top hair is easy with pomade or a texturizing cream. You just need to style the front hair forward and the top hair in alternating directions.

# Undercut Styled Thick Hair

Undercut Styled for Thick Hair Men

For thick hair men, the undercut style is the trendiest hairstyle. Infact, a lot of men are envious of others who can carry this hairstyle with style. If you have a nice hair volume, then there is no harm in trying out the undercut hairstyle. Style it to the side or to the back or even mix both ways if you are comfortable with these.

# Natural Curly Thick Hair Men

Natural Curly Thick Hair Men

If you are looking out for a haircut that suits the naturally curly or wavy hair, then you don’t need to look anywhere else. The main feature of this easy men’s short haircut is the amount of volume on top and if you have a good voluminous hair, then you should go for it without a doubt.

# Thick Wavy Crop Style Cut

Thick wavy crop style cut for men

Generally people feel that wavy hair should be long, but that’s not true. You can work around with your natural texture with the short locks as well. You may have to use some hair styling products to define the layers; the work is half done as wavy hair creates a cool texture all by itself.

# Retro Styling Mens with Thick Hair

Retro Styling Mens with Thick Hair

Thick hair men have the advantage of styling their hair in many different ways. There are many different options for styling and for the haircuts too. This retro hair style is a perfect men’s short haircut that look decent and stylish. To create this style you just need to make a side partition and comb the hair to the side and set them up with a holding gel, the final style looks just perfect.

# Puffy Hairstyles with Taper Fade

Guys with puffy hair can opt for the hair styles that have upper layers. This style makes room for the waves along with the neat tapered sides. Ask your stylist for a mid or low fade with a stark demarcation. Make sure he leaves three to four inches of hair on the top.

# Textured French Crop Haircut

Textured French Crop Men Haircut

The textured French crop suits best for straight hair. If you have a straight and thick hair, then all you need to do is use a medium hold gel to work the hair in different directions. If your hair has some waves, just allow it to grow to a medium length and go for the choppy cut.

# Modern Cut for Thick Hair Men

Modern Cut for Thick Hair Men

A haircut for thick hair men gives you a lot of opportunities to use various styling tools. Hairstyles for thick wavy hair men can be easily created with a diffuser. This attachment is fitted on the end of your blow dryer and is used to amplify the waves and curls. As you dry the hair with the blow dryer, make sure you shape your hair as you want to.

# Thick Hair Men with Faux Hawk Mullet

thick hair men short faux hawk mullet

The faux hawk mullet hair style works just great on thick hair men. The overall appearance is just awesome. This hairstyle needs thick wavy hair and you ought to be real bold to try this one out.

# Low Maintenance Haircuts For Thick Hair

Low Maintenance Haircuts For Thick Hair

It might take a few days to master the pompadour style, but once you get hold of it, then it’s pretty easy. Apply a little heat protective cream through your hair, then use a rounded brush to blow dry few sections of hair up and back. Finally, apply some hair spray and you are set to go. It is low maintenance haircuts thick hair

# Brushed Back Under Cut for Thick Hair

Brushed Back Under Cut for Thick Hair

Thick hair men haircuts are best for men with long hair as you have ample length and texture to play with. A side under shave with a long hair on top looks edgy and pretty dramatic. If you have a long face, then style your long top flat.

# Curly Men Hair with Side Fade

Curly Crop Men Hair with Side Fade

This hair style is a pretty urban style. The haircut looks pretty trendy when they are styled with a light styling gel to keep the long locks in place. Consider some subtle or bold carved designs, which is an addition to the taper fade for added interest.

# Thick Dreadlocks with Hair Tattoo

Thick Dreadlocks with Hair Tattoo for men

If you love to stand out from the crowd and do not mind experimenting with looks, then this look will just work fine. The twisted dreadlock is the most intricate designs in this hairstyle with each one created with equal amount of hair for that smooth and even look. This unique design is a way to frame the faux hawk fish tail braid.

# Side Parted Men Undercut

Side Parted Men Undercut

This is a very cool hairstyle suitable for thick hair men that can be worn casually as well as for special occasions. These are good for the trendy and fashion loving men. Instead of sweeping the long hair on the top backwards, allow them to hang on the side. This trendy hairstyle is a Euro chic style with tremendous popularity. To attain smooth volume, use a blow dryer after the shower.

