40 Hairstyles for Thick Hair Men’s


#Long undercut with geometric designs

Long undercut with geometric designs

Undercut with patterns are very rare, but if you want something that is not common, then you should consider getting this hairstyle from your stylist. The bun is easy to style every morning and you will surely make a lot of heads turn with this utterly stylish haircut.

#Thick wavy pompadour

Thick hair men and haircuts designed for them should make them feel proud of their long wavy locks and if you have this kind of hair, then do not hesitate to show off. The best way to show off your thick hair is with a long top cut. Combine the long waves and a low fade with a well-groomed beard for that very cool appearance.

#Slick retro wave

If you like to look clean and cool, then go for the ultra retro style. To hold these taper hairstyles use a good styling gel or pomade. Blow dry the hair on the sides to take it straight backwards. On the top, blow dry with a small round barrel brush to style the hair. Hold the hair on the brush and heat it with the dryer for setting up the hair.
#Textured taper fade for thick hair

thick har men Short Shaggy Brush Cut Style

The spiky hair definitely looks great for men with thick hair. It is easy to get the height and volume of this hairstyle if you have natural thick hair. Blow dry the hair upwards and slowly style them forward and apply a good gel to set them up. Complete with a hairspray to maintain the spiky look.

#Spiked hair

Spiked hair is very popular among a lot of celebrities and Jeremy Jordan’s hair style is the trending style of 2017. Short and thick hair can be spiked to make a very stylish statement. Just set them up with shape pastes, styling creams, gels and pomades to complete the look.

#Neat and short side sweep

Spikes are not acceptable on a formal dress or at formals settings for men, the neat side sweep style here suits perfectly for the formal setting. There are no major parting or finishes, just a cute brushed over hair with a matte-finish styling product is what is only required for the occasion.

#Perfect raised quiff

The perfect raised quiff is the right hairstyle for thick hair men. This is a very presentable hairstyle that can be done quickly without too many hassles.

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