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40 + Trendy Long Hairstyles for Men You’ll Love  

Head full of hair is an asset that every man dreams to achieve. To achieve this dream, you need to maintain a healthy diet regime. A head full of hair is a good sign of your health and genes, which you can be proud of. Long hair on men often looks trendy and cool if it is maintained well.

There are a lot of long hair men’s style that are attractive, flattering and they do not take a lot of time for maintenance. Styling these long hair styles for men is easy and takes very little effort and time from your side. Some hairstyles men long are so easy that you just need to wash, scrunch and go, for an effortless hair designs for men.

The following are some very interesting long hairstyles for men that you can try out depending on your personality and preferences.

If you want to carry your hair long, then first thing to remember is that you need to be patient and wait for your hair to grow long and healthy.

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A List of Long Hairstyles for men with pictures

The shape of your face also determines the men’s haircut long hair and the following 30 long hairstyles will hopefully inspire you to select the one that you can sport stylishly.

Selecting a good experienced hair stylist is also crucial who will guide you in making right decisions.

1. Dreadlocked Long Hair Men’s Style

Dreadlocked Long Hair Men’s Style

A good long hairstyle should never be boring and regular. A good long hairstyle for men should enhance a man’s unique character and features. A dreadlock hairstyle should bring forward a man’s nature completely and if you can carry a dreadlock with style, then there is nothing better than that. To make it more attractive, try to shave the bottom half of your head and keep the dreadlocks long and gathered tied up in a pony.

2. Ponytail Men’s Haircut Long

Ponytail Men’s Haircut Long

Men’s ponytail hairstyles are for those in-between days or for a man who is at work. A ponytail is easy and quick to make, especially on those busy days when you are short of time.

For maximum shine, apply a drop of serum and pull the hair back to style, you can go with the natural part or pull the hair back for a slight disheveled appearance. Tie your ponytail for a stylish slicked look that is sure to garner more attention.

For a less restrictive look, leave a few strands of hair loose in the front or tuck a few strands behind the ears and you are ready to rule the world.

3. Jaw Length Side Part Hair Designs for Men

Jaw Length Side Part Hair Designs for Men
@ frankdelalastra_salon / Instagram

How to style long hair men’s can be a difficult task if you are not sure about your appearance. When boy’s long hair is concerned, the Jaw length side part hairstyle will add a touch of maturity to the otherwise carefree look.

This requires a unique deep side parting with a large portion of hair swept to one side. Considering that the disheveled hair is in trend, this long hairstyle for men can be a good choice for a formal event.

4. Side Swept Long Hair with Undercut

Side Swept Long Hair with Undercut
@east_frisian_viking /Instagram

This haircut idea for long hair is good if you have curly hair texture. Instead of taking the safe route of cutting your hair short, allow the hair to fly free on top. If you have messy and unkempt curly hair, apply some mousse or use a bit of hair enhancer that suits your hair type for best results.

A good styling product will make your hair stylish and textured instead of the frizzy and unruly hair. This hairstyle is best suited for a man with long wavy hair.

5. Trendy Long Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Long Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

If you’re looking for a long hairstyle that’s also on-trend, consider adding curtain bangs. This style of long bangs is long and straight in the front, and then gradates to shorter layers in the back. It’s a great way to add some extra interest to your look, and it can also help to frame your face. Curtain bangs can be styled a variety of ways, so if you’re looking for a versatile option, this may be the perfect choice for you. To style, simply blow dry your hair straight, using a round brush to smooth out the bangs. Then, use a flat iron to create soft waves throughout the rest of your hair. Finish with a light misting of hairspray, and you’re good to go!

6. The Loose Bun Men’s Hairstyles with Long Hair

The Loose Bun Men’s Hairstyles with Long Hair

This is a two-step men’s haircut long hair. Firstly, pull your hair back and up and loosely tie into a ponytail with a loose knot. Pull the end of the ponytail through the bun and twist a half of the hair around the bun and leave the remaining loose at the back. You are all set to rock the party.

7. Men’s Fishtail

Men’s Fishtail
@ kaktuszaglady / Instagram

Nobody would have imagined men’s fishtail hairstyle to be so popular. Braiding a fishtail is not difficult and requires some skills, once you master it, the results are just spectacular, especially if you have straight and long hair.

