How To Decorate Your Dorm Room On A Budget

Tired of watching the same old walls? Need some inspiration on how to spruce up your room? This is the article for you. Students often have strict schedules, especially if they are in college. Juggling between classes, writing assignments and trying to maintain a social life. There’s a lot on their plates. But one thing that can help them enhance their student-life experience is the place where they study, sleep and live for most of their academic life and that is their dorm room. 

Your room is your sacred sanctuary. It should reflect your personality. This place can uplift your mood, inspire you towards your goals and at the same time provide you a comforting reassurance on days of stress. You might not have thought it this way, but a decorated room can help you get rid of your anxiety. Think of the times when you entered your friend’s dorm room and felt completely different! 

But how can one decorate their room on a budget? Here are some easy ways. 

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Turn scarves into curtains 

Do you have any scarves lying around that you do not use anymore? Do you have a small window in your room? Then why not use your scarf as a curtain and bring some colours into your room? You may even sew a few scarves together and make your designs. This will give your dorm room a boho look and it is quite in trend these days. 

Use removable wallpaper on your furniture

Is there a table in your dorm room? Do you have wooden cupboards? Then why not decorate them a little with removable wallpapers? It will instantly glam up your room and enhance its look. Moreover, buying wallpaper is not that expensive. 

Fridge magnets, check! 

Now that’s something easy. Just buy a few magnets and stick them on your refrigerator. You can find a variety of refrigerator magnets on a budget. Superheroes, short quotes, Disney characters, places, monuments, say what you like and you will find a magnet with that design. You can also use refrigerator magnets to stick some notes like the due date of your assignment, your to-do list or the due date of your electricity bill, water bill et cetera. 

Refrigerator magnets

Ignite your crafting skills 

Spend a weekend utilizing your crafting skills and create something of your own for your dorm room. Even if you are not an artist or a creative person, look for easy DIY tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube and we are sure that you will find something intriguing for your room. For instance, DIY quotes wall art, wall hangings and origami. Moreover, spending some time in arts and crafts will soothe your mind and it is a budget-friendly idea for decorating your room or dorm party

Paint your cushion covers

Do you know cushions can elevate your ambience? Whether you put them on your bed or your sofa, they make your place look more comfortable. Especially when your friends are visiting you for a movie night or group study. Cushions can provide you with support and comfort. For many interior designers, cushions are an important aspect as they make your house a home. But, buying designer cushion covers could be an added expense for a student. So, just buy plain white cushion covers and paint them with the colours you like. 

DIY Painted Cushion Cover 

Skip photo frames

A picture says a thousand words, right? Dedicate a wall of your dorm room to pictures and see how it comes to life. Pictures are really important when you are deciding to decorate your room. They not only bring out memories but are a reminder of your beautiful journey. But, you would not want to spend much money on frames. So here are some ideas to display photographs: 

  • Use clips boards to hand your photos
  • Create a collage of all your photos and paste it on the wall
  • DIY photo frames 
  • Use paper clips to hang photos 
  • Use washi tapes to stick your photos on the wall

DIY Calendar 

Although we all have calendars on our mobile phones and laptops, placing a calendar in your dorm room is also a great way to decorate it. But, you do not need to buy a shiny calendar from the market when you can create your own. Samuel, who offers assignment help in fine arts says that you can create a yearly or a monthly calendar in just a few steps: 

  1. Go to a local cybercafe or printout shop and print the calendar of the year.
  2. If you want to make it more personal, you can write the dates yourself and skip the first step.
  3. Add your photographs to the calendar or you may paint something to make it look more decorative. 
Customised Calendar 

Make room for some plants 

Are you a nature lover? If yes, then you probably would have some plants in your dorm room. But if you have not given a thought to it yet, this is a great budget-friendly option to decorate your room. Plants can not only decorate your place but have many health benefits too. For instance, some plants can absorb harmful gases and bad odour from the environment and purify the air for you. 

Olivia who offers essay help in psychology to college students says “some plants can fight pollutants like carbon monoxide and benzene while some plants can help improve the quality of your sleep. Plants are known to enhance your productivity, psychological health and overall well-being.” So why not save a little and buy a few plants for your place. It would not cost you much. 

You do not need lavish photo frames, big paintings or fancy rugs to enhance your dorm room. It is possible to decorate it on a budget. Hope these ideas would inspire you to decorate your place. Even if you are not into arts or crafts, you can still use these decoration tips and create something of your own for your room. If you have some more ideas for decorating your dorm room on a budget, we will be glad to read them in the comments section. 

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