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25 Incredible Short Haircuts with Bangs That You will Love

short haircuts with bangs

A lot of women are of the belief that short haircuts with bangs don’t look glamorous or beautiful compared to the long haircuts. Of course, longhair styles or haircuts have their own charm, but also come with some disadvantages too. Long haircuts are difficult to maintain and sometimes the hair quality or thickness of your hair may not be enough to sport a long hairstyle. After realizing these issues, a lot of women of all age groups decide to sport short haircuts especially straight across bangs short hair.

Short haircuts for women have a lot of advantages and fewer cons. If you lead a busy lifestyle, if your hair type and face shape suits the short haircuts, then there is no harm in trying these very interesting haircuts.

There is a whole list of shorter haircuts with bangs for women that you can try out. The most difficult factor that goes against the short haircuts is that a lot of women feel that cutting their hair short will make them look masculine, but the fact remains that haircuts with bangs will make you look more girlish and cute.

Short Bob hairstyles, haircuts with bangs or the cute pixie cuts, which is just another name or a nice way to trim your hair short without compromising on the style factor. The following list of short hairstyles with bangs along with their pictures will help you decide on the right haircut that will suit your face. However, you need to keep few things in mind before you zero in on your favorite haircut.

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Few points to consider before you choose a short haircut with bangs

Round Face

Ladies with round face should opt for the much softer and wispier bangs. This will draw more attention to the angles of your face.

Heart Face Shape

To bring attention to the lower half of your face, wispy bangs and longer side bangs sweeping across the forehead will work wonders.

Oval Face

To draw more attention to your eyes and cheekbones for oval faces shape women, go for blunt and straight across bangs or the shorter side bangs.

Square Face Shape

Square face shaped women should consider longer or side-swept bangs to balance your jaw and cheek bones and draw attention towards the eyes and forehead.

Best Short Haircuts with Bangs Ideas

Changing or completely cutting your long hair short is a big decision since you have worked hard to maintain your hair long. Cutting your hair short will completely alter your looks and the shape of your face. Make sure any short haircut you decide to choose has the right type of hair bangs that will make you look gorgeous and attractive.

1# Side Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs haircut is an excellent choice for those who want to try out bangs and short hair, but they don’t have the same effect as a straight across bangs.

  • #Side-swept bangs are versatile and quite popular today
  • #Side-Swept Bangs are suitable for any face shape
  • #Due to their versatility, the bangs can be swept in any direction or you can even pin them back nicely
  • #As the bangs start growing they blend easily with the rest of the hair and doesn’t affect the overall haircut

1.1 Red Ombre Pixie with Long Bangs

Red Ombre Short Haircut with Side Swept Long Bangs
Instagram @salonnefisa

If you’re looking for a short hairstyle that’s both trendy and easy to maintain, a red ombre pixie with side swept bangs is a great option. This style looks best on people with oval or heart-shaped faces, as the bangs help to frame the face.

To get this look, start by having your hair cut into a short pixie. Then, add in some subtle layers to give the style some texture and dimension. Next, choose a shade of red that you love and have your stylist ombre the ends of your hair. Finally, sweep your bangs to the side to complete the look.

1.2 Black Pixie Cut with Long Side Swept Bangs

Black Pixie Cut with Highlight Bangs
Instagram @privesalon_orlando

This look is professional yet edgy, and it can be styled in a variety of ways to suit your mood or occasion. If you’re looking for a short hairstyle that will make a statement. With the right product and some simple styling, you can create a look that is both unique and stylish. Whether you’re headed to the office or hitting the town, a black pixie cut with long side swept bangs is a great way to show off your personality.

1.3 Short Blonde Hair with Side Swept Bangs

Short Blond Hair with Side Swept Bangs
Instagram @oxsana.tkacheva

The way you style your short hairstyle will emphasize the side swept bangs. With various styling tools you can style edgy short bob with bangs naturally, Side swept on the face or even style them a bit edgy to add some volume to the hair.

1.4 A-line Bob with Side Bangs Hairstyle

a-line bob

1.5 Black Side Bangs with Highlights

black side bang

2# Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are also quite popular today and are a softer version of the straight across bangs. They are not loud as the straight across bangs, but suit the face just perfectly. Following are some of the reasons why you should consider a short haircut with wispy bangs.
– Wispy bangs are as feminine as any other haircut
– They are the contemporary version of the bangs
– These bangs are capable of hiding a high forehead, but will not make your face look short
– Wispy bangs are suitable for any face shapes, making them versatile

2.1 Wavy Wispy Bangs

wavy wispy bang

Wavy wispy bangs are a style that can work well with short hair. This look entails short hair with bangs that are wavy and wispy. The key to this style is to ensure that the bangs are not too short or too long. They should be just long enough to allow for some movement and definition. Additionally, it is important to use a light-hold product to achieve the desired look. Too much product will weigh down the hair and result in a greasy appearance. Finally, this style is best suited for those with naturally wavy or curly hair. Those with straight hair may need to use a curling iron or hot rollers to achieve the same look.

