Finding the Best Beachwear for Your Youngster

kids beachware
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When the sun’s out, the fun’s out with pool parties, visits to the beach, and other outdoor summer activities. Your kid wants cool and fashionable swimwear to make the most out of the warmer months. Children’s fashion has come a long way, including swimsuits and beachwear. Apparel for kids generated a revenue of $53 billion in 2023 alone!  There’s so much out there to consider when looking for the right kids dance costumes or kids bikini. Here are some things to consider. View website

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The Perfect Fit

The first thing to focus on is the fit of a bikini or swimsuit. It’s the most important factor as the fit is directly connected to comfort, which is crucial for a child’s confidence, ease, and enjoyment. Look for a swimsuit that is snug but not too tight. You want beachwear that allows for full freedom of movement. Your child should be able to play and move freely without feeling restricted. The right outfit should come with adjustable straps. The bottoms should be well-fitting and appropriately modest.

Water-Friendly Fabric

Most kids wear swimwear to play in and out of the water, so it’s important to look for fabric that is quick-drying and resistant to chlorine. Nylon (also called polyamide) and elastane blends are a great choice for kids’ swimwear as they are durable, abrasion-resistant, and retain their shape well.

Sun Protection Factor

Summertime fun usually involves spending a lot of time outdoors. It’s also good to look for beachwear options and accessories that help to protect your child’s skin from sunburn and harmful UV rays. Accessories such as sarongs, tunics, and cover-ups can be both practical and cool for the most style-minded tyke.

Colors and Patterns That Rock

Your child’s swimwear should be a reflection of their personality and appetite for fun. Look for a kids bikini option that involves different colors, patterns, and textures. From vibrant tie-dye to animal print and more, you can find a swimsuit that makes your child look as good as they feel.

Tough but Stylish

Children can be very hard on their clothes, especially when there are physical activities like splashing and swimming involved. Looks are important, but so is durability. Go for swimsuits that are made from sturdy materials. Reinforced seams are also a great bonus.

Helpful Shopping Tips

Remember these helpful tips when shopping for a kids bikini your child will love:

  • Include your child. Whether you’re shopping online or in a store, involve your child in the hunt. Kids often have strong opinions about what they like. This also involves them in the decision-making process at a young age.
  • Check the size chart. Kids are constantly growing, so look for a size that will fit for a while. If you’re not sure about the size, go up a size. A too-small swimsuit will be uncomfortable.
  • Budget accordingly. You get what you pay for when it comes to swimwear, even for kids. If you want a kids bikini that is of high quality and practical, be prepared to pay more. 

Your child’s sense of style is an important thing to nurture and develop, including beachwear for warm-weather fun. Look for beautiful, practical, and durable swimwear outfits and accessories at PQ Swim to make the most out of your kid’s spring and summer.

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