House Cleaning Schedule for a Clean and Healthy Home

Keeping your house maintained or making a house cleaning schedule is a daunting task. It is very necessary to keep your house not only decorated, but also cleaned for obvious reasons.

Some people do enjoy this task while others may feel it to be a tedious job. Whatever may be the reason, it is always a nice feeling to stay or come into a house that is clean without the dust, dirt and insects that could be lurking around, even if it has less comforts.

What makes a house clean? Of course, it’s not the cleaning supplies, but the knowledge about places or things that need to be cleaned and when. The following article will allow you to plan your house cleaning schedule better.

Firstly, decide the weekly cleaning tasks

Sheets: Yes, cleaning the sheets is absolutely essential, though it may sound impractical. It is a nice practice to follow. Sheets attract dust and dirt and if you have kids and pets around, then you can imagine how long the sheets can stay clean. It is always best to spread a unsoiled bed sheet every week as it will be clean and fresh.

Towels: Bath and hand towels need to be cleaned at least once in three days and it is an unavoidable necessity. Check how many towels you use in a day and how fast does it take to dry between uses.

Floors: Dust is sure to get accumulated everyday and within a day or two you will notice these on the floor or carpet. If so, it is time to sweep or mop the floor immediately and even if there are no visible dust on the floor, then too it is advisable to sweep or mop the floor once a week.

Sinks: Sink is that place in the house, where a lot of dirt and grime gets accumulated because of its daily usage. Sinks in the kitchen are sure to get dirtier and they will need extra attention. Sink needs weekly cleaning. Get a multi-purpose cleaner to keep your sinks clean from dirt.

Toilets: Scrubbing toilets is not a happy job for anyone, but you have to do it. Toilets are one of the most bacteria prone areas that need cleaning once a week, especially the commode. Search the internet for good toilet cleaning techniques that will help you keep this place dirt free.

Toothbrush: Cleaning your toothbrush is equally important like many other things that need cleaning once a week. You need to change your toothbrush once every few months, but until then you have to dip it in an anti-bacterial mouthwash or in boiling water to eliminate any germs.

Few Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Windows: Window cleaning is a major task that needs to be done at least once a month. It is better to have it cleaned on a regular and monthly basis instead of cleaning once a year. If cleaned regularly, it won’t be a huge task later on.

Showers and Tubs: Monthly tub or shower cleaning may not be necessary, but if done regularly, it will save a lot of problems later on. Grab a good tub or tile cleaner and use a soft brush to keep these areas clean.

Cleaning Supplies: Most cleaning supplies have a certain lifespan. Sponges have a lifespan of a month and brooms and brushes for a year. Since these supplies are used for the cleaning purposes, it is better to have them examined at least a month for better cleaning.

Shelves: Shelves need dusting and cleaning at least once a month. These places gather a lot of dust especially when they are not touched.

Baseboard: Baseboards are generally ignored a lot. But, keeping them clean once a month will make a huge difference. Wipe them to achieve a sleek and clean look.

Blinds: Blinds are often ignored especially when you have other things like towels and toilets that need more attention. Monthly dusting of the blinds will keep it in good condition.

Seasonal Cleaning Tasks

Refrigerator: Refrigerators are often used daily, but we tend to ignore the cleaning part. It would be nice to have the shelves cleaned every few months of any food particles. Get rid of any expired food products and organize things if necessary.

Fixtures: Fixtures in the house like chandeliers, fans and light fittings need periodic cleaning. They tend to gather dust if left unattended. Make sure you dust and wipe them every few months to get rid of cobwebs and dust.

Oven: Oven is important kitchen equipment that needs regular cleaning at least once in a few months depending on how you use it.

Filters: Filters of your furnace and air conditioners need proper and regular cleaning at least once in two months. Filters tend to clog and gather dust and we all know the harmful effects of a dusty filter on our health. If you have any allergies, it is advisable to keep the filters cleaned.

Mattresses: Mattresses cleaning is required to keep dust mites and allergens away. They have to be vacuumed and deodorized minimum two times a year.

Annual Cleaning Tasks

Carpets: Carpets look good, but they are prone to attract dust and mites. If you are allergic, then regular vacuuming is required at least once a week to keep your home healthy. It is also essential to change your carpet every five to ten years. In the meanwhile, regular shampooing and dusting is required to keep it maintained.

Upholstery: To keep your furniture in clean and healthy way, regular cleaning of the upholstery is needed to maintain the hygiene. You can always take the services of a professional for cleaning all the upholstery or you can do it on your own, but regularly.

Duvets: Duvet covers are always washed regularly, but duvets are often ignored. Yearly washing of duvets is necessary to keep it well maintained.

Pillows: Pillows, just like the bedspreads need to be cleaned at least twice a year. Read the washing instructions before hand in case of the pillows, as some pillows cannot be washed.

Rugs: Rugs need the same cleaning and maintenance as the carpets. They too attract dust and dirt easily and are the prime source of spreading allergens. Other than regular vacuuming, they need yearly and proper cleaning to keep them in good and healthy condition. Don’t forget to rotate them 180 degrees at least once a year to evenly distribute the wear and tear.

How to schedule your cleaning for the week?

– Maintaining a cleaning schedule helps in the long run. You know what jobs are done and what needs to be finished within the time frame. A cleaning schedule is practical and saves a lot of time. Just keep aside 15 minutes every day for finishing the daily recorded tasks. Weekly tasks will save you big maintenance costs and time in the long run.

– Don’t be a perfectionist

– Don’t be too tough on you; spend 15 minutes every day for these tasks. Finish whatever you can within this time and shift the remaining work for the next time.

– Keep the Cleaning Supplies Handy

– Spending five minutes daily for getting the cleaning supplies is waste of precious time, which can be utilized in a better way. Keep all the supplies that are required for cleaning in each bathroom so you can easily grab them and clean. Kitchen cleaning supplies can be placed under the sink for the ease of cleaning.

Plan Strategically to Save Time

By storing the supplies at easy to reach areas, you do save time, but you can also save more time by planning beforehand about how to use it. Like if you decide to use the vacuum that day, then make complete use of it by cleaning all the carpets and rugs in the house. That way you save a lot of time in future.

Be Accountable

Make use of technology and use Apps or maintain a checklist of things to do each day and tick off the ones completed. This will eliminate any repetition and save valuable time.

Maintain a Cleaning Schedule

Maintain a chart or schedule for cleaning each day and stick to the list.


  • Vacuum bedroom carpets
  • Wash washroom towels
  • Clean the common area floors


  • Master bathroom
  • Monthly to-do list
  • Dust the surfaces and clean the glass doors


  • Clean the common area floors
  • Outside pruning and sweeping
  • Wipe kitchen chairs


  • Guest and kids bathroom
  • Deep clean kitchen and sort the stuff in the fridge
  • Vacuum bedroom carpets


  • Clean common area floors
  • Pickup desk, laundry room and mudroom
  • Wet mop kitchen


  • Rotate toys and books
  • Prepare a chart like the above one and stick to the house cleaning
  • schedule everyday and see how you keep your home clean without spending a lot of time in planning.


A house cleaning schedule is a handy tool to help keep your home clean and healthy. By designating specific tasks for specific days, you can ensure that all aspects of your home are cleaned on a regular basis.

For example, you may want to devote Mondays to Dusting, Tuesdays to Vacuuming, Wednesdays to Mopping Floors, Thursdays to Cleaning Bathrooms, and Fridays to Cleaning the Kitchen. Of course, this is just a general guide; you may need to adjust the schedule to fit your own needs.

However, following a house cleaning schedule is a great way to keep your home clean and Healthy.


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