40 Hairstyles for Thick Hair Men’s


#Thick faux hawk mullet

The faux hawk mullet hair style works just great on thick hair men. The overall appearance is just awesome. This hairstyle needs thick wavy hair and you ought to be real bold to try this one out.

#Thick pompadour men’s cut

thick hair men pompadour style

It might take a few days to master the pompadour style, but once you get hold of it, then it’s pretty easy. Apply a little heat protective cream through your hair, then use a rounded brush to blow dry few sections of hair up and back. Finally, apply some hair spray and you are set to go.

# Brushed back under cut for thick hair

Thick hair men haircuts are best for men with long hair as you have ample length and texture to play with. A side under shave with a long hair on top looks edgy and pretty dramatic. If you have a long face, then style your long top flat.

#Curly crop with side designs

This hair style is a pretty urban style. The haircut looks pretty trendy when they are styled with a light styling gel to keep the long locks in place. Consider some subtle or bold carved designs, which is an addition to the taper fade for added interest.

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