8. Black Shoulder Length Long Hairstyle

Black shoulder length long hairstyle
@ the_sophisticated_scumbag / Instagram

Men with short hair may find keeping and maintaining shoulder length hair difficult. However, if you have natural black, thick and full hair, this trendy new look is easy to maintain and carry.

Spritz your hair with sea salt spray and dry it with a blow dryer or allow it to dry naturally. The spray will give the hair grit and make it perfect looking, but an imperfect messy hair finish.

9. Men’s Top knot

men's top knot

This men’s top knot hairstyle will remind you of celebrities Brad Pitt or Kurt Cobain. This is a 90’s inspired men’s hairstyle with long hair semi bun that requires you to only pull up half of your hair.

Styling this hairstyle is pretty simple, you just need to horizontally divide your hair into two sections and then tie the upper portion with a hairband.

10. Long Textured Waves for Man with Long Wavy Hair

Long Textured Waves for Man with Long Wavy Hair

This hairstyle is all about the hair texture and dimension. Made popular by Harry Styles, this style includes the features of a pompadour and waves of a medium texture and density.

This wavy hairstyle suits almost all face shapes, but is best suited for someone with a hair that has natural movement and a layered cut. Apply a bit of styling mouse to the wet hair, scrunch liberally and allow it to dry naturally or use a diffuser for directing the front portion of the hair backwards.

Once the hair is completely dry, take the front section and lightly comb backwards before setting using a flexible hairspray. This hair is full of youthful appeal.

 11. Long Slick Back

long slick back men's hairstyle
@ robhairartisan /Instagram

This style is suitable for men with medium to long length hair. It is easy to achieve and gives a suave look. The long slick back style is an undone alternative to the pony or a bun. The long slick back is more versatile because you can easily wear it with a suit or with a streetwear and would never go wrong for the occasion.

If you have fine hair, then a high shine look is preferable and can be achieved by just running your fingers through your hair with a medium hold gel. Men with textured or curly hair can rock this look by combing the front hair backwards with a mousse or pomade for stronger hold. You can leave the curls mostly intact for a good effect.

12. Long Hair for Asian Men

 Long Hair for Asian Men
@ zyn.hyte / Instagram

Men with long hairstyles are not new to Asian cultures though you may find a lot of them sporting short hairstyles now. A lot of them still rock the long hair considering the rich heritage these nations enjoy, long hair seriously does look great on Asian Men.

Asian hair is usually thick and flowing, which means they are suitable for long hair designs for men. A big chunk of Asian men have impressive curl strands making them ideal candidates for long hair styles.

13. Long Afro

long Afro Men
@camiferreira2 /Instagram

Long Afro hairstyles are bold and make a stylish statement. Long afro hairstyles exude style and is worn with a lot of pride. Long Afro styles is not restricted to one hairstyle, but they can be worn in many different ways that is ideal for every occasion.

Some men prefer their hair to be long and unlike the shorter and cleaner haircuts, this look is more about attitude, relaxed and messy.

Afro look is more about playing with your natural texture and volume. Make sure you have good hair condition or else the overall hairstyle will appear dry and unkempt.

14. Long Hair with Bangs

Long Hair with Bangs
@toniandguyspain / Instagram

Men with bangs are very attractive and there should be no resistance to try out this interesting hairstyle. Benefits of bangs are many. Bangs can completely change your appearance, make you look youthful, add volume to your hair, frame your face and hide the signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.

The versatile bangs hairstyle can be worn with different textures, volume and lengths, even making a simplest haircut look interesting. A long hair with bangs brings a lot of attention towards your eyes and allows you to experiment with various styles of fringes. Since you have long hair, you have the freedom to tie it up or leave it open according to the occasion.

15. Long Messy Hair

Long Messy Hair

There is always something very appealing and sexy about the long messy hair. This style looks as If you have emerged from the bed and headed straight to the beach, which gives a very carefree appeal.

Man with long wavy hair can wear this hairstyle with or without fringes and it is not very difficult to style too, especially if you have naturally wavy locks. They suit men with different hair textures making it a versatile hairstyle. Apply some sea salt spray to wet hair, allow it to dry naturally for best results.

To make the hairstyle all the more interesting keep shoulder length or leave it just around the jawline for highlighting the facial features.

