How To Choose The Perfect Accessories That Will Complete Your Preferred Look

A perfect outfit looks like a few basic components, followed by an interesting piece, something that connects the outfit, and then, of course, the accessories. But, in the creative world of fashion, almost anything can be used as an accessory! Let’s take a look at some of the best accessories and how they can be paired to curate your preferred look. 

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Wearing eyeglasses on sunglasses as an accessory is a relatively new concept, but with the introduction of blue-light blocking specs, the idea of eyeglass fashion has very much been popularized. Even if you don’t need to wear eyeglasses, non-prescription lenses can be fitted into all kinds of fantastic frames for you to experiment with.

A more studious, serious outfit can be complemented with some stylish frames to bring your look alive – bolded frames or even semi-rimless could work for this! If your outfit is already bringing playful vibes, what better way to complement your energy than with a pair of funky frames.

It may seem strange to you to wear frames if you don’t need them, but they are worth adding to an outfit to try. If you already wear eyeglasses, incorporating some frames as part of your look is one of the most underrated ways to take advantage of this fashion trend for your everyday look. 


Hats are a classic accessory and have been around since ancient Egyptian times. In our more modern history, there are many interesting varieties whose style can be drawn upon if you feel like your outfit is looking flat. From the Panama hat and Beret to a funky bucket hat and even a Derby hat, there are endless hats to complement your perfect fashion statement. 

Stylish Jacket

Jackets are an essential part of the wardrobe, typically a clothing necessity, but jackets and coats can definitely be utilized as an accessory. There are fantastic options for coats and jackets and like the aforementioned hats, they can be worn all year round.

Ranging in every color and pattern imaginable, the reason why coats and jackets are fantastic is their versatility. If you’re wearing a more classic, basic look and are wanting to look stylish or edgy, grab a funky patterned or textured jacket to complete your look. You can also find coats which are extra-long, for example, to your ankle and have available in your cupboard some jackets which are waist-length.

In terms of colors, your coat or jacket can be a simple way to tie your outfit together. In this case, it would be recommended to have some plain, but classic colors which form part of your cupboard. Look into which neutral tones could be worn, as well as some popping colors to help your outfit stand out. 


Belt trends have made a statement in modern fashion since the early 1900s and are as diverse as you can imagine. Some of the more feminine styles that are adored around the world are exotic skins, silver or gold chains, or branded buckles. For masculine looks, but also worn by females, are usually leather – camel, black, a variant of brown, and even some bright colors. You can even try your hand at making your own leather belt.

When selecting a belt, it’s important to have it match or complement one other item that is already part of your outfit. Usually, a good bet would be to match the shoe color and belt, otherwise the jacket or (hand)bag. 

Dress socks

One accessory that has mostly been for men until now, sock fashion hasn’t been around for too long. Traditional dress socks have usually been classic colors, such as dark green, brown, burgundy, and navy. However, sock fashion has received enormous interest from fashion lovers the world over.

Nowadays, it is acceptable – and fashionable – to pair some novelty socks with your retro sneakers. If you’re trying to make a statement and catch the attention of onlookers, the bolder, the better! From cartoon socks to fruit designs, there is really something for anyone who wants to step out of their comfort zone into the funky world of fashion play! 


Scarf accessory is definitely not utilized enough, but it can perfectly complement your outfit without trying hard at all. As versatile as any, you can start collecting a plethora of scarves – simple, classic, funky, vintage, or even cashmere scarves! Having a wide selection of scarves in your cupboard allows you to really mix and match, giving you more flexibility and pushing you to assess your outfit and develop your own fashion style.

It is important that no matter which accessories you choose, that your basic outfit makes sense. You should also know which style you are dressing as you start putting your outfit together. This will help you coordinate the look to make it cohesive and thought-through.

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