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Lisa Farrell
Those of you who do your hair daily need to be commended. If you regularly wash, dry and style then you are simply amazing. Doing this is no easy task. The time, effort and need for creativity required shows that you are serious about your image. You need a reward. One such lady who performs similar feats of greatness is Lisa Farrell. She is one of the world’s ​top stylist. She is able to create a masterpiece with hair. She is more than an artist she is a master of her art form.

Recently she won prizes at the 2016 British Black Hair & Beauty Awards.
Lisa FarrellHer outstanding accomplishments provider her with victory in three categories. She is just amazing. She is the creator of stunning collections.

They are usually empowering and suited for those fierce women. Not only is she a ​top stylist she is also an educator with more than tens years experience in the styling game. Lisa is an innovative artist. Her styles often tells stories. There are always unique. She often uses a combination of classic hair and super modern styles to make those eye catching designs. Her determination, commitment, creativity along with personality aids in her production of those killer pieces.

Below is a sample of some of her stunning work. Lisa’s stunning designs will rock you. They do nothing but amaze. She is truly gifted. Her years of experience has definitely made her work spectacular.

Lisa FarrellLisa FarrellLisa FarrellLisa Farrell
Lisa FarrellLisa FarrellLisa FarrellLisa FarrellLisa FarrellLisa FarrellLisa Farrell

Accomplishments of this top stylist.

Lisa is not only an acclaimed Hair stylist but she is also a teacher. She is the proud founder of the prestigious school, Wig London Hair Academy. This school is serious about the development of great top stylist. The is a heavy focus on the proper education of students as it relates to style, and creativity. The focus of the school is primarily on; creative cutting, colouring, barbering, session styling and Afro hair. Additionally, she edits for the NOCTIS Magazine, in the Hair and Beauty section.

Lisa Farrell

Her intention as an editor is to inspire. She acts as the voice of the people. Hoping that her contributions will influence the hair and makeup industry. Her dedication to style keeps her busy daily. Her personal style is viewed as being unapologetic.

Lisa FarrellShe believes that it is essential for individuals to own what they wear. Let your style be you and you your style. For her clothing is seen as armour that enables you to battle the world. Her attire displays her mood. Lisa’s sense of style is so unbelievable. Take a look at a few more of her bomb creations.


Lisa Farrell top stylist inspirations

Lisa FarrellShe gets her motivation from her environment. Whatever is in her presence. People is one of her main motivators. Music is another major force which influences her style. Her hard work and resolve has resulted in many amazing moments. It has allowed her to meet some influential persons in the entertainment industry. Enjoying what she does and working hard gives her a sense of fulfillment. Her focus drives her as she deals with her hectic but rewarding work days. She finds pleasure in want she does. Whether she is in the salon or sharing information with people at a seminar or online.

Lisa Farrell
She believes some of the best fashion advice she obtained was to always purchase quality clothing. This is a feature she applies to her work. She creates wonderful hair designs that are of the highest standard. Knowing that people want the best and not the cheapest styles. Her styles express the eloquence of her creativity. Being a top stylist is a profound achievement. The world is filled with stylist that are really great and to be among them is a sign of her magnificence. Lisa continues to share her knowledge. Encouraging women to be daring and unique with her styles. She is someone women can look up to when it relates to originality and determination.

Lisa FarrellThis English top stylist is the representation of greatness. When she is working on a presentation she loves to interact with those involved. She converses with the photographs to get their feel on her creation. She discusses the look with other stylist and client or model. Her knack for perfection causes her to achieve outstanding styles. She believes that individuals should work hard if they want to achieve. She places a high focus on education. Knowing that you should be very knowledgeable in your area of expertise. She believes individuals should be creative with what they do. They should know about what they are doing but add themselves to the piece. There is no reason to stick rigidly to the stylist rules. But this is once you have the knowledge about it.


Lisa Farrell

Lisa Farrell is an inspiring stylist. She is creative when it comes to her art. She transform hair into a stunning, stimulating, and unique sculpture. She has been rewarded for her hard work.

Lisa FarrellThis winner of several hair styling awards is not just focused on her salon work. She shares her knowledge with the world. She gives good advice at various seminars as well as, online. This top stylist leads a wonderful life. Finding inspiration in what is around her. Her work has allowed her to work with many of her idols. She believes people can achieve once they work hard and stay focused.


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