16. Long Hairstyle with Shag Cut

men's long hair with shag cut
@ cushla.hairdresser /Instagram

The shag haircut for long hairstyles rocked the fashion arena in the 70s and was one of the most sought-after hairstyles that was left messy and cool. The resurgence of the long shag hairstyle for long hair is interesting and this is due to the versatility of the style.

They can be styled for men with different texture and types of hair. They can be layered to different lengths and is often feathered on the sides and at the top. It has a good laid back appearance and the natural textures provide a nice amount of movement to the layers.

17. Professional Long Hairstyles For Men

Professional Long Hairstyle
@ zyn.hyte / Instagram

Professional long hairstyle male need not require you to cut your long tresses. A lot of long hairstyles can look neat and well-groomed for a serious professional look instead of the long beachy and wavy hair appearance.

A few of these styles include the top knot that is more suitable for the fashion forward men and for those who look to take risks by being creative. Leave aside the top knot, a simple ponytail will also do the trick. A slick back hair is also professional while the man bun is more casual. If you pair it with the slicked back look it can successfully keep the hair out of your face.

18. Very Long Straight Hair

Very Long Straight Hair

A very long straight hair is unique. It is one of the good hairstyles for men with long hair as it has very little maintenance compared to the wavy texture hair. Wavy hair tends to get tangled fast.

Men with straight hair have different options of styling and can experiment with updos or leave them down. For a more masculine and professional appearance you can wear it in a slick back.

Middle part hair men can highlight their facial features especially their eyes and cheekbones. If you have good condition hair, then leave your straight hair open to make it appear sleek and glossy.

19. Ear Tucked Long Wavy Hair

Ear Tucked Long Wavy Hair

Men with thick hair and a subtle part with longer shoulder length hair should go for the ear tucked long wavy hair style. The wavy and fuzzy texture adds an extra layer of girth making it look completely wavy.

20. Long Curled Top with Shag Style

Long curled Hairstyle with Shag Cut
@ howtocutit/Instagram

Even curly haired men can look stylish in a long hairstyle. This curly long hair style in the shoulder length which is just enough to suit the style with some shag of thick volume on top.

21. Wavy Men’s Bob Hair and Beard

Wavy Men’s Bob Hair and Beard

Natural wavy hair makes any hairstyle versatile and this men’s long hairstyle shows how true that is. The waviness of the hair increases the texture, definition and motion at all times making the men’s bob hair attractive. This style is suitable for men with round face shape.

22. Long Hair Modern Pompadour

Long Hair Modern Pompadour
@ sammycameron_hair / Instagram

Pompadour hairstyle is usually seen on short hair men, but if done correctly, pompadour on long hair can look pretty trendy. With correct technique, the top is slightly left frizzy, brushed up and the sides are pushed back and gelled for the hair to stay back. The subtle dye here makes it look cooler.

23. Long Middle Parted Hair with Layers

Long Middle Parted Hair with Layers

This is a classic long hair with visible layers to keep the top and the sides long. The hair dye job in this hairstyle is subtle, but goes well with the cut. The combination with no beard and moustache is cool. A good overall long hairstyle for men with thinning hair.

24. Long Shag Top with French Crop

Long Shag Top with French Crop
@hollismithhead / Instagram

Not all long hairstyles with straight and shoulder length hair will look the same. Sometimes the hair is curled yet stays long. The top hair is a shag style with a french crop. The top in this long hair are rusty with blonde shade.

25. Men with Long Braid

Men with Long Braid
@steph.labraider / Instagram

Braids for men have always been a trend for years, which means men’s hairstyles with long hair have always been around. Braids for men come in many different designs from Viking long cornrows, French, fishtail to name a few that are intense. The best part of a braided look is that it protects the hair from damage, keeps hair away from face and also makes you look trendy.

26. Man Loose Bun with Undercut

 Man Loose Bun with Undercut
@ / Instagram

If you are edgy and non-conformist an undercut is a great way to display your personality. To create a bold contrast, get your stylist to shave the sides of your hair completely. For a messy pony, pull back the top section of your hair for an outstanding looking bun with an undercut.

27. Long Mullet Haircut

Long Mullet Haircut
@colourmesue / Instagram

The mullet haircut is an important hairstyle for men with long hair. It is a true classic 70s and 80s hairstyle that works for all hair types. This long hair men style is pretty easy to make. All you need is to keep the hair at the back long and leave the hair at the front and the sides short. For a fresh take to this classic haircut, go for an undercut.

