20 Matching Tattoo Ideas For Sisters


matching tattoo ideas for sisters

Here are some matching tattoo ideas for sisters. Do you love your sister? Are you both fond of tattoos? Then look at these exciting options.

They are playful ideas that may be suitable for friends too. Some other ideas have a cute and inspiring message.

matching tattoo ideas for sisters

Explore our 20 matching tattoo ideas for sisters and chose the one that better suits you, to Create A Lasting Bond.

20. Matrushkas

matching tattoo ideas for sisters

Do you know the Russian game of the Matrushkas? They are small containers of different sizes. You can place one inside another. They all have the form of a doll like you can see the tattoos. For sisters, it is a beautiful option because you may tell who is the bigger and smaller sister just by the size of the Matrushkas. Add your favorite color and personalize this excellent idea of matching tattoos.

19. Honey Bees Matching Tattoo Ideas For Sisters

matching tattoo ideas for sisters Matching honey bees are an excellent choice for tattoos. An upgrade of this tattoo idea is to add a name instead of the curve lines behind the bees. Use cursive and dots to preserve the design idea, but make it a personal.

18. Sister’s Philosophy

matching tattoo ideas for sistersThere is always a sister who knows where she is. She is secure and mature. At times she might seem pessimistic saying “we are standing on the edge.” The other sister (usually the smallest) is just wondering “one day you’ll know where you are.” Get philosophical with your sister, and turn it into an incredible tattoo.

17. Just Matching Tattoo Ideas For Sisters (Just Sisters)

matching tattoo ideas for sisters Just write the word sisters. That is enough to make a statement. This design resembles the infinity symbol, which adds a deeper meaning (sisters forever).

16. Be true to thy own self

matching tattoo ideas for sisters Choose a phrase and complement it. Like this one that reads “be true to thy own self.”

15. Salt & Pepper

matching tattoo ideas for sisters Some sisters are different, but they are still sisters. It is like having salt and pepper. Choose who the salt is and who the pepper to apply this tattoo idea is. Add some colors to make it more attractive.

14. From inside our minds

matching tattoo ideas for sisters You may draw a message inside your minds. Make it on opposite sides to show your tattoos as they are standing. You can hide the design if you use loose hair.

13. Little Sister and Big Sister Love

matching tattoo ideas for sisters Express your love for little and big sister with this matching tattoo ideas for sisters. I like this design because it frames the letters with half a heart that beautifully express much love.

12. Blue Feathers

matching tattoo ideas for sistersAll you have to do is chose a symbol, like their blue feathers. It can be something simple that represents who you are or what you like. It will be a bond to keep you together.

11. Follow your heart and never look back

matching tattoo ideas for sistersSend a message to the world together. This is an excellent choice: “Follow your heart, never look back.” It can reflect how you feel about life. Like this message it doesn’t have to be together to mean something. However, when you join both messages it suddenly has a new dimension and a deeper meaning.

10. Ying-Yang

matching tattoo ideas for sistersYing-Yang is a symbol that represents a complement. It is the day and night, the good and bad, the light and darkness. We all have a part of yang and a part of yang. The important thing is the balance. When you love somebody, even sisters’ love, it usually is about balance. You take care of each other, preventing the balance to break.

9. The call

matching tattoo ideas for sisters When you look at a fun tattoo, you may try this idea. It will remind you that you can call your sister anytime. This tattoo is also a good choice for friends too. It symbolizes how communication is important. By being different drawings, you can express your individuality.

8. You keep me safe, and you keep me wild

matching tattoo ideas for sisters With sisters, there is always a good sister and a wild sister. As you can see, they are a complement. The first one needs her sister to keep her out of trouble. It is interesting how she chose her ass to write the message there. The spot reflects how wild she is. The second note talks about how her sister keeps her wild. It is important to have balance in life and to be serious all the time is not okay. A bit of wildness is needed, and she recognizes that her sister has that ability. Think about how your sister makes you feel and in which ways you full the other. Then, come up with a phrase that you can make your own. Put the message in a place that is meaningful.

7. I’ll be your wings, and I’ll be your anchor

matching tattoo ideas for sisters The design on this double foot tattoo is full of meaning. You can express everything you are willing to do for the other person with such a message. It is a good way to say I love you. The complementing images are perfect. Start now choosing a message to say to your sister and a complementing picture. Then draw matching tattoos on your feet. You can print the final design before you print it permanently on your skin to see how it looks.

6. Day and Night

matching tattoo ideas for sisters One of you is the day, and another is the night. You can find matching sun and moon designs to tattoo them on your forearms.

5. The World

matching tattoo ideas for sisters If you are more than one sister, then choose a continent and create the world. This idea could be a more meaningful tattoo if you were born in different parts of the world. At the end, when you gather together you can reunite the whole world. This is also an interesting idea when you live apart.

4. Pineapples

matching tattoo ideas for sistersFor those sisters living in a tropical place, a pineapple can be a good choice. It is full of color and looks cute. You can choose other symbol or fruit. The whole idea is to share a moment together.

3. There is no better friend than a sister…, and there is no better sister than you

matching tattoo ideas for sisters Sisters are friends, and this is a cute way to express it. While one sister tells the other that she is her best friend, the other sister replies that she is the best sister. It is a lovely way to express love.

2. The swallows

matching tattoo ideas for sisters Matching swallows is a good way to share a tattoo. Look how one is a contour and the other a shadow. They both are the same style of swallows, but flying in different ways. That is how sisters are, two people with the same shadow, but with different thoughts and traveling in different directions. You can choose another animal to create your matching tattoo ideas for sisters.

1. The Bouquet of Flowers

matching tattoo ideas for sisters Pick your favorite flower and make a bouquet. This idea is also suitable for best friends. You just have to change the “sister” legend on the stem of each flower to make it appropriate for friends.

To have a matching tattoo with your sister is a good way to express your love for her. When you get different paths in life, it will also be a way to remember your sister. Write a message and give your tattoos a deeper meaning with these matching tattoo ideas for sisters.

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