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What really is LED Lighted Mirror?

LED mirror is a specific type of mirror that is equipped with LED lights. LED lighted mirror may provide a backlighting and front lighting ambient. It offers a brighter and stronger shine that you can see the smallest blemishes off your face easily. You can use this mirror to your residential place or even in a commercial place. It perfectly adds an elegant illusion of any place and make it look luxury.

What Types and Styles Available for LED Mirror?

You will get several different types of mirrors with LED. Here are a few options that people desire frequently.

●     Mirror with LED Strip

LED wall mirrors

It is a smart bathroom, wall, or decorative lightning solution with a mirror facility. You may have this framed, or round or in a compact style with LED strips. It is perfectly capable of creating a unique appearance of your space. 

●     LED Backlit Mirror

LED Backlit Mirror

This is a special feature of backlighting. These mirrors can illuminate freely without any wires or cords. It is not only capable of providing a clear vision, but also brings the smallest detail of your face that you cannot notice with an ordinary mirror. Most of these mirrors come with a hand-wipe controlling system or single-touch control. You don’t have to turn on or off the lights manually for this mirror. 

●     LED Vanity Mirror

LED Backlit Mirror

It is a must addition at your bathroom for providing a high-end elegant touch of your interior. It will display your grace of everyday style perfectly. You can also place it in your living room if you feel the necessity of illumination. Office space will also feel bigger with the LED vanity mirror installation. 

In Which Shapes Can I Buy Such Mirrors

you may have this mirror in several shapes. The available options are round shape, rectangular shape, and squire shape. If you want a specific shape (i.e. custom cut) on the mirror corner, it is also possible. The rectangular mirrors come with a sharp corner or round corner finishing. Choose the shape according to the place size where you are going to install it. Also, the shape of that place is an important factor when you are choosing the mirror shape. Pick such a shape that suits your interior shape. Otherwise, it will not flourish the beauty of the interior. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of LED Lighted Mirrors?

Everything on the earth has advantages as well as disadvantages. LED mirrors are not the exception. Here are some pros and cons.

Some beneficial sides are:

  • It creates an extra value of your home interior with the modern trendy look and the functionality. 
  • This type of mirror with LED lights will save your energy expenditure to a great extent. LED consumeless energy than other ordinary bulbs. 
  • For the placing of source lights, it will not create any shadow. The light comes from all around the mirror, rather than from only the wall or ceiling. That is why; you will get a clear vision without any shadowing.  
  • ⮚     It is perfect for having a make up. The illumination is clear enough to save your makeup from getting a mess. 
  • The mirror can control your mind. As the brightening and dimming are controllable, you can create your preferable ambiance with your setup. 
  • You can create a dramatic illusion of light by fixing your preferable scene of color.
  • These lights are long-lasting and mirror also durable for a long period.
  • The full setup is easy to install and requires less effort to maintain.

Though not much, there are some disadvantages also. If you don’t judge the light quality properly before buying, it can create an irritating environment for you. The only light replacement may seem difficult once you have set up the mirror. Sometimes, sensors show a problem when you try to save your adjustments. So, the rule of thumb is to check carefully before you buy it.  

Where Can These Mirrors Be Used?

LED Bathroom Mirror

What Size Is Suitable For Bathrooms?

Before selecting the mirror size, it is important to measure your bathroom size. You should select the size of the mirror based on the bathroom space and style. The same is applicable for selecting the shape. If you have a large bathroom then you can choose a big horizontal LED mirror. On the other hand, if the bathroom is quite small, around one or a square backlit mirror should be a suitable option for you. 

How Much Does an LED Mirror Cost?

It depends on the mirror specifications. If you want a range then it is around $130 to $310. The price varies based on the mirror size, shape, functionalities, etc. Considering the benefits the price is not much. Also, these mirrors are easily installable, so you can save the budget for firing any professional person. 

Where to Buy Premium Quality LED Wall Mirror?

To get the top quality LED wall mirror, the best option for you is It is an online glass and mirror selling company in the USA. You will find it as an authentic company that is carrying a lot of good feedback from the buyers. Fab Glass and Mirror provides versatile design and top-quality LED wall mirrors in addition to LED-backlit mirrors. You can choose from the website and order online to get the product at your doorstep without any delivery charge. The payment system is secured and verified. Importantly, if you face any difficulty, you can contact the customer support center 24/7. The trustworthiness is important when you will buy a product online. 

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