How To Relieve Period Pains And Make Your Period Less Stressful

How To Relieve Period Pains

Periods are a regular occurrence in any woman’s life from the time she hits puberty. While it can be a bit embarrassing for some to discuss what their body is going through during a period, knowledge is important. It can help you have easier periods and avoid the stress and pain you go through monthly because you were born female. The following guidelines will ensure that all of your future periods are as hassle-free as possible.

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Usually, the time right before and the first couple days of your period are when you are most bloated. To avoid too much bloating that can be extremely painful in some cases, you need to drink lots of water. Generally speaking, when you are on your period, you should increase your intake of water. Believe it or not, increasing your water intake during your period ensures you have lower cramps and will sometimes cause your cycle to move along faster than usual. Drinking the usual eight glasses of water a day is the threshold you should never go below. If possible, drink even more, especially during warmer seasons when your body is more likely to sweat.

Using Pain Meds

Over-the-counter pain meds are women’s go-to whenever they start getting cramps. While it is an option many women choose, be wary of side effects. These meds can have long-lasting effects on your kidneys and liver. Thankfully, there are natural alternatives to pain meds that can be even more effective than chemicals. For example, take supplements that are rich in nutrients and vitamins, or you can drink herbal teas, such as peppermint or red raspberry leaf tea. Not only will the warmth of the drink help your body feel better, but it will also calm your cramps down considerably.

Choosing the Right Period Products

There are many period products that you can choose depending on your flow and comfort level. Some people are more comfortable putting on sanitary pads, while others swear by tampons. However, if you are trying to limit your carbon footprint and want to get a sanitary product that is not wasteful, it may be time to look for other alternatives. Some people use cloth, but it can cause discomfort and may not prevent leakage. Nowadays, there are period panties that act as a reusable sanitary product that you can easily clean and reuse as many times as you want. They are a great alternative for women uncomfortable with menstrual cups and still want a reusable product that will not cost them a ton of money.

Understanding What Your Body is Going Through

As mentioned above, there are different meds and alternative medical solutions for cramps. Knowing the reasons behind these cramps can help you decide which remedy will work best for you. There is general PMS, which is caused by a sudden dip in estrogen and progesterone levels that jump-starts your period cramps and a couple of days later your period. The pain level of your cramps will differ depending on the cause. For example, having ovarian cysts will cause more severe cramps than regular PMS.

Getting Enough Rest

Never underestimate the power of a good night of sleep. Sleeping does not only act as an escape from painful cramps. It has been proven in countless studies that getting enough rest affects how your period progresses. If you are not getting enough rest and face daily stress, you will experience irregularities in your period cycle. Regulating your sleep cycle will reduce your stress and anxiety, not to mention allowing your body to get enough rest to deal with the occurring hormonal changes.

Having a Healthy Diet

What you eat affects how intense your period gets. It also affects how long your period lasts. When you are PMS-ing or on your period, it is very tempting to eat sugary, unhealthy food. Try your best to avoid eating these foods because they are known to increase cramps rather than help you get through the pain. The same thing applies to anything with caffeine, like coffee and sodas. Adopting a healthier lifestyle will allow you to deal with your period in a better way.

Using these six tips, your days of suffering through your period will be a thing of the past. Remember to take care of your body and provide it with the nutrients and energy it needs for stress-free periods. In no time, you will be able to set up the perfect routine for your period.

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