8 Latest Make Up Trend For Modern Lady


This article, we will update you  the latest  Make up Trend for modern lady, See the latest trend direction, If You don’t wanna out of date. Just make yourself ready and Let’s go to see it below.

# Classic Red Lipstick

Make up Trend with Classic Red Lipstick

Red is never out. The classic red lipstick like  Snow White in the classic story is coming back again. You can use classic red of All brands from cheap to the expensive one.

# Blue Eyeliner

This trend is for lady that want to look more stand out, Just  change a traditional brown eyeliner to a light blue eyeliner. The blue eyes will make you look more outstanding. If you want more marvelous, We recommend to make up with Bright Smoky Blue.

Make up Trend with Blue Eyeliner

# Healthy Gold Bronze Face

Get away from ordinary pink cheeks. Because the Bronze tone is coming. Try to shading your cheeks with bronze to shape your square face slim, Then make up with natural nude style. Make it look like an after sun skin.

Make up Trend with  Healthy Gold Bronze Face

# Outstanding Eyelashes

Don’t be shy to use eyelashes extension. Because of this trend, Big eyelashes is win. Bigger eyelashes, Bigger eye. Or If you want to be super cool, Don’t forget to attach the eyelashes extension to the bottom line.

Make up trend with Outstanding Eyelashes

# Vampire look

Vampires Look with the dark red lipstick have been popular since the new winter. The new trend is still the same. But Additional more with gradient color lipstick. It make your lip have more dimension.

Make up trend vampire look

# Peach+Sweet Pink

Who likes sweet, this trend is also in trend. Mainly used with peach+ pink color. normally we use only this color for lipstick but This time we will brush the eyes with this color scheme. If you want to be more sweet lady. Just keep the same tone in all over the face.

Make up trend with peach tone

# Play with Eyeliners

The eyeliner style is changing. Because the new trend comes with new ideas. It is open with no pattern to put any variety idea for the eyeliners. More creative is More beautiful.

Make up eyeliner trend

# Play with Eyeliners

Soft lightly Shimmer is OUT for today trend. Because we will take  to the higher step by brush more glittering  on the eyelids. Thumb up for the Pigment that Just touch down gently in the middle of the eyelids that’s it.

eyeshadow styles trend
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