How to Properly Wash Your Hair?

wash your hair


Have you ever considered the correct way to cleanse your hair?

It is necessary for you to do so.

The main reason your hair appears (and feels!) greatly eye-catching after a visit to the Luxury Beauty Salon is because the experts know that a thorough wash is essential for healthy hair. That’s why we sought advice from professionals to enhance our shampoo routine.

Discovering that washing your hair is not as straightforward as expected, possibly due to misleading shampoo commercials that have been deceiving us.

To achieve locks that are both healthy and shiny, it is essential to understand the proper way to wash your hair based on its specific type.

Listed below are tips approved by stylists for washing hair of various textures such as straight, curly, fine, thick, and everything in between, and universal tips applicable to all hair types.

1: Don’t Use Too Much Shampoo While Cleaning

The not-so-hidden truth of the world’s most well-coiffed. They don’t wash their hair as frequently as one might expect. Keri Duncan, a hair stylist at Amoura Hair Group, warns that washing your hair too frequently can remove the natural oils that your scalp produces.

As time goes by, your scalp will produce extra oil to compensate for what was washed off, resulting in an oily scalp. To stop the cycle, Duncan advises “retraining your hair” by using dry shampoo on non-wash days. However, it’s okay to wash your hair after a sweaty workout, but daily activities don’t always necessitate a wash.

If you don’t wash your hair daily, then how frequently should you wash it instead?

Tiffany Young, the Chief Executive Officer of Thin Hair Thick, explains that the outcome varies based on the thickness and type of your hair.

Even though it’s recommended to wash hair less frequently, those with fine hair can wash every other day as it shows scalp buildup quicker due to less hair absorbing oils, according to her.

Individuals with thicker, coarser hair should strive to wash their hair less often, ideally every five to seven days. Because curly, coarse hair is typically dry, it can reap great advantages from the natural oils that the scalp naturally produces after a couple of days, she suggests.

2: Use Lukewarm, Filtered Water

While a steamy shower may feel soothing, subjecting your hair to extreme heat can result in dryness and lack of vitality, as well as quicker fading of hair dye.

Hair stylist Mallory Jones recommends using warm water instead of hot water, as the ideal temperature for washing hair is still unknown, even though it has not been conclusively proven.

The warm water helps to open the cuticle and assists in removing accumulated dirt and debris. The biggest error individuals commit while washing their hair is using very hot water. Regularly washing your hair with hot water can eventually make it brittle.

Right before getting out of the shower, you can also rinse off with a cool (or even cold!) splash of water. The hot water opens the hair cuticle, but a blast of cold water will seal it closed. She says that the cold water rinse is essential for achieving luxurious, shiny hair after every wash.

Cold water causes the cuticle to seal, resulting in a sleek surface that reflects light and gives hair a shiny appearance.

3: Choose a Shampoo That’s Suitable for Your Hair

Shampoo is not on your hair for an extended period. So, the type you use is not significant, correct? Incorrect, as per the experts. Just like with skincare, the key is determining your hair type and selecting a formula that is most suitable for your specific requirements.

According to Jazmin Alvarez, Founder of Pretty Well Beauty, using products meant for the hair you desire rather than the hair you naturally have usually leads to negative results.

She says many people, myself included, admire others’ hair and purchase products they see on social media, even if it’s not right for their own hair. Become very familiar with your hair’s type, texture, and porosity, then choose products that cater to your specific needs.

Which shampoos are the most effective for your hair, specifically? If your hair is thin, hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons suggests using products containing natural ingredients such as caffeine and rosemary oil. He mentions that caffeine boosts hair follicles and enhances hair growth.

In the meantime, individuals with curly or coily hair should search for shampoos that are extremely hydrating and do not strip the hair to decrease frizz without making curls heavy.

Fitzsimons suggests choosing creamier products with amino acids and, if you need to wash without shampoo, use a moisturizing co-wash.

Dyed hair? Young suggests giving your hair some additional care by using “bond-rebuilding shampoos and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners.”

A clarifying shampoo may also be beneficial for bleached hair to prevent unwanted yellow tones. Make sure not to overuse it, as clarifying products can significantly dehydrate your hair.

4: Use Gentle Pressure to Massage Your Roots

Understanding how to purify your scalp and eliminate product buildup is crucial because the foundation of healthy hair starts at the scalp itself.

What is the most important piece of advice?

Handle with extra care. Oscar Blandi, the mastermind behind the Oscar Blandi hair products, advises against using your nails or rubbing the scalp too vigorously.

You aim to use minimal force. The sensation on your scalp may lead you to believe it is unclean, but it is not as dirty as you perceive.

However, as Blandi explains, typically two gentle rounds of shampooing are sufficient to clean the scalp, with the first one primarily focused on removing any build-up.

Take your time with this process: Spend one to three minutes massaging. Additionally, the massage will enhance blood circulation to the scalp, aiding in the stimulation of hair growth.

5: Put Your Conditioner on Your Scalp for 5-7 Minutes

Patience is a virtue — especially when it comes to conditioning. Unlike shampoo, it’s not about a quick massage and rinse. “You should start applying conditioner, mid-shaft downward towards the ends,” says Anthony Cole, lead stylist for Sebastian Professional Haircare, who warns against ever conditioning at the root.

“While the product is still in your hair, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle. You can leave the conditioner in and wrap your hair in a towel for five to seven minutes.” Nailing that timing is the tricky part, according to Cole: “Any longer than that will leave residue in your hair.”

If you’re here on a how-to-wash-curly-hair info hunt, know that now’s also a great time to lather in some curl-specific hydrating products.

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