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Creating a Magical Christmas Morning for Your Family

Magical christmas is a pivotal moment in the calendars of many families. If you have young children, the art of “doing” Christmas in a fun, memorable way takes centre place at this time! But no matter how old your kids are, there are lots of things you can do to make Christmas morning a magical family tradition. 

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A magical hallway

On Christmas Eve, it may suddenly become easy to convince the kids to go to bed early. After all, Santa may not be able to drop the presents off if they’re still wondering about the house in their PJs! It’s a clever way to buy yourself a little bit of extra time. Why not use it to transform the hallway into a magical land? Waking up on Christmas morning will be even more exciting! 

Create a winter wonderland with magical lights to give a fairytale feel, hanging snowflakes, garlands and it’s not even a hallway anymore – it’s a snow globe. If you don’t want to hammer any more nails into the wall, just use a few command strips.  

Santa’s footprints

You can also have some fun with the Santa tradition (and we’re not just talking about the glass of sherry you might be downing!). Leave evidence of the big red man’s visit in the morning for your children to find. Perhaps cut some tooth marks into any carrots the kids left out for Rudolf. Or a bag of oats tied with a red ribbon as a thank you from Rudolf to your child.

If you have a non-carpeted floor, you could even coat some (clean) boots in water and flour. Then carefully create a line of footprints from the fireplace to the Christmas tree (and any treats he may Father Christmas might have enjoyed). It should be noted that this works best if you don’t have any curious pets who might tamper with Santa’s evidence.

Christmas breakfast

A staple Christmas breakfast is a memorable way to start Christmas morning as a family. Cosy comfort foods like French toast or breakfast muffins are a nice treat that’ll still leave everyone with room for dinner. 

Treasure hunts

Maybe Santa left the house this year with more than just presents for the kids. What if he was feeling mischievous and decided to hide the last and very best present, leaving instructions to help the children find it?

If you make this announcement after the kids have sat down for the traditional present opening ceremony, it can be even more exciting. 

And who knows? Maybe Santa could make that treasure hunt extra special by leaving each hint on sparkly notecards with curly, elf-like handwriting that doesn’t look like a parent has written it.

Many of our Christmas traditions go back a long way. As a family, you can create special memories by combining your tried-and-tested favourites as well as creating a few new ones!

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