10 Home Library Design Ideas

Home Library Designs Ideas

Today more and more people are reading books on their gadgets and are not keen on writing or reading physical books. But, there are sizeable chunks of population who still love the old world charm of reading physical books in the comforts of their home or in a quite library. Sitting on the favorite couch and taking a few hours from their busy schedules to read a novel or book with a snack or favorite drink in hand is still relaxing for many. 

To take the step further, instead of our books becoming more than a piece of hobby, they are passion for many. They like to keep their collection of books collected over the years in homes safely in places that is not only a storage space, but something more than that. The books should be displayed and celebrated in the libraries setup at home just as beautiful as any other room in the house. 

So, if you are looking to setup a quite place for your books and for your hobby, then you need to look out for these masterpieces that will inspire you to get going. A home library design is not just a place to store books, but a nice area where you can relax with your literary book friends. The purpose is to make the process of finding books easy and minimal. Moreover, reading should be in a comfortable surrounding and fun too. 

What does every home library need?

It’s a wrong notion that you need to have a lot of space to create your own home library place; however, a room is enough for this. Other than your favorite book, here are some things you need to know:

  • Wall Shelves or Bookcases

This is the main item in your home library decoration. Make sure you choose the bookcase or wall shelves of your choice. For a sleeker look, go for the built-in look with a closet cabinetry with features like door, drawers and various storage options.

  • Lighting

For a high end look you can add different lighting options for various purposes. A lamp for reading is a must, but don’t forget to include a few accent lights that will light up the shelves and illuminate the walls of the bookcase. 

  • Seating

A home library should have a comfortable reading chair and a footstool, a bench or a built-in reading area. If you are converting your guest room, a sofa with a pullout bed will also work as a seating place and a bed for the guests.

  • Optional Desk

If you want to convert the home library into study or a workplace, then you need to consider getting a desk provided you have space for it.

  • Optional Ladder

Sometimes the book shelves may have height; a library ladder is an important feature that is pretty functional.

  • Accessories

Include a few beautiful wall art, flowers or plants to personalize the space. Special objects like small sculptures or vases can be placed between the shelves to break the continuity. 

How do I set up a library at home?

Now, that you have got a rough idea of what you want, and then please check out these beautiful home library design ideas for drawing some inspiration. 

1.Turn the stairs to Amazing Home library

Home Library Design.Turn the stairs to Home library

Library is just like any room in the house. How you decorate and arrange the furniture and things in the library room will decide its usability. Under the stairs is a great ideas for your home library .

2.Set Home Library with Built-in Seating

Set Home Library with Built-in Seating

Most people feel that it is the books that will make the library area interesting, but actually it is the seating that plays a crucial role here. You want to sit in a comfortable area before you get lost in the world of words. So, if you have space, then a built-in seating area for reading the books is a great and natural choice that saves some space and also provides a comfortable seating. When you have books lying at your fingertips, then there will be no trouble going through them. 

3.Library in a Home office with Nature View

This library is designed keeping in mind the view it offers. This library is surrounded by shelves and a beautiful window to provide the nice breathtaking view of the surroundings. The place is peaceful and perfect for a quite reading session.

4. Bookshelves Library with Aesthetic Touch

To give your library a personality you can add some art pieces in-between the books. This will give your home or office library with stacks and rows of books a feel more like your personality with some interesting pieces of art of your choice. You can hang an artwork hung directly on the bookshelf making each and every part of the home library part of the same display. 

5. Small Library in Living Room

Storage is an important part of every room in the house. So, if you don’t have enough books to stack or store in the bookshelf, then it’s fine to utilize the free space to store other items you have in your house. Make sure you keep things in separate areas and not mix them up. The extra items should be kept neat and clean. 

6. A Functional Home Library

It is not only the space that is important in a home library, but the way the colors are used is equally important to transform the space into a functional home library. There are no shortages of colors that will help change the appearance, but Grey and brown used here in this library is equally appealing. The combination of grey and brown is simple, but works just great. It is a good mix of warm and cool color in this space that strikes a perfect balance. 

7. Minimalist Home Library

If you are lucky enough to own a place surrounded by thick foliage, then you can convert your home library into a place surrounded by trees and flowers. The outside tree is 300 years old with a nice and unique shape and slope that is pretty appealing. The library is placed snuggly starting out with a full brick wall facing the tree, but the brick has been replaced with glass to add a connection to the nice outdoors. It is so peaceful that one feels with the nature. This is a dream place to read your favorite books. 

8. Luxury Wall Library

A library can complement the classical and architectural moments in your home. A library was an important feature found in homes of yesteryears, which was a style and luxury statement back then. To bring back that same feel and look in the contemporary homes, you can add some nice patterns to make the home library design interesting. 

9. Home Library with Pastel accessories

Although the library is known primarily for their books, you still have lot of other options to include some colors into the space and make it interesting and beautiful. Instead, of stack of books arranged by colors or painting the shelves in different colors, design the whole space in different lively colors. This can be done through some colorful accessories or by furnishing them in different colors. Add a colorful character to the otherwise boring and quite place. 

10.Elegant Library with Dramatic Shelves

Black and white colors are two classic colors that fit into almost any situation when you compare it with other color palettes. The home library design here maintains a clean and a modern look with a simple color palette that works. 

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