Should I get microblading done? Perspective from female in early 30s

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What is this hottest brow trend all about? Does it work? Is it worth it? Should I get microblading done for my brows? Here’s my verdict after trying it out myself. 

Whether you like it or not, your eyebrows can indicate if you are attractive enough. In fact, many studies show that men are more attracted to women with thicker eyebrows. It is an interesting result, especially when we always thought the thinner, the better through the years. 

Nowadays, if you lack some hair in your eyebrows, it constantly looks weird and odd, unless you decide to apply a brow pencil every day. It takes time and practice to get it right, particularly when you’re in a rush to go to the office. Thus, one of the best solutions is getting a Microblading Tattoo. 

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First of all, what is Microblading?

Microblading is a type of tattooing technique where a small handheld tool consisting of several tiny needles deposit semi-permanent pigment into the upper region of your skin. What makes it different from standard eyebrow tattooing is that each hairstroke is created by a hand using a blade. It will then create realistic and delicate slices of hair strokes on your skin. 

Result-wise, it leaves your eyebrows looking natural, that it can last up to one to two years. If you want to create, enhance, or reshape your eyebrows’ appearance, say their shape and color, then microblading is your best option. 

The microblading procedure usually takes two appointments. The initial appointment is to get to know what will work with your brow bone and face shape. The technician will have to choose the correct microblading pigments to match your hair and complexion. This time, the technician would also perform the  microblading and draw out your brows. The second meeting includes the actual touch-up and making sure the brows move along with your face when you are making expressions. The entire process is very precise because of the pen-like tool, and it creates incredible results that you’ll love! 

What makes it different from having your brows tattooed? 

Microblading is not permanent. Unlike tattooing, it is not planted in the deep layers of your skin. That means the color would fade after about eighteen months. In case you want to change the style, later on, you can still do so. 

Microblading versus Microshading

Now, don’t get confused! They are both semi-permanent make-up for eyebrows, but the latter has a softer finish. Hair-like strokes result from microblading, but if you’d prefer a less defined finish, you might want to go for microshading. If you want to get the most natural finish, ask your technician if they can combine both methods for you!

Is Microblading Safe?

For microblading, it is uncommon to encounter any serious complications, unlike the other forms of tattooing that have risks of transmitting blood-borne pathogenic organisms, such as HIV or Hepatitis. 

Nevertheless, we recommend checking with a professional with updated licenses before getting any type of tattoo services. It is best to check their experience and the training they went through. 

Does it Hurt?

Not really! Big thanks to the numbing ointment applied before the procedure that lasts about an hour. Unlike traditional tattooing, this is a faster process. You will feel a plucking sensation and hear the blade’s scratching sound, but other than that, there’s nothing else to worry about. Imagine, after an hour’s sacrifice, you’ll feel fabulous afterward! 

What to Expect After? 

After the procedure, you’ll find your brows 40% darker, but don’t worry, because that’s completely normal! The healing process will take a week, and scabs will form and flake off. Afterward, it is time to prepare for the second session that usually takes place 4 – 6 weeks after the first session. Finally, a week later, you will find the final coloring and shade that look more natural.  

The Microblading Checklist for You:

Still in a dilemma? Here are the things you need to consider before microblading:

  • Budget-wise: It can be between $400 – $1,000 USD per treatment. It’s definitely expensive, but, imagine the hassle you can avoid afterward! It’s totally worth it. 
  • Is your skin sensitive? Are you allergic to some pigments? Ask your technician to have a scratch test to check if you’re allergic before the treatment. 
  • What eyebrow shape should you go for? Of course, you can bring photos of brows you’d want for your face, but the technician will recommend and determine the right shape and color. It will have to match your hair color, eye color, and your skin tone! It is also important to note how these colors will change once it hit the sun. Before deciding on an artist for your brows, read reviews and images of their before and after. It is crucial to choose wisely!

After microblading, follow these aftercare procedures to avoid any side effects:

  • Remember to use a clean pillowcase right when you sleep for the next ten days. 
  • Avoid any facial operation for a month. That includes botox, peels, or even facials. 
  • You can relax and avoid exercising for a week!
  • Use a visor or an umbrella when you have to go out under the sun. For the next seven days, you’ll have to avoid it. 
  • No swimming or steamy showers for the next ten days. 
  • Avoid applying any make-up or skincare on your brows until they are completely healed. 
  • After a year, or if you think the color is fading off, it’s time for a top-up!
  • If you don’t want to top up after a year, that’s also okay. Your brows will then eventually fade away. 

Aftercare for microblading is important, so make sure you follow instructions from your technician to ensure your aftercare is done correctly!

My Verdict:

The brows frame our eyes and face. They help us with communication and self-expression. Thus, it’s essential to have something to work on! 

Should I get microblading done? Well, after trying out microblading myself, the answer is a yes! It was the best decision I’ve ever made because of my lack of eyebrows. It was life-changing to have the right shade and texture of brows, and it made my eyes more open and my face looks brighter. My only reservation is – the aftercare procedures are quite strict. I was told to follow it strictly or it will really mess up my brows.

Try it for yourself, and you’ll feel more confident than ever! 

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