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40 Stylish Men’s Haircut For Round Face To Try

Men with round faces have a typical physical characteristic that is unique. These unique characteristics include round shaped jaw, full round cheekbones and similar width and height. These unique characteristics makes it difficult to find styles and haircuts that stand out. It is not a mean task. Finding men’s haircut for round face is not easy to say the least. Before coming to a conclusion, you need to find out if you really have a round face and if so, then there are a few pointers you need to understand.

Once you know that you have a round face, then you should be ready to avoid certain stylistic elements and openly embrace few others. The main aim is to add volume and, in the process, avoid bulk. Volume helps in improving face dimension and provides a few more angles to work with.

Men’s haircuts for round faces should include styles that avoids center parts and long hair that goes towards the temples. These small points add width to the face. Buzz cuts are a strict no as this haircut round face increases the roundness of the head. If you love long hair and want to sport one, then don’t go too long since long hair will add width.

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What is a round face?

Round faces look like square faces, but still, they do not have any of the angular features or soft edges. Choosing a men’s hairstyle for round faces will help improve your style and appearance. For a round face man, the length and width have similar average measurements with the jaw being slightly smaller.

Haircuts for men with round face shapes

If you are finding it difficult to select a short haircut for chubby face or any good haircut for round face shape, then the following article will help solve your dilemma. You can choose from the following pictures of men’s haircut for round face that are some of the excellent choices for rounding haircut. These select haircuts look great on round faces.

1. Spiky Haircut for Round Face Men

Spiky Haircut for Round Face Men

Go for thick spikes, which is a nice way to change your face profile. The tall spikes of about one inch gives a good amount of edge to your round face. To emphasize the height of your hair further, get the sides of your hair shorter.

2. Celebrities with Round Faces

Celebrities with Round Faces

Famous celebrities with round faces include Leonardo DiCaprio and Antonio Banderas. One has blonde hair and the other brunette. Both these famous personalities opted for the medium length hair on all sides with the top combed over the crown of the head. This men’s haircut for round faces allows your fans to have a clear view of your gorgeous face.

3. Choppy Mullet

Choppy Mullet for round face men
Instagram@ thetonidominguez

The Mullet hairstyle is the only way out to create additional volume. The top of the hair is layered to give the mullet choppy look that can be styled in a casual or dressed up way.

4. Pompadour Men’s Hairstyle For Round Face

pompadour men's hairstyles for round faces
Instagram @antreasflouris

The pompadour with temple fade is one of the most sought-after hairstyles for round faces because it is sleek, cool and trendy. But if you still prefer the traditional style, then give the look an edgier and more contemporary feel with shaved undercut sides. This will emphasize the fullness and height of the hair at the top taking away all the attention from the roundness of the face.

5. Round Face Haircut with Beard

Round Face Haircut with Beard

Combine your full beard with a volumized haircut to give your round face a longer look that is unique. The best part of round face beard is that you can skip the shaving ritual and instead adopt beard grooming.

6. Crew Haircut for Round Face Men

Crew Haircut for Round Face Men
Instagrram @masterbarber

This is an ideal haircut for men who love to sport a military haircut. It requires very little grooming, is easy to style and almost not maintenance. This classic hairstyle features short hair on the sides and back, with slightly longer hair on top. It helps to create a more angular and structured look, which can help to balance out the roundness of the face.

The crew haircut is versatile and can be styled in different ways, depending on personal preference. Some men may choose to keep the top slightly longer for a more textured look, while others may prefer a shorter and more polished style. Overall, the crew haircut is a great option for round-faced men looking for a stylish and flattering hairstyle.

7. Modern Quiff

Modern Quiff for round face men

The modern quiff is one of the most popular men’s hairstyles for round faces, which will help elongate the face shape. The idea is to increase volume by just brushing up your quiff, but how high you want to take it will depend on your preference.

8. Hairstyle For Over 60 Round Face

Hairstyle For Over 60 Round Face

As you age, there is more elegance and sophistication and the hairstyle you sport contributes a lot to how you look. Older men over 60 can consider this hairstyle for a classier look. The short blond and grey hair is styled in a very simplistic and minimalistic way and a groomed hipster beard gives the style a classy feel.

9. Dreadlocks Style

Men's deadlock hairstyle for round face
Instagram @t.o_barber

Men’s haircut for round faces also includes the famous dreadlocks style. If you are happy with your long hair, then these long dreads are a nice way to style your locks. Dreadlocks have a good ability to elongate your face making it very appealing. For a perfect dreadlocks style, make sure you grow your hair to medium or long length. This style needs initial caring, but once set, you can be carefree.