# Unique Cornrows for Thick Hair Men

Cornrows for Thick Hair Men

Cornrows braid hairstyle are a form of art created by an artist stylist. If you trust your stylist, then go ahead and leave your long locks for him to create this piece of art or you can even get a picture of the style for him to work around. The tiny braids at the borders talks a lot about this hairstyle.

# Curly Faux Hawk Fade Men’s Haircut

Curly Faux Hawk Fade Men's Haircut

If you don’t like to keep your hair length too short and want to maintain the medium length, then this haircut is the best option. Even though this haircut is not as popular as the other hairstyles, the curly faux hawk fade hairstyle is slowing gaining in popularity of late. This is a great cut if you want a stylish, but rare haircut that has the ability to stand out from the crowd.

# Long Undercut with Beard

Thick Hair Men  Long Undercut with Beard

Undercut with patterns are very rare, but if you want something that is not common, then you should consider getting this hairstyle from your stylist. The bun is easy to style every morning and you will surely make a lot of heads turn with this utterly stylish haircut.

# Thick Wavy Pompadour

Thick wavy pompadour Hairstyle for men

Thick hair men and haircuts designed for them should make them feel proud of their long wavy locks and if you have this kind of hair, then do not hesitate to show off. The best way to show off your thick hair is with a long top cut. Combine the long waves and a low fade with a well-groomed beard for that very cool appearance.

# Slick Retro Wave Men’s Haircuts

Slick Retro Wave Men's Haircuts

If you like to look clean and cool, then go for the ultra retro style. To hold these taper hairstyles use a good styling gel or pomade. Blow dry the hair on the sides to take it straight backwards. On the top, blow dry with a small round barrel brush to style the hair. Hold the hair on the brush and heat it with the dryer for setting up the hair.

# Textured Taper Fade for Thick Hair

Textured Taper Fade for Thick Hair

The spiky hair definitely looks great for men with thick hair. It is easy to get the height and volume of this hairstyle if you have natural thick hair. Blow dry the hair upwards and slowly style them forward and apply a good gel to set them up. Complete with a hairspray to maintain the spiky look.

# Spiked Haircut for Thick Hair

Spiked Haircut for Thick Hair

Spiked hair is a good haircuts for thick hair men and is very popular among a lot of celebrities and Jeremy Jordan’s hair style is the trending style. Short and thick hair can be spiked to make a very stylish statement. Just set them up with shape pastes, styling creams, gels and pomades to complete the look.

#Neat and Short Side Sweep

Spikes are not acceptable on a formal dress or at formals settings for men, the neat side sweep style here suits perfectly for the formal setting. There are no major parting or finishes, just a cute brushed over hair with a matte-finish styling product is what is only required for the occasion.

# Perfect Raised Quiff

Perfect raised quiff Men's haircut

The perfect raised quiff is the right hairstyle for thick hair men. This is a very presentable hairstyle that can be done quickly without too many hassles.

# Thick Hairstyle with a High Shine Finish

Thick hair men Hairstyle with a High Shine Finish

Long and thick hair men can work with their hair in many different ways. The top thatch is highlighted by the clean and short sides. This men hairstyle features the correct length and thickness. The high shine finish makes this trendy hairstyle perfect for teenagers and youth in particular. Bring out the feel to prevent it from appearing heavy and blocky.

# Edgy Hairstyles for Thick Hair Men

Edgy Hairstyles for Thick Hair Men
source :Gettyimages

The edgy and sharp hairstyle makes you look handsome and attractive. If you have a good physical appearance, then there is no harm in trying this hairstyle. Use a good pomade or gel to hold the spike up for the occasion. Robert Pattinson gives us a glance of a heartthrob in this nice and edgy haircut.

# Neat Hairstyle for Men

neat hairstyle for men with thick hair
source : Søren Solkær

The hair here is combed onto his face and to the side. The hairstyle worn by Logan Lerman here, instead of making him look a good boy has worked on its finish to emphasize on the neat roughness that is a welcome trend for men’s hairstyles this season.

# Medium Layered Style with Middle Part

Medium layered style with middle part
source : Ralph Lauren

Nacho Figueras, is one of the top polo players in the world and is also the face of Ralph Lauren Black Label. He knows a lot about men’s style and how to keep it in shape. Nacho here is seen sporting a medium length hair that is natural looking and flawless. This haircut is best suitable for men with long faces.

