Helpful Tips to Maximize Your Apartment Space

Helpful Tips to Maximize Your Apartment Space - tidy room

Living in an apartment is not new to people at the heart of the city. It is their sanctuary in the middle of the crowded part of the country or state. Many people consider a lot of factors before moving into a new apartment. The location, design, and price are the necessary components of the apartment search that a renter needs to check. 

There are a few types of apartments known today, such as studio-type, loft, duplex, triplex, railroad, walk-up, and many others. One of the common struggles of the renters is space. Don’t over expect that the size of the apartment is as big and spacious as the property houses in the village. It usually has a limited size. 

The next challenge you’ll encounter after getting a new apartment of your choice is to make it look spacious, cozy, and homely. Read on below the various helpful tips to help you decide what steps to take to make your small apartment look spacious and beautiful.

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Bookshelves from the Floor to the Ceiling

Bookshelves are space maximizers, especially in a small closed room. The use of bookshelves in an apartment is so useful to make use of the limited space in organizing your books and other stuff in an orderly manner. 

A bookshelf in the living room that stands from the floor to the ceiling will give you a visual impression that it looks bigger than its actual size. Moreover, bookshelves are not only space savers, but these also enhance the beauty of the entire room. Aside from books, you can also incorporate decorative pieces such as figurines, vases, picture frames, and many others. 

Natural Light from the Windows

Helpful Tips to Maximize Your Apartment Space
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Allowing natural sunlight to illuminate your apartment will make it look bigger. However, if windows are limited in your apartment, you can be creative in making use of different light fixtures such as track lighting, chandelier, table and desk lamps, ceiling lights, pendant and cove lightings, and many others. 

Moreover, if access to the sunlight outside is available through windows and doors, take advantage of it. Don’t use dark-colored curtains because these will obstruct sunlight from going through. If you plan to have color red as the dominating color in your apartment, make use of the very light shade of red for your curtains. 

Colors Affect Space

An important factor affecting your visual perception of the apartment’s space without taking out anything is the wall paint color. You may find a room so confining and very small with the use of dark colors. You might find it more sophisticated and exciting inside your room, but you might not also compromise using dark colors to squeeze the space of your apartment. 

Moreover, the light colors may look pale, unattractive, and uninteresting to others. However, light colors, especially white color, is a symbol of innocence and purity. According to color psychology, the brightness of color white gives you a perception of space. Thus, many interior designers use this color to maximize the space of any room at home.  

Many interior designers spend extra time during the selection of colors of the walls and ceilings. They want to make sure that the colors they choose are favorable to the renters without compromising their idea and concept to make the apartment marketable.  You can check brilliant designs online like Melbourne Apartments News and other related sites. 

Sliding Door over Classical Door

The main entry of your house is the front door. It will be necessary to make it safe, reliable, and beautiful at the same time. Classical doors are the most common front doors in a typical house. It can be a wooden door, framed door, vinyl door, and many other door types. Hence, you can do nothing with the main entry when you consider maximizing your home’s space. 

Since the classical doors even make the interiors look small, it’s not that effective to be the doors inside your apartment. The sliding door is an effective solution. You can put sliding doors in the bedroom, shower room, dining room, and other available rooms in your apartment. 

A sliding door has a frame from the top down to the floor with a track made of metal or vinyl fits in and moves into it. Moreover, since sliding doors are made of clear material, it’ll give you an interior view in the adjacent room. 

When you swing the classical door open, it consumes space for the opening arc. With the sliding door, you’ll need to glide the glass along the track with no extra space needed. Hence, the use of a sliding door is a better choice over the classical door when you want your small apartment to look spacious. 

Mirror Adds Visual Space 

Helpful Tips to Maximize Your Apartment Space
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One of the effective ways of making a little apartment look naturally big is the use of a mirror. A mirror is a surface made of glass with a metal amalgam that reflects anything that faces it. The light can’t pass through the mirror, but it bounces back to create an image. 

When you put a big mirror in the living room, it lets you see the image it’s facing. Hence, it’ll give you a perception of a spacious room. Moreover, every time the mirror catches a ray of light, it deflects to the other parts of the room. Therefore, it gives more illumination to the interior of your apartment, and it looks bigger and more spacious. 


Aside from what was written above, there are still many options to consider to make a small apartment look wider and more spacious. You could feel imprisoned and incommodious inside a small apartment. However, different ideas and designs can trick your eyes to make your apartment’s interiors look bigger than its actual size.

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