Long Hairstyles For Older Women


Julianne Moore: Longish hair

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Long hairstyles for older women is very difficult to maintain. Julianne Moore is able to manage it as her cut is clean and well defined. Ask your stylist for delineated layers from your collarbone downwards in case you have fine or medium hair. In case you have thick hair, adding soft layers on the underside with scissors will make it thin. Sleek uniform ends are always beneficial to have.

Demi Moore: Crazy Long Waves

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Demi Moore has extremely long hair. The key to maintain this hair is to take care of its health and thickness. It is fine if your hair can grow this long. If it cannot grow naturally you can use extensions. You can ask your stylist to cut it down at the ends which would make you appear that much youthful.

Andie Macdowell: Long Waves

Andie Macdowell Long Waves-10 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50-10

Andie has a lot of hair and hence this style suits her beautifully. The fullness of the hair is mostly concentrated at the bottom. To get this look you can ask your stylist for a long layered cut which includes subtle cuts around your face area.

Other Long hairstyles Ideas

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