How to prevent Footprints on Laminate Floors

How to prevent Footprints on Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are tough to clean because of the small groves at the surface. That is why, once the floors get stained, cleaning them becomes a hefty job. So, it is safe to assume that preventing these mishaps is preferable in the first place. Laminate floors that go have to go through heavy foot traffic are prone to have footprints on them. It can become quite a headache sometimes, as these stains are very difficult to take care of. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here’s what you need to know to prevent footprints from laminate floors:

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Removing Loose Dirt from the Floor

Dirt can build up over time and cause stains on the floors. It happens when already dirty floors have to go through heavy foot traffic. One sure way to get rid of dirt is by vacuuming the floors. Vacuuming can easily dispose of the debris from the floor. But if the laminate floors are wet or greasy for some reason then vacuuming might do more harm than good. Traditionally cleaning laminate floors can prove to be harmful to floors as well. It might scratch the floor if you do it too harshly.

Mopping the Floor

Mopping can reduce the grime and the culminated dirt from the linoleum floor. If you don’t mop properly, then you are bound to see footprints on your laminate floors. You can use a wet or dry mop for this task. Being consistent in your mopping can take you a long way. You will start to notice the difference in a short period of time. Warm water is more preferable when it comes to mopping. The greasy and oily substance can easily be taken care of by using warm water. Check out linoleum floor mopping guide here.

Using a Cleaning Solution

Cleaning solutions are an effective way to take care of footprints. It can also get rid of the unwanted substances that cause footprints, to begin with. Vinegar solutions seem to work fine. Simply mix a cup of vinegar to a gallon of water, and there you have it. Using warm water is advisable as it increases solubility. When all else fails, use this solution when mopping.

There is another lesser-known but effective solution that you should consider. Mineral spirits mixed with water can be very effective in preventing footprints. There are different assortments of spirits available in the market. You can even find odorless ones. Now what you have to do is make a mixture of half water and half mineral spirit. You can just use a bucket to make this mixture. Now, you can use this as a cleaning solution. Mop the laminate floors with this new mixture. Simply put on every segment, try rubbing a bath towel on that part of the floor to soak up the remaining solution. Make the floor does not get walked on before it dries. Otherwise, the whole process will be in vain. You wouldn’t have to worry about any obnoxious stains on the laminate floors this way.

Being Consistent

This is so far the most crucial part. You absolutely need to be consistent when it comes to cleaning the laminate floors if you don’t keep it stain-free. The culmination of dirt, grime, and debris are what cause the footprints, to begin with. When you leave the laminate floors unclean for a few days, these unwanted substances build up more and more. And when these dirty floors get walked on, you start to notice footprints. We don’t need to have a lengthy discussion about this as we have already done that. What you need to focus on is being consistent. Set up a routine as to when you will tend to the laminate floors. Typically, once a week of deep cleaning is enough to keep the floors acceptable.

Additional Advice 

There are some little factoids that you need to know before you actually get to work. Little things can go a long way. Excess water can be detrimental to laminate floors, especially if they are unsealed. So, make sure not to mix too much water into whatever cleaning solution you might be using. If you notice any excess water, make sure you use a towel to soak it up as we have mentioned before. Warm water is often a better choice as they evaporate later shortly. Some oil-based solutions are commonly used to clean floors but try to avoid these. Oil-based products can harm laminate floors.


Tending to laminate floors can be tough sometimes. Linoleum floors are similar to laminate floors, but they don’t resemble hardwood like the latter. The methods we have discussed here should enough to solve the issue. Follow whichever you are comfortable with. After a while, you will be able to determine which of these works best for you.

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