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Lisa Farrell
Those of you who do your hair daily need to be commended. If you regularly wash, dry and style then you are simply amazing. Doing this is no easy task. The time, effort and need for creativity required shows that you are serious about your image. You need a reward. One such lady who performs similar feats of greatness is Lisa Farrell. She is one of the world’s ​top stylist. She is able to create a masterpiece with hair. She is more than an artist she is a master of her art form.

Recently she won prizes at the 2016 British Black Hair & Beauty Awards.
Lisa FarrellHer outstanding accomplishments provider her with victory in three categories. She is just amazing. She is the creator of stunning collections.

They are usually empowering and suited for those fierce women. Not only is she a ​top stylist she is also an educator with more than tens years experience in the styling game. Lisa is an innovative artist. Her styles often tells stories. There are always unique. She often uses a combination of classic hair and super modern styles to make those eye catching designs. Her determination, commitment, creativity along with personality aids in her production of those killer pieces.

Below is a sample of some of her stunning work. Lisa’s stunning designs will rock you. They do nothing but amaze. She is truly gifted. Her years of experience has definitely made her work spectacular.

Lisa FarrellLisa FarrellLisa FarrellLisa Farrell


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