How to Easily Find What to Wear for Horse Riding

Going for horse riding? Do you have a list of what is required for your first enrollment but somehow are at a loss on where to purchase them? Well then, you just met your luck. Horse riding is a challenging sport that can be adopted as a hobby. 

It is an activity that comes with perks like a toned body, discipline, resilience, and above all patience. Deciding to go for horse riding is one thing, dressing up for the occasion is another important yet sometimes overlooked thing to do. 

First off, when you are planning to go on that horse riding adventure, your priority is to keep yourself safe, as well as your horse. What you wear can either make or mar your riding experience. 

You don’t want to wear clothes that make you uncomfortable while horse riding. Neither do you want clothes that constrain your abilities while horse riding? You want to go for casual clothing that is comfortable and will not distract you or your horse at risk. What you need to wear for horse riding does not require that you break the bank. These are clothes that you probably have sat somewhere in your wardrobe. 

You just need some boots, a riding hat or helmet, paddocks or riding boots, bottoms, or Jodhpurs, comfortable tops, whip, gloves, and body protector…well, of course, you need a horse.

Table of Contents

Bottoms and tops: 

First things first, where can we easily find bottoms? Bottoms are everywhere. They ought to be comfortable, and the most preferred for horse riding is Jodhpurs. They ensure maximum protection for you and your horse and can be found on shopping sites online. 

Some walk-in boutiques have them, which makes it easy to purchase that which meets your taste. Whatever bottom you choose, ensure that its fabric is thin-layered and will not be rough on your skin or horses. For tops, your thin layered shirt can suffice. As long as it is comfy and can be layered on during the cold weather. 

If you do not find any in your wardrobe, then you can shop for this at the mall, discount stores, online boutiques, and even walk-in clothiers. Just make sure that you find one that fits your budget. Also, sporting stores have a plethora of Polo shirts that are appropriate for riding.  

Riding hats or helmets: 

With a new enrollment for this equestrian sport, your school may give you some riding gear. For example, the helmet or hat. By this, you may not need to shop for them, except it is a case of having lots of options. 

If having them in different colors and design is your forte, then you should check out sporting shops that are online and also in walk stores too.  

Riding hats are necessary to protect the most important part of your body – the head. In the event an accident occurs, your riding hat will create a less impact landing to the head. Not only that, your hat provides some shade from the sun. It also helps keep flowing hair in place. Riding hats are a must-have for every novice horse rider. 


Next, we look at footwear that is associated with horse riding which are Paddocks or Riding Boots. Boots generally are acceptable, especially those with small heels, not so grippy like hike boots, and ensure that you will not foot slip through the stirrup. This is why sneakers or tennis shoes are not ideal. Avoid using shoes with laces, and those with tongues that can get stuck on the stirrup or tack. 

Boots must have a closed and protected toe, in the event your horse accidentally steps on your toe. Nonetheless, if you intend to enjoy more than the warmth of the first few lessons, you should bring your A-boot to the table. So Paddocks or Riding Boots it is then. 

To easily purchase equestrian boots, Amazon is a safe bet. All you need to do is select from the variety on there and it will be delivered to you. Once again, sporting stores have a range of sporting gears for you to pick from, both stores which are virtual or physical. 

Whips and Body Protectors: 

Using a whip when riding is usually to hasten up a lazy horse. They are handy and should not be overlooked. Whips are also known to help support your leg aids through the progression of your horse riding. 

Then we have body protectors which are quite necessary for a cross country or jumping lesson. They give a sense of security in your first lesson in case you get the jitters. Not only do they give a sense of security when you are nervous, but they also protect your body from harm. 

Purchasing these can be easily done at a generous amount of online stores offering varied prices. On the other hand, whips can be obtained at horse riding centers or events. 

Horse riding is a challenging sport but is one that spurs you to be a better person. Apart from becoming better skilled at riding horses, it teaches resilience, discipline, and patience. So if these virtues are going to be a plus for you, then for that first enrollment, you better come correct. 

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