How To Use House Portraits To Decorate Your Home

How To Use House Portraits To Decorate Your Home

A home is not just a structure made of building materials. It is an abode that holds the hopes and dreams of a family. It’s about a warm kitchen, the aroma of warm cookies, bedtime stories snuggling up with the kids, and extravagant Thanksgiving dinners. Camera and smartphone pictures scarcely do justice or capture the essence of the house. A better option is a hand-made portrait. You could order an illustration of the house as a memento for hanging up or a gift for a loved one. Read ahead for some of the reasons why more people opt for portraits.

Creating a Memento of Your First Home

Buying your first home is an important milestone, one that fills you with pride and joy. Commissioning house portraits is the best way to enshrine the memory for a lifetime. A hand-illustrated image tells a story about the first moments you spent after moving in and how you celebrated with a pizza dinner while sitting on the floor amidst mountains of unpacked boxes. Or  how the cat got into the paint, and you had blue paw prints all over the new beige carpets. 

Preserving the Original Appeal of the House

Preserve the original charm and appeal of old vintage buildings before you renovate them with a lovely painting. You’ll capture and enhance the finer details that bring out the character of the place. It’s also the perfect way to remember how the house looked, complete with the foliage, ancient trees, and gardens. Old and broken-down houses that are no longer habitable are a part of the history of the community. For instance, think of those barns that once housed cows and chickens. Portraits are a delightful way to remember how the town’s landscape looked before modernization took over.

Taking Away a Piece of a Beloved Home Before Selling

Many people have changing life circumstances that force them to sell a beloved home. You could take a piece of the home with you before moving away. Order a beautiful portrait to remember the house before the new owners alter the facade. The exciting thing about hand-made paintings is that you could incorporate details that are not currently present. Like, for instance, a cherished pet or a child who is all grown up now. Add a bicycle, an old car you sold, or rose bushes that couldn’t withstand weather conditions.

Celebrate the memory of a new or old home and the moments you spent together as a family by ordering a beautiful house portrait online. These portraits also make a wonderful gift as a painting to a loved one. 

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