40 Hairstyles for Thick Hair Men’s


# Retro styled professional cut

Thick hair men have the advantage of styling their hair in many different ways. There are many different options for styling and for the haircuts too. This retro hair style is a perfect haircut for thick hair men that look decent and stylish. To create this style you just need to make a side partition and comb the hair to the side and set them up with a holding gel, the final style looks just perfect.

#Curly top taper fade

Men with wavy hair can opt for the hair styles that have upper layers. This style makes room for the waves along with the neat tapered sides. Ask your stylist for a mid or low fade with a stark demarcation. Make sure he leaves three to four inches of hair on the top.

# Textured French crop

The textured French crop suits best for straight hair. If you have a straight and thick hair, then all you need to do is use a medium hold gel to work the hair in different directions. If your hair has some waves, just allow it to grow to a medium length and go for the choppy cut.

# Perfectly styled wavy modern cut

A haircut for thick hair men gives you a lot of opportunities to use various styling tools. Hairstyles for thick wavy hair men can be easily created with a diffuser. This attachment is fitted on the end of your blow dryer and is used to amplify the waves and curls. As you dry the hair with the blow dryer, make sure you shape your hair as you want to.

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