2.2 Side-Parted Wispy Bangs

side parted wispy bangs

short hair with bangs can be incredibly versatile. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of edge to your everyday look or trying out a new style for a special occasion, short hair with side-parted wispy bangs is a great option. Not only does it give you the ability to style your hair in a variety of ways, but it also looks modern and polished. Plus, short hair with bangs is easy to maintain – simply wash and go! If you’re thinking about trying out short hair with side-parted wispy bangs, we highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed!

2.3 Rich Brown Wispy Bangs

2.4 Wispy Bangs Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Wispy Bangs Strawberry Blonde Highlights
Instagram @avedaartists

2.5 Blonde C Curl Bob with Wispy Bangs

Blonde C Curl Bob with Wispy Bangs
Instagram @ferdahair

2.6 Short Shag Hair with Thin Wispy Bangs

 3# Baby Bangs

If you want to stand out from the crowd, then baby bangs is the way to go. Depending on the color and style this haircut may look rocking and quite retro- futuristic. This cool hairstyle is the minimalists dream haircut.

The following are the few points you need to consider:
– This may not be very attractive for most people
– You need to be brave and futuristic to sport this hairstyle

3.1 Layered Pixie with Baby Bangs

Layered Pixie with Baby Bangs
Instagram @judeviola

3.2 Curly Baby Bangs

Curly Baby Bangs
Instagram @identity_moira

4# Straight Across Bangs

The straight across bangs haircut is officially mainstream, again with a lot of Hollywood celebrities and red carpet models flaunting them with style. So will these bangs haircut suit you? Before you decide to cut your hair short like the straight across bangs, you need to consider a few points:

# This haircuts with bangs suits best on rectangular, diamond and oval shaped faces. They look good on medium and long faces.
#The round and square shaped faces look squarer with this haircut.

#If you have a large forehead and want to hide it, then this is a great hairstyle to sport.

#Since these bangs fall on your forehead, you need to regularly get them trimmed or else it may affect your vision.

#Avoid using oils on your bangs as they will give a greasy look and a greasy forehead is not a good sight.

4.1 Bob Haircut Short Hairstyles With Straight Bangs

bob haircut

4.2 Short Haircut with Bangs

short hair wit bangs

4.3 Short Asian Haircut with Bangs

short asian haircut

5# Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have been dominating the fashion scene for a long time. It has got its name curtain bangs because the hair is split open at the center of your forehead and the bangs frames both sides of your face. The ends have slightly longer pieces.

 5.1 Long Pixie with Curtain Bangs

Long Pixie with Curtain Bangs
Instagram @renzizgheib

This is a tousled long pixie that looks beautiful when combined short layered hair with curtain bangs. These bangs look cool and casual when hanging just above the lip. Boyish cuts like this are a huge craze and always in trend.

6# Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs are most suitable for ladies with long and oval shaped faces and short to medium length hairstyles with bangs. It is the same length as the school girl bangs. They are made wispier and are well suited for finer hair types.

 6.1 Blunt Bob with Feathered Bangs

Blunt Bob with Feathered Bangs
Instagram @sergeyshapochka

The sleek lip length bob with feathered bangs is just awesome. This easy to wear short hairstyles is suitable for everyone. The hairstyle will look different every time depending on how you wear it. You can make the look sophisticated, edgy, vintage or whichever way you want it to be.

7# Arched Bangs

Arched bangs are very similar to the blunt, except that instead of being cut straight across the forehead, these bangs are arch shaped. They follow the curve of the face. The arched bangs look great on thick hair as they help stand the arch more. The arch frames your face and make it look soft and beautiful. Arched bangs look great on women with square face as they help your face look round.

 7.1 Bowl Cut Bangs

bowl cut with arch bangs

In case, if you are missing your bowl cut from your childhood, then this is an updated version of the same cut. The hair is cut into soft arched shape, with the shortest pieces falling in the center and the longer strands falling on either side of the face.

8# Asymmetrical Bangs

These bangs are slightly different from the sweeping fringe because of the way the hair falls. In the sweeping fringe, the hair usually comes from the top of the head and is cut so that the hair falls asymmetrically. This is a funky and eye-catching hairstyle and one of the most fashionable hairstyles around.