28. Long Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

Long Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair

Maintaining thick hair men can be difficult and challenging, but thick hair does enhance the volume of your hair. If you love the rugged look, then the layered long hairstyles for men is ideal. It makes thick hair manageable by adding more texture. To have a good control of your thick strands, use a good quality light hold pomade or sea salt spray.

29. Long Gray Hair

Long Gray Hair
@ rocksbar_hairshop_durham / Instagram

Long hair for older men looks equally great just like the younger guys. Long gray hair is a good alternative for older men compared to the short haircuts that are more sophisticated. If you want to look young and vibrant allow your hair to grow longer and match it with an equally vibrant outfit.

This will improve the balance between the two. You can get out of the shadow of the clean-cut look and the outfit will balance out any imperfections. Try growing a beard or a goatee for a bit of self-confidence.

30. Long Hair with Highlights

Long Hair with Highlights

Long hair and highlights are a very good combination that works all the time. If you are not interested in coloring your hair fully, the highlights are a great choice. Highlights can be used cleverly to add subtle shades of color to your free-flowing long hair.

Experiment with different shades that will go with your long tresses and enjoy a whole new experience. Highlights have the ability to accentuate the length of your hair. It gives an illusion of long hair, especially the vertical streaks.

31.Half-up Half-down

A dramatic strand of thin hair meets an elegant man hair bun. It’s a win for both of us when we have our jawline & neck clearly visible. When worn with longer strands these looks are particularly striking.

When half-up, hold the lower half hair in knots, looping into knots to allow for the movement. Generally androgynous with day-grown hairs maintain their appearance with the use of sprayed with sprayed water or sea salts and rubbing the roots with dry hair.

32.Long Viking Hairstyle

Long Viking Hairstyle
@ danwright348 / Instagram

Manly, virtuous and bold – awakening your spirit by wearing long Viking hairstyles. The length of the hairstyle of the man can be worn with many styles of sex & sexy. Show the courage in your face by putting your hair in half a full ponytail, rocking your hair with courage and braids & a little.

33.Man Mullet with Curly Top

Man Mullet with Curly Top
@ yukikano / Instagram

It is a fact that mens long haircuts are confident but also challenge gender roles. This curled features & fits several hairstyles. The great news is that the longer the hair, the better. Add more vibe through the fades in the side of mullet, or opt for fewer fades undercut.

34.Long Hairstyle with Quiff

Long Hairstyle with Quiff

Mixing quail hair with long hair can make your hair heavier so you have to dry it at high temperatures. Buy strong hair products and you will have great volume and a great quail. Give it some time and make the correct decision. It is a bolder long haircut for men.

35. Soft Mullet

Soft Mullet Men's Haircut
@ yukikano / Instagram

Long haircuts for men are manageable and easily obtainable if they are kept reasonably long. Try an approach with an accent on the neck. Tease down roots a little and comb hair over to a bangs-like look. Retro looks are stylish and elegant.

36. Blonde and Long Dutch Braids

Men with long dutch fade

Braids for women can be as chic for men as it could be for a woman… maybe even chicer. What are your favorite hair colors? Try a two dutch braid. A men plaited style appearance reflects color beautifully and will make you stand out from all crowds.

37. Front Highlights for Men

Front Highlights for Men
@ being_asadkhan /Instagram

Having perfectly blue front highlight is an excellent hairstyle for long straight hair. You actually have an amazing haircut in your hand which requires very little or no effort whatsoever! Invest in straight-defining hair styling lotions. Use mousse on dry hair, then blow dry with a diffuser.

38.Easy Swept-Back Layered Style

Easy Swept-Back Layered Style
@360_hairstudioandbarbershop / Instagram

Long hairstyles for guys probably make you envision an outdoorsy, wood-stoked man with twisted hair descending down his back. Although long, males are incredibly stylish and cool. Shoulder-length hair is ideal when it’s time to go longer without being too heavy.

39. Modern Buntu Knots Men’s Hairstyle

Modern Buntu Knots Men's Hairstyle
@ mauricedenexter / Instagram

This popular black men’s curly style are very complex and require some personality. Firstly, the hair has a long length. Eventually they were fashioned into three ponytail, and twist up in a bun. The buntu knots work is very rewarding.