10. Classic Undercut

men's under cut haircut round face.
Instagram @salon39onstate

Men who love classical hairstyles will surely love this undercut look. The sides are cut short, and the top portion is left long enough for all types of experimentation. The contrast between the side and the top makes your face appear longer.

11. Comb Over for Round Face Hairstyle

Comb Over for Round Face Hairstyle
Instagram @dalehince

A good way to open your forehead and to keep the hair neat is to create a high comb over. To make this subtle makeover from the spiky head to a neatly combed look, you will need plenty of gel to groom.

12. Wavy & Bangs

Men's round face hairstyle with curly bangs
Instagram @janosipyan

Wavy hair and bangs is a combination that is unheard of. The textured finish of the bangs makes you look attractive and fresh like no other hairstyle. The bangs hairstyle for round face to look slim is a smart way to groom.

13. Afro Style

Afro men's hair for round shape

Afro styles are always unique, and this afro style is a bit difficult to achieve, but there is no harm in trying it out. This afro men’s hairstyle for round face needs the services of an expert stylist who can work around your hair. These lines and defined edges are like an art. If you are looking for an afro hairstyle that is cool and stylish, then settle down for this one.

14. Shaved with Beard

Round face beard makes you appear handsome and avoids the baby face look. The beard makes the hairstyle look less rounded and more masculine.

15. Caezar Cut Style

caezar cut men's round face shape style
Instagram @neocape

The middle portion of the hair is cut way too short to make it resemble a hay and the sides are given a fade haircut. This is a great looking short haircut for chubby faces that is easy to maintain and requires almost no care.

16. Bangs on Round Face

Men's round face with Bangs
Instagram @envybarbers

It is easy to identify round faces because of their full wide cheeks. Bangs on round face is a big not as they tend to accentuate your face’s fullness. Bangs still look great with the round face if you go for thick side-swept bangs that are cut at a strong angle instead of the straight bangs.

17. Mid-Length Top and Faded Sides

Men's round face long top short sides
Instagram @xbigwesx

If you love longer hair on top, then keep the length concentrated there and just below the crown. This style is perfectly suited for round faced men and also for thick hair men. The fade starts high in the front and drops down around the back.

18. Medium Wavy Haircut for Round Face

Medium Wavy Haircut for Round Face

This is a good style to sport if you have medium wavy haircut. This versatile hairstyle not only suits your face, but also helps divert attention from the roundness of face. In order to look sexy and smart, it is recommended to keep your hair little messy, but retaining the proper definition of the hair.

19. The Sleek Side Part

The Sleek Side Part
Instagram @stmntgrooming

A lot of men love the side part, but there are those who enjoy the sleek side part too. Whatever maybe your choice, if you have round face, you will surely carry any of these hairstyles effortlessly.


There are a lot of low maintenance haircut for square face, but above you must have read about many haircuts for round face men that are stylish and maintenance free too. Get inspired and feel free to try them out depending on your personality.


How do I look good with round face?

If you are blessed with a round face, then one important thing to look good is to keep your hair symmetrical and a bit longer. The parting complements your face and balances it out.

What haircut looks best on a round face?

Round face men who are interested in short haircut should go for a side part, an undercut, pompadour, textured crop, side bangs or the slicked back style with tapered sides. Go for the messy waves, a brow flow, a blow out, dread locks or long hair if you love to sport something longer

How to choose a hairstyle for a round face?

  • Make sure you choose a hairstyle that will elongate your face and add angles.
  • Avoid haircuts that draws attention to your broad cheekbones.
  • Select a side part that will add some dimension and shape to your face.
  • Go for hairstyles with short sides and/or long top, like the pompadour and undercut to balance the face shape.
  • Add some texture or volume on top to draw attention and to make your face appear a more flattering oval shape.
  • Grow your hair to medium or long length for balance and ease of styling.

How can hairstyles for round faces men help?

If you choose correctly, a hairstyle can change the shape of your face. It can elongate your face or make it seem like it has more angles. It can also slim you down a bit. Usually, men with round faces are advised to for hairstyles that have a lot of height like the pompadour, faux hawk, spikes and the good-looking man bun. The height of the haircut basically will pull up your structure and make your face appear slim.

Is long hair good for men with round faces?

Long hair is a preferred choice as men’s hairstyles for round faces because the longer the hair gets, the more oval your face will appear. Aim for long hair that is mid length for a great looking hairstyle.

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