Lollipop House in Korea / Moon Hoon


The Sweetest Color Eye Catching  Lollipop House Designs, It is modern and very unique. It is a family residence in Giheung-Gu, South Korea. This house project designed by Seoul-based studio Moon Hoon, It recently completed in January 2012.

This house is outstanding inside-out. The exterior color  are pink and similar to the children’s snacks  Lollipop, The lollipop house designed with a spiral staircase up to seven floors. This house has fully functional area kitchen and dining area, Living room, Master bedroom,children’s bedroom, attic playroom, balcony and upper level AV room. Each space with natural skylight.

Lollipop House

Side of House : Alternative Pink and White Ring. Lollipop House
Lollipop House

Main EntranceLollipop HouseBalcony
Lollipop House
Lollipop HouseLayout
Lollipop House
Lollipop HouseInside detail
Lollipop House
Lollipop House

Photos by: Namgoong Sun
Source: Moon Hoon


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