40. Long Hair with Side Cornrow Braids

Men's Long Hair with Side Cornrow Braids

Many hairstyles for men with long hair target those with a longer face. It’s exactly what it was: Two segments, Side cornrow braids and natural long hair. Keep it simple, keep it relaxed.

41.Braided Bun with Undercut

It’s where punk meets hipsters and hiphop. You should French braid a lot of hair and work close to the scalp for shorter hair. At the end, put the hair in the traditional high bun.

42.Multi-Colored Men

Multi-Colored Men

Most men don’t look fundamental. It is always possible to raise things even if you have long locks. Extension to women? Why don’t we have such beautiful results?

43. c

Long Loose Wave Men

Long hairstyles for men have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many men opting for a more relaxed and casual look. One such hairstyle that has gained a lot of attention is the long loose wave. This hairstyle involves growing out the hair to a longer length and allowing it to naturally fall into loose waves. The result is a laid-back and effortlessly cool look that is perfect for those who want to embrace their natural hair texture.

Long loose waves can be achieved by using a combination of styling products and techniques, such as using a curling iron or applying sea salt spray to add texture and enhance the waves. This hairstyle is versatile and can be worn for both formal and casual occasions, making it a great choice for men who want to switch up their look.

44. Long Hair Haircuts For Boy

Long Hair Haircuts For Boy

A cute long hairstyle with bangs for boy. Natural curly locked and a layer of hair adds volumes to your boy’s hairstyle and makes your hair look fluffy.

45. Lip Length Bob with Middle Parted

Men's bob Haircut

There are several reasons why the men’s bob is such a hot trend. First, it looks good on everyone. Second, it’s easy to maintain. Third, it’s versatile. Fourth, it’s a classic cut that will never go out of style. And finally, it’s an affordable option for anyone who wants to try something new with his hair.

46. Long Frosted Hair

Long Frosted Hair
@catcoiffeur / Instagram

The frosted hairstyle has been around since the 1950s, Long frosted hair is a popular trend in men’s long hairstyles. This style involves growing out the hair to a longer length and then adding frosted highlights or streaks for a unique and edgy look.

The frosted effect is achieved by lightening certain sections of the hair to create a contrast with the base color. This technique can be done with various shades, such as blonde, silver, or even bold colors for a more daring look. Men who embrace the long frosted hair style often exude confidence and individuality, as it allows them to express their personal style in a distinctive way.


What is considered as a long hair for men?

How you look at long hair depends a lot on the culture of the country. The rule is hair anywhere above 6 inches is considered as long hair for men. Any length that is below the bottom of your earlobes is considered as long lustrous hair. Professional long hairstyles male stylist can suggest a good length depending on your requirement.

How to cut men’s long hair?

Regular cutting of long hair is an essential part of grooming even if you sport long hair. If you want to maintain a healthy growth rate and get rid of any split ends, then you will have to cut the tips of your long hair every 2 to 3 months. If you are sporting a fade undercut, then regularly you may have to get an undercut or fade cut done to carry off the cool looking man bun fade or the side swept undercut. Go for a professional stylist to add some extra flair, texture to your flowing tresses.

How to style long hair?

Whatever may be your hair texture, accept it with pride. Go for a slicked back look for a suave, stylish and an undone appearance. opt for a middle part if your hair is straight and go for side part if it is curly and wavy hair. To tie your hair up go for the man bun or a ponytail. For the bold ones, consider the dreadlocks look.

How to choose the best men’s long hairstyle for every day?

The most effective daily look is the hair style that is maintained from the natural texture of the hair. This statement especially shows itself on male hairstyles. If the women could flat iron their hair and make it weave it was impossible for him. Low maintenance should be an essential feature for any man’s do. The importance of a good haircut especially for long hair. All omissions from this cut will affect the way you dress and will significantly complicate the styling routine. Fine hairs which tend to curl frizzle excessively when heavily layered.

How to maintain long hairstyles for men?

Once you decide to keep your locks long, then be prepared for some maintenance. For a healthy long locks, maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and by regular trimming of your tresses. Choose products that are good for your hair and avoid excessive use of dryer and products that have the tendency to dry your hair. If you are wearing ponytail regularly, then brush your hair and tie it with a soft hair band.

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