40 Hairstyles for Thick Hair Men’s


# Strong shape and cut into top

Clipping your long thick tresses on the sides can be difficult at times. Without compromising on the length, cut your thick hair short and set it in shape that goes well with any formal dress code. Create a partition on the side to separate the scruffy styles, which most young guys are happy to experiment with.

# Elongated short haircut for thick hair

Men who have classic facial features always look great in classic hairstyles and haircuts. If you prefer to maintain a medium length hair and do not like the quiff, then the elongated cut is a great choice. The semi-matt finish of the hairstyle on the dark hair looks perfect. We all love this look.

# Fade haircut for guys with thick hair

Fade haircut looks very nice on black men, but the fade haircut for thick hair doesn’t look as good on white men. If you have a nice naturally thick hair, then there is no harm in styling them in a fade haircut. The top is cut for the added texture.

# David Beckhams cut

The short slick back signature haircut of David Beckham has been copied by many guys around the world. The hair can be easily styled here with a root boost spray if you have a straight hair. The sides and back in the haircut is clipped on a number two grade and the number one is used along the hairline. The top of the hair is elongated and cut square.

# Young men’s medium layered cut

Wearing a shoulder length messy hair is not the cup of tea for most men. But, with the correct choice of cut and with proper coloring you can achieve a great looking hairstyle for sure. If you have a long thick hair, there is no harm in trying this one out once.

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