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16 Gorgeous Metallic Nail Designs That Will Shine You Up

metallic nails

Metallic nail designs have been around for centuries. The earliest examples can be found in ancient Egyptian tombs, where gold and silver nails were used to decorate the Pharaohs’ sarcophagi. In more recent history, metallic nails have been popularized by Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

Today, metallic nails are still as popular as ever, with women of all ages incorporating them into their personal style. Whether you prefer a subtle touch of sparkle or an all-out glitterfest, there’s a metallic nail design to suit your taste. So why not give Metallic Nail Designs Try ?!

Metallic Nail Designs are perfect for any season but we think theyre extra special during the festive season ! What do you think ?

Metallic Nails Designs

Metallic nails art have become extremely popular these days, especially the metallic gold stripes. Depending on the design, the stripes can be vertical, horizontal, or in chevron stripes. The youth in particular are crazy over these metallic nails, the reason being they are great for night parties and activities as these nails give you an outgoing or flashy appearance.

A lot of girls wonder as to how to recreate the metallic nails designs and would love to get it done. However, there are various ways to create these designs and stand out from the rest.

In this article you will get to know some of the simplest and easiest ways to create your own metallic nail art designs. First time is a good learning experience and even if you fail for the first time, with enough practice you can nail the art of metallic nails. You can even choose any color according to your liking.

The color combination also matters the most, so make sure you select the right combination. The most popular shades are gold and silver, as they are more metallic, but there are various other colors too, which one can experiment with.

So go ahead and do not hesitate to experiment with these metallic nails designs that can be created to suit your style.

1. Silver Nail Designs

Silver Nail Designs

We all are now aware that metallic nails are shimmery and stylish. The silver metallic color will enhance your overall appearance as you wear it with a smart black dress giving it an ultimate modern twist. These sliver metallic nails are eye catching and at close look it gives the nails a holographic flourish.

2. Black Chrome Nails

Ever wondered why black is so popular and the most stylish shades when the metallic nail art trend is concerned? The reason being the black color blends effortlessly with every skin tone, it suits women of all age groups and can be easily combined with other colors like silver and gold.

3. Mirror Foil Nails Designs

Gold color is considered the king of nail polishes, but silver nail polish color is the queen. The silver mirror foil nail art designs shown below can be worn to look sexy. These mirror foil stickers for nails provides nice reflection and of course can make a few jaws drop in the crowd.

4. Shiny Leopard Nails

Shiny Leopard Nails

The metallic gold nail art can literally cause the temperatures to fly high. The golden metallic nails are versatile and can be worn for any occasion with flair. The simple gold design alone will shine throughout the day and of course night too. Gold metallic nail art blends well with all skin tones. Gold can be easily combined with other metallic colors or embossed to create an altogether new nail art.

5. Sparkling Gold Pattern Nails

Metallic gold color nails

As we all now know that gold can be combined with any other color easily, the below sparkling gold pattern will set you out from the crowd. Metallic gold color blends well with all the skin tones and the nail art design here is a great complement for the dark hair.

6. Black Matt Stiletto Nails

Stiletto nails looks a bit intense to be worn to every occasion, but this metallic nails has the ability to make an impression. You can even opt for the false stiletto nails that can be filed down or on the sides so that they can fit accurately on your natural nail. You can accent these silver nails with silver jewelry for an added impact.

7. Mirror Nail Polish

Mirror nail polish is hitting the fashion trend and is gaining popularity very fast. The mirror nails is the latest manicure trend that comes in different interesting shades like white, silver and pink. The mirror nail can be done easily at home with pigmented powders or metallic wraps. This look is practical and bold. This goes well with the floral dress.

8. Shiny Gold Nails

Shiny Gold Nails

The metallic nail polish is versatile and combines well with various accessories. Combine the silver metallic nail art with gold rings like here, to make a statement. If you have a good fashion sense, then you will know how to mix gold and silver color.

9. Gray Nails with Shiny Gold French Tips

Metallic is the latest trend now, but if you are not comfortable with full metallic nails, then it would be better to restrict the metallic design to the tips. This looks beautiful and eye-catching. This design is ideal for most occasions like parties and other special occasions. Usually this variation is done with gold or silver, but you can even consider other colors like bronze, pewter or copper.

10. French Manicure with Mirror Tips

Other than the soft pink nail polish, you can combine the silver metallic nail art at the tips with the silver nail polish. This is another twist to the soft pink nail polish. The silver polish combined with the silver metallic nail art gives it a mirror like shine at the tips. This is a very stylish combination that suits all occasions.

11. Cool Metallic Nails with Zebra Pattern

Animal prints are very popular and this pattern looks mature and sophisticated for women. The most commonly seen animal print is the leopard print, but you can consider zebra and snakeskin patterns, which also looks equally great. The metallic zebra pattern mirrors your wild side. Now be ready to garner a lot of eyeballs with this wild pattern.

12. Metallic Ombre Nails

Metallic ombre nails are here to stay and look absolutely gorgeous. Initially the nail looks pretty normal and nothing great, but as you move the metallic iridescent nail will shine and glimmer with different color variations. Pink undertones will make this metallic nail more attractive. Make sure you use a good and deeper color as the base coat and add opal polish on the top for that shimmering look.

13. Black and Metallic Twist to French manicure

Black and Metallic Twist to French manicure

The classic French manicure can be reinvented with different variations that will suit your style. You can enhance the overall appearance of the simple black colored nail polish by combining it with the bronze metallic twist, which makes it very elegant. The combination of matt and gloss takes the nail art to another level.

14. Mirror Ball Nails Finish

Glossy nails will always be in trend. They are classy and can be worn for anytime of the day and for all occasions. So don’t hesitate and be the centre of attraction with the mirror ball inspired nail finish. Get ready for the dance floor with this disco inspired nail art design.

15. Broken Mirror Nails

Shattered glass or broken mirror nails are definitely an attention grabber. It is an absolute hit. Even though this may look complicated, but the fact remains this is extremely easy to do. It is one of the best metallic nail art designs for the parties.

16. Nail Design with Rhinestones

Metallic nails designs looks all the more beautiful when you make use of rhinestones or crystals. The gorgeous looking rhinestones will make your nails shine. It is a perfect nail art design for that special occasion.

The best part of wearing the metallic nails is that you can sport them without knowing the complexity of the nail art designs. They can be easily combined with numerous designs and patterns like the ones showed above effortlessly. If you are a bold, confident and outgoing girl, then go ahead and try out one of the above metallic nail art designs.

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