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Ideas For Exterior House Colors

Exterior House Colors

No matter how big your house is, But one thing that is important to every home is the same. It is a home color, which can be divided into two main categories are home paints for exterior paint and interior paint .

The building styles and home color paint will be the first impression that people will see it first without stepping into the house. We believe that The color scheme of each home  is a reflection of the tastes and identity of the house owner, especially the color of the outside, if it is nice and match with the home style. It will be able to impress the audience.

Exterior House Colors

The choice of exterior colors is related to roofs color. Therefore, to choose the color scheme of the house. You should see  detail of the roof consists of,  to give an overview of the house.

All presented in this article. It’s only a guide. If you want  to see more cleared images in your mind. You may seek advice from a designer.

# Gray+White

Gray Color  gives a sense of modernity and relaxation.Nowadays, Gray is also a popular color that is often used in modern home decor. Gray is easy combine with other color. The most popular tone is Gray + White. It look Simple + Modern.

Exterior House Colors


Pink Tone Color, make you have a pleasant feeling, and it make your house unique.

# Yellow

In psychology , Yellow Color indicates fullness, The power of hope, refreshment, joyful . When compared with the meaning of Feng Shui is mean it making you happy, cheerful and hopeful.

# Blue Color

Blue is one of the most popular colors in home decor. Especially the interior color in the house. and Blue has many shades from light to dark . When you want to choose blue as the exterior paint of the house. Many people may wonder … “Is painting outside in blue so beautiful and what shade that best match with our house?” let’s take a look at the Blue House idea below and see which one is best for you.

Exterior House Colors

# Dark Blue

It is a Cool tone  that have feeling of  stable and also look modern. The use of blue tone may be combine with other colors.

# Earth Tone

Color of nature that help to warm the people in the house very well. It also acts as a stimulant. And can be combine with other colors and get perfect as well. If you combine with  wooden furniture for example wooden door. It will give you a perfect look.

# Off white

White color have many tones of shade. Some people don’t like the pure white because they might think it is too plain. so, Let’s try another white tone as below.

# White

White color is the base color that can mix and go along well with other colors. Many people when they want to paint exterior, They will think of white color first.

# Red

For those who are tired of soft tone. Try to change to hot tone colors like a red tone. Ensure that the house is definitely outstanding and fun.

Finally, When you already get the color tone you preferred. You should consider the quality of the color. The good one will make your house color live longer. Exterior paint color  should have the  Flexibility which mean it can be expanded by the weather,  Excellent adhesion to walls, Resist to all weather conditions that rotate throughout the year, Prevent from fungus, No harmful to life and No toxic to the environment.

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