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5 Kinds of Social Occasions: How to Pick the Right Earrings for Each?

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Earrings need to be selected to complement your face as well as your outfit. Women often find it difficult to achieve both goals and wonder where they are going wrong. Fortunately, every woman can narrow the choices available to her by considering the occasion. Certain types of earrings work best for specific occasions, which makes it easier to choose the pair you need.

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When heading out the door to work, wear stud earrings. Most earrings of this type are small and come in a wide range of shapes and styles. Stud earrings flatter everyone, and they won’t violate company dress codes. As these earrings can be worn with anything, thanks to the wide range of styles, you can purchase a different pair for every day of the week and never get tired of them.

Studs are ideal for work but can also be worn for other occasions with ease. They tend to be conservative and nonintrusive, although this does depend on the pair selected. If there is any doubt about which earrings should be worn, don’t hesitate to go with studs. They are the perfect choice for any situation.

Some experts do recommend women wear either earrings or a necklace to work. They feel both are too much for an office setting. However, this truly depends on the pieces selected. Discrete, elegant pieces won’t be overwhelming in this setting. If there is any doubt though, go with less. Subtle pieces tend to provide a person with a polished and professional look. When you go to find hoops and huggies, be sure to check out the studs too for the abovementioned reasons.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing earrings for work is the environment. For instance, business meetings with clients require formal jewelry. On the other hand, casual Fridays allow a person to experiment more with jewelry choices, and inexpensive pieces are great because it won’t be a crisis if the jewelry is accidentally lost. What works for one situation may not be appropriate for another, so be flexible when it comes to your earring choices.

An Afternoon with Friends

hoop earring

Hoop earrings are ideal for an afternoon with friends. Women find they can choose from a range of sizes and shapes. Today, hoops come in round and oval shapes along with squares, triangles, and rectangles. Small hoops may be adorned with gemstones and complement casual outfits, and large hoops are perfect in these situations. If you are going from an afternoon out with friends to a night on the town, the large hoops are often a better choice. They can go from casual to formal with the change of an outfit, allowing you to take less time getting ready for your next event.

Be sure to take into account the activities you will be engaging in when choosing accessories for your fun time with friends. No woman wants to wear her best diamonds to the beach, as they may get lost in the sand or the water. However, when going to a Broadway matinee together, diamonds or pearls might be the best choice. Have a variety of styles on hand at all times, so you can find the perfect pair for whatever you and your friends will be doing while together. Of course, you may find you want to trade pieces with friends. If you are both comfortable doing so, have fun with it. You might find you go home with new earrings you absolutely love.

Formal Occasions

Chanderlier earring

Chandelier earrings should be selected for formal occasions. This type of earring comes with a decorative stud embellished with an elongated top. Although women find certain styles are constructed completely from metal, others incorporate semi-precious stones or gemstones. As these earrings hang down below the earlobe, they add visual interest to any outfit and face. Don’t hesitate to choose styles with unusual shapes or beads if they complement the outfit being worn, or select a pair in neutral gold or silver for any occasion. The simpler the earrings, the more versatile they are.

drop earring

Drop earrings are very formal as well. They add glamour and class to any outfit and can dress up a plain outfit with ease. However, this type of earring isn’t appropriate for the workday or work events being held at night unless they are black-tie. It’s best to go with something more conservative in those situations.

When attending a wedding, make certain to choose pieces that won’t compete with the bride’s appearance. This is her big day and the focus should be on her rather than on your jewelry. The same is true for funerals. Wear classic, understated pieces and allow the focus to remain on the dearly departed at this time. While this may not be your usual style, showing respect for others should always come first. Keep this in mind and select all of your jewelry accordingly for these events.


Many schools now require students to wear uniforms, as they feel this helps to discourage bullying and things of that nature. As a result, students tend to blend in. This doesn’t have to be the case. Choose earrings that comply with the dress code while also demonstrating your personal fashion sense. Doing so allows you to stand out in the crowd even when this may seem an impossible task.

The same is true for parents who will be attending an event at their child’s school. If the school is very conservative, it’s best to choose earrings that blend in with the outfit. If staff and parents, however, tend to show their more creative side, such as when the child attends an art school, be bold and flashy. Choose earrings that will truly stand out.

If in doubt, go with something conservative. Stash a pair of wilder earrings in your purse and don’t hesitate to slip away and put them on if others are wearing similar styles. Although it’s fun to embarrass the kids at times, school events shouldn’t be the setting used to achieve this goal. The wrong impression of the parent by school staff can sadly hurt a child during his or her school years, and no parent wants to see this happen because they made the wrong choice when it came to their attire or accessories.

A Date

A Date Earring

Women need to consider where they are going and what they will be doing when choosing earrings for time with their significant other. Dinner at a fancy restaurant calls for more formal earrings, while an afternoon ziplining with the love of your life calls for smaller pieces. If you are celebrating an anniversary, it’s nice to pull out the pieces your significant other has purchased for you over the years and wear those. It will show you appreciate his thoughtfulness and the gifts he has given you in your time together.

It never hurts to consider his tastes and personal preferences when choosing jewelry for a date. Although you may have a pair of earrings you don’t love and wish to wear every day, if he has said he likes them, wear them for the night. This shows you care about his opinion and want to please him. When a man feels appreciated and valued, he will do more for the woman he loves, so take this simple step and reap the benefits.

Things to Keep in Mind

Face shape needs to be considered when buying earrings. For instance, a woman with a round face should avoid hoops and button studs, as they emphasize this roundness. Go for drop earrings to elongate the face. A person with a wide or square face looks best in large earrings, as they help to balance the face shape.

Ask others for their opinion, as knowing how others see you when you wear the earrings can help determine if they are the right pair. Friends need to be honest in this situation. If you find they don’t want to hurt your feelings, don’t hesitate to ask strangers what they think.

Skin condition likewise plays a role in the earrings to be worn. Women fortunate enough to have smooth, youthful skin can wear any earrings they love. Those who are showing signs of age should opt for bright colors and larger styles. Small earrings tend to draw attention to the skin, while earrings with more detail emphasize the person’s overall beauty.

One Rule to Remember

Never allow the earrings to overpower the outfit. All accessories should complement the clothing, and each piece needs to be selected with the clothing style, materials, size, and color in mind. Don’t hesitate to mix and match, but make certain the look is intentional rather than thrown together. If in doubt, go with less or choose diamonds and pearls. These pieces go with every item in your wardrobe.

Keep a wide variety of earrings on hand in different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. Try several pairs with each outfit to find the one that best flatters the outfit and the face while fitting the occasion. The right earrings complete an outfit, so experiment. You might find a new style you love and wish to incorporate into your look more often as it makes you look and feel better in every way.

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