# Back Swept and Wavy

Back swept and wavy men haircut

If you have a natural wavy hair, then the medium length hair styles will suit just perfectly. The waves give a feel of liveliness and movement to your hair. This hairstyle is easy to maintain and carry. It is perfect for any occasion, be it casual or formal.

# Haircuts for Thick Wavy Frizzy Hair

Haircuts for Thick Wavy Frizzy Hair

Thick hair men prefer longer hair this season and this trend has been catching up pretty fast. Guys looks very smart and cool in this haircuts for thick wavy frizzy hair. Anything from buns and top knots work great for him. Even the messy and wispy style here doesn’t look to go overboard.

# Curly Hairstyle for Guys with Thick hair

Curly hairstyle for guys with thick hair

Curls and waves are a latest trend this year. Even the curls are of different types with large curls bent only at the end, medium tight curls or small ringlets are all in trend. Men with naturally curly hair can use curl enhancers, but if you have straight hair and would want to enjoy few curls on a daily basis, then perm is the best solution for men.

# Tapered Haircut for Straight Hair Men

Tapered Haircut for Straight Hair Men

The classy tapered haircut, like the one here offers a nice silhouette and ample length on top to make the hair look stylish and neat all the time. The point cut at the top end adds to the texture. Try out the trendy deep side part.

# Crew Cut

Crew cut haircut for men with thick hair

If you have a thick hair and prefer a haircut with less maintenance, then it would be nice to opt for the crew cut. This haircut will give you a nice edge and the hairstyle looks pretty decent without any great combing or styling required.

# Short Edgy Haircut with an Elongated Quiff

Short edgy men haircut with an elongated quiff

The short edgy haircut is just great for thick hair men. This haircut includes the point cut finish with a razor that provides the required edginess to the tips. Style it upwards with lots of texture and a scruffy touch. The final haircut will be just in tune with the latest hair trends.

# Short Haircut with Cowlick

Short Haircut with Cowlick

Clipping your long thick tresses on the sides can be difficult at times. Without compromising on the length, short cut your thick hair with cowlick and set it in shape that goes well with any formal dress code. Create a partition on the side to separate the scruffy styles, which most young guys are happy to experiment with.

# Elongated Short Haircut for Thick Hair

Elongated short haircut for thick hair

Men who have classic facial features always look great in classic hairstyles and haircuts. If you prefer to maintain a medium length hair and do not like the quiff, then the elongated cut is a great choice. The semi-matt finish of the hairstyle on the dark hair looks perfect. We all love this look.

# Fade Haircut for Guys with Thick Hair

Fade haircut for guys with thick hair

Fade haircut looks very nice on black men, but the fade haircut for thick hair doesn’t look as good on white men. If you have a nice naturally thick hair, then there is no harm in styling them in a fade haircut. The top is cut for the added texture.

# David Beckham Haircut

David Beckhams with short haircut

The short slick back signature haircut of David Beckham has been copied by many guys around the world. The hair can be easily styled here with a root boost spray if you have a straight hair. The sides and back in the haircut is clipped on a number two grade and the number one is used along the hairline. The top of the hair is elongated and cut square.

# Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair

Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair

Wearing a shoulder length messy hair is not the cup of tea for most men. But, with the correct choice of cut and with proper coloring you can achieve a great looking hairstyle for sure. If you have a long thick hair, there is no harm in trying this one out once.

# Elongated Short Cut for Curly Hair

Elongated short cut for curly hair's men

European hair is generally curly by nature and these look really great in elongated haircuts like this one. Thanks to the razor finish through the ends, the sides in this haircut do not look untidy and the top looks great with the curls.

# Simple Cut for a Naturally Curly Hair

Simple cut for thick hair men

Natural curls look great when they are textured with a good styling product. A simple and elongated short hairstyles for thick hair men works wonders. They are easy to care and style and looks extremely cute.

A good hairstyle for men plays a very important role in defining the overall appearance of men. Thick hair men have the freedom to experiment with various haircuts that will suit their facial appearance and their lifestyle. So don’t miss the opportunity this season and feel free to try out some of the above haircuts to make a style statement.