Human Psychology: 4 Facial Features People Tend to Notice First

There are several different opinions on what a person notices first about someone they are meeting for the first time. Some professionals say it’s their shoes, others say it’s their handshake and yet others say it is the person’s eyes. There are also several scientific studies that say they can determine a person’s likeness or dislike by different lines and micro facial expressions.

Each of the physical facial features can be changed to some degree, but what can’t be changed is the impression you are making, that is actually up to the other person. You could also enhance your nose’s appearance with Rhinoplasty, but that will not always change what someone else thinks of you at first sight.

When you first meet someone, you will make an unconscious decision to trust them or not. You will also make a decision about their dominance, which will also be unconscious, but can also depend on your life experience.

Your combination of core values, your past, especially your childhood, along with other life experiences are all going to influence who you decide to trust and take into your circle of friends. It is the same with business people and simple acquaintances.

Below are 4 facial features people tend to notice first:

1. Familiarity

When someone can recognize themselves in your face, even though you are not related, they will tend to like you more. Being with and talking to someone who seems familiar is more comfortable with someone. This is more of an unconscious type of judgement of someone you are first meeting and cannot be changed easily.   

2. Fitness

When you look at someone and their face is free of dark spots, pimples, and other unhealthy issues, you are more apt to like them. A fit face is one that has been taken care of and that is often attractive. This is another unconscious type of thought when you are first meeting someone, but it does have a big impact on whether you will be nicer to that person or not.

3. Emotional Resemblance

When you meet someone with a positive expression on their face, you are more likely to enjoy speaking with that person. It is also probable that you will maintain a long relationship with this person. Even if you are not an extremely positive person, or you are not in a good mood when meeting this person, their positive expressiveness will be a determining factor for your future friendship.

4. Babyface

When you meet someone who has a baby face, meaning they have larger eyes, a round face, bigger forehead, and a short chin. These are qualities that are attractive because they are indicative of someone who is kind and gentle. Again, this is a subconscious and split-second decision on your part or the other person’s part to trust and like the person.

There is a lot under the surface when you first meet someone new. There are a lot of unconscious decisions going on in the first few seconds of your introduction, and that is something you cannot always change.  

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