 8.1 Pixie with Short Asymmetrical Bangs

Pixie with Short Asymmetrical Bangs
Instagram @brianaguilarhair

This is a very cute looking short pixie hairstyle with hair cut tight on the sides with more length and volume on the top. The bangs are cut asymmetrically with short strands on one side and they get longer as the hair goes towards the other side of the ear.

9# Curly Bangs

If they are cut right, curls and bangs go well together. To have a good understanding of how the hair will look, make sure your stylist cuts your hair when it is dry.

 9.1 Gorgeous Curly Bob and Bangs

Curly Bob and Curly Bangs
Instagram @todchukstudio

This curly short hair is a proof that you can carry off this hairstyle. It is all about cutting the shape, so that you can work with your curls. Use a good quality product to style them.

10#. Wavy Bangs

If you have wavy hair, then you are lucky. You can easily allow the texture of your hair shine through the bangs. Do not worry about blow drying and allow your natural texture of the hair do the job.

10.1 Cute Wavy Pixie with Wavy Bangs

This is a cute looking short hairstyle with wavy bangs that front highlights attain a great looking texture. The undercut pixie is cut with long at the crown and styled in loose waves.

11. Korean Bangs

The Korean bangs are suitable for any face shape and all age group. Some angular fringe will make the hard edges softer.

11.1 Short Hair with Korean Bangs

short hairstyle with korean bangs

Korean thin shaped bangs are suitable for short choppy bob haircut. Layer the hair if you want to attain more volume and give the hair some texture.

12. Piece-Y Bangs

Piece y bangs are another option for short hair with bangs. These kinds of bangs are slightly angled across the forehead. The best way is to keep them feathery and well-defined with a slight amount of pomade at the ends.

12.1 Shaggy Haircut with Piece Y bangs

short haircut with piece Y bangs
Instagram @jeanclaudeelmoughayar

This style is a head turner. The bob is cut in a shaggy layers and the bangs are nicely parted to the sides. The use of red highlight on brown hair from root to tip and the volume gives this hairstyle an edge above others.

13. Long Bangs

Short Hair Long bangs are best for people who want a small change, but with maximum impact. If you have an angular face shape that requires softening, then these bangs will do the trick.

13.1 Pixie Style Cut with Long Bangs

short hair long bangs
Instagram @diegomarcsant

If you get this short haircut with bangs done correctly, then you may never get another haircut. This easy to style cut looks very cute on every passing day. It is a short pixie at the back with long side-swept bangs in the front. A razor is used to cut and a flat iron for styling are used to give it a modern look.

14. Vintage Vibes Bangs

All time legendary actresses have sported some real vintage hairstyles and they are still copied and can be visible at big red-carpet events. The signature images of famous personalities like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Veronica Lake and many others are still considered timeless. and their bangs are cute ways to style short hair

 14.1. Birkin Bangs

short bob with birkin bangs

This is a Jane Birkin inspired bang that are cut straight and layered, which gives it an authentic 70’s cool girl feel. Instagram is full of these bang styles that are just apt for the times.

 14.2. Audrey Hepburn Bangs

 To soften the edgier short fringe, wear the bangs by parting them gently onto one side.

 14.3 Pin-up Fringe

If you are okay with a high-maintenance hairstyle, then updos with bangs that are pinned up will work just great. Make sure you are ready with all the styling tools like hot rollers, hair clips and hair sprays to create a great looking fringe. The tools will ensure the fringes stay in place.

15. Mullet Bangs

Mullet Bangs
Instagram @katiepdxhair

Mullet bangs haircut can create a more balanced and less contrasting look. You need to go for a right fringe that can complement the short hairstyle.

16. Highlighted Bangs

Different shades of pink hair color go well with brown hair base color. To make the transition smooth go for the bright pink tones for the trendy bangs.

FAQs :

Are bangs good for short hair?

Short hair with bangs is a perfect way to switch to a new hairstyle especially if you have medium length hair and want an overall change. Bangs will improve focus to your eyes and enhances your cheekbones.

Do bangs look better with short or long hair?

Short hair looks great with different kinds of bangs as with the long hair. Bangs make the thin hair appear thicker and full. A shag cut or a mullet with side swept bangs is a good alternative for bold people. An asymmetric pixie cut is a sharper and shorter option.

Are curtain bangs good for thin hair?

Fine hair and curtain bangs gel together very well. It helps add volume to the face. Longer strands that fill in as wisps is a best option.

Can pixie hairstyles go with short bangs?

Pixie hairstyles with small trimmed bangs looks very cute. They may not be suitable for all face shapes, which needs to be considered before you get a new haircut. For a more personalized look, you need to consult a professional